Saturday, March 26, 2016

In Defense of the Ghomeshi Verdict

Jian Ghomeshi was recently found not guilty of the choking and sexual assault charges he was accused of, and many people aren't happy about it. But this not-guilty verdict really gets to the heart of why we have a legal system that is structured the way it is. The robustness of it is being tested by the very things that created the system in the first place: Among them, to protect the wrongly accused against the hysterical masses, which are commonly referred to as social justice warriors (SJW). The screeches of the SJW put great pressure on the justice system to bend its rules for the causes closest to their heart. In the case of sex crimes, according to the SJWs, the justice system is inadequate because, a) it lets too many offenders off the hook, and b) it puts emotional strain on the victims via the cross-examination (i.e. truth finding) process.

You have to pay close attention to the use of the word "victim". The way it's used in these kinds of cases is often circular. Saying that you must believe the victim implies a certain definition. It implies that a woman with a sexual assault claim is automatically defined as a victim and therefore, once this assumption is made then anything that can bring the authenticity of the claim into question comes across as unfair. However, the problem is not in not believing the victim. The problem is in the definition of who a victim is, which is everyone with a claim that they were sexually assaulted. SJWs believe that the pain of the victims is so severe that the normal path of justice must be circumvented. It is even greater than the pain of the falsely accused. So given the weight of the two pains it makes sense to adjust the justice system to favor those who, by definition, have the greater pain. It's an appeal to emotion and carries a certain self-righteousness with it, in which some forms of suffering, experienced by some groups of people, are worse than the forms of suffering experienced by other groups of people.

But according to SJWs, it's different for Ghomeshi because we "know" he's guilty. But this is a shitty standard for truth, falling way short of the rigorous standard of due process in order to get to the truth. Sure, it might seem unfair in some contexts but it's a well-established way of doing things in criminal investigations, which ultimately protects us all from the extreme injustice that would result from being able to make false accusations and get away with it. A close look at history proves the reasonableness of the standard of "beyond a reasonable doubt". Remember, they used to burn people accused of witchcraft in the absence of this standard.

I am not happy that Ghomeshi was found not guilty. Instead, I am happy that the justice system did what it was supposed to do.

Regardless of what Ghomeshi is like as a person, his character is not on trial. What is on trial is whether or not he broke the law with respect to those charges laid against him, and whether it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Those women accusing him clearly felt that omitting certain facts and lying about others was acceptable because (according to them) the greater good would be served, which is that it would help establish the guilt of Ghomeshi (he deserves it after all, in their minds). And now that it had the opposite effect, in acquitting Ghomeshi, there are howls of outrage. Some will say that this will discourage victims from coming forward, and their implications will be that the pain felt by victims overshadows the need for due process. Besides (according to them), women never lie about these things anyway. Such religious devotion to certain points of view is scary, since some women do lie in fact, and more will lie if they know that they will automatically be believed.

Imagine if we lived in a society in which someone could accuse you of a crime and they would be believed no matter what? Sounds pretty unfair right? Recognizing this is an abstraction of course and involves putting yourself in the shoes of the accused, in the general sense, and involves imagining the consequences of what would happen if the justice system were to pander to special interests and treat certain classes of accusers as always telling the truth and certain classes of accusees as always guilty. Fortunately our justice system has a high standard for truth, which in a few cases may let guilty people go free in the absence of strong evidence. But of greater importance, it goes a long way towards protecting people from false accusations, which ultimately protects us all.


John said...

Here's an interesting piece from the CBC website worth reading:

This next bit was part of a notice issued, by CBC management, to all news departments dealing with the Ghomeshi verdict:

"There are those who disagree strenuously with the outcome of this trial. Our audiences will be interested in hearing those opinions. But it's important that our coverage continue to pay careful attention to facts, evidence, balance and respect for the legal process. Take the time, if possible, to read and digest the actual judgment. When reporting contrary views, be sure to provide perspective and balance. Above all, let's not overweight the voices of protest and suggest or imply that the acquittal is somehow unjust or unfair to the complainants."

This contains key information. I am sure that CBC management is well aware of a tendency in some of its reporters to paint sexual assault complainants as victims and the legal system as stacked against them. I have seen this biased reporting myself in some of their past broadcasts covering sexual assault.

Anonymous said...

Not only was Ghomeshi declared innocent, the claimants were strongly criticized by the male judge who accused one of them for playing chicken with the legal system.

It is quite clear that for sjws, rape is being used as a political tool.

But there can be no equality until false rape is treated the same a s real rape.

Anonymous said...

Is there a type of warning that men should be advised of concerning these Toronto harpies?
It looks like there are a disproportionate amount of publicly made false and/or exaggarated allegations from the City of Toronto. One of Bill Cosby's accusers is from Toronto.

In spite of this, just looking at a Toronto woman on the street is a legal risk because she can claim how she was stalked and harassed.

Toronto women don't give eye contact, but as I read in another article, a Toronto woman is more aligned to posing naked around very under-aged students than show her lady parts to grown men in a club.

It is sick and pathetic that these Toronto women are very unwilling to hold conversations with men, yet they abuse the nudity freedoms to pose naked and interact with those little toddlers.

As a parent of a child, I would definitely demand that classrooms in Toronto be equipped with visual CCTV cameras and a third party security company monitor the footage just in case there is some sort of hidden sexual abuse going on inside these classrooms in a feminized city like Toronto.

I'm very certain that if a male student alleges that this female teacher sexually abused him, the male student would become victimized and the female teacher will become the victim. Men have to leave Toronto because if a boy who was sexually abused by a Torontoized woman is seen with contempt, I can only imagine the hatred some of these Toronto women have for men, but the stories are either gagged or censored due to Canadian laws.

I don't understand why women in Toronto are getting away with all of their lies, pedophilia tendencies and sexual abuse. It's mainly white women who are the majority of the perpetrators though. Toronto is the shitpit of the world mainly because of the women.

The Torontoized women would call an entire army if a man dare looks at her from his vehicle at an intersection, yet the same type of woman would parade nude around little kids. Some very mentally deranged women in that city. Evil white women in Toronto.

John said...

It's amazing watching those women who accused Ghomeshi twist and squirm as they try to answer why they didn't tell the whole truth and why they even continued to pursue Ghomeshi after the alleged incidents occurred. Their favourite excuses for not mentioning certain things are to say that they didn't remember or they didn't think it was relevant. My guess is that Ghomeshi wasn't very nice to these women at the time, but they put up with it because of his fame. When he ultimately rejected them they felt very hurt, and foolish, and wanted to get back at him any way they could. They ultimately wanted revenge. But that's not grounds for sending someone to jail and ruining their reputation.

Anonymous said...

Unlike other people, I don't care about the actions of these victims before or after the alleged assaults.

What I do care about is how these women as Judge Horkins put it played "chicken" with the system. They were only willing to hide the truth as long as they could get away with it.

Our justice system relies on certain aspects to be fair. These so called "victims" completely made a mockery of it and what is mind blowing is how everyone is letting them get off without the slightest reprimand. Here is a rundown of the how these women played the justic system - note that there is NOTHING here regarding their conduct after the alleged assaults, but their conduct during the trial.

1) Withholding information

Witness #1 got cornered like a rat on the stand when she was confronted with emails sent to Ghomeshi after the incident. Her reason? She wanted to bait him!

Now the elephant in the room is NOT the actual email or her conduct, it is the fact that she had told the crown that a) she had no contact with him and b) she would get disgusted when she heard his voice! She repeated this in the stand!

So this witness lied and was cut red hand on the stand! No one blinks at this absolute lying "victim" who in an ideal world would be charged with perjury but in this sham of a trial is consoled and called brave. Puke.

2) Lucy Decoutere and Witness #3 made 11th hour admissions.

Now while a trial on-going, witnesses are not suppose to listen to any media that discusses it. This is to prevent witnesses from copying each other's testimony or being otherwise influenced by the trial. After Witness #1 was cornered with her emails, all of a sudden both the other victims' made 11th hour admissions to the crown.

Lucy Decoutere claimed she had not listened to any of the witness 1 testimony. Witness #3 claimed she "accidentally" heard things on the radio and thought this information was important.

Their excuse for withholding the information? They did not find it relevant! What was the information? Lucy Decoutere sent Jian Ghomeshi flowers after the alleged assault and Witness #3 gave him a hand job after the alleged assault! Not relevant at all indeed.

3) Pretrial contact between witnesses

You are not suppose to talk with other witnesses while a trial is still pending. Again, much like asking witnesses not to listen to trial as it is proceeding, this measure was taken to ensure that witnesses do not copycat each other's testimony.

Lucy Decoutere and Witness #3 (against specific instructions of the crown), were in daily contact with each other up to September 2015. 5000 text messages! Witness #3, on the stand claims they did not talk about trial specifics. Text messages are produced showing they did. Her response "I guess we did". Horkins does a great number on her:

S.D offered an excuse for hiding this information. She said that this was her “first kick at the can”, and that she did not know how “to navigate” this sort of proceeding. “Navigating” this sort of proceeding is really quite simple: tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

A poll was done after the trial that says 53% of Torontonians were upset over the verdict!!!! I never saw in my life such a lopsided case and yet people claim this is tragedy! No one even blinks for a second. These women lied, perjured themselves and went against all the time tested notions of a fair trial. No one even dares to scold these women for making a mockery of the justice. This trial was a tragedy, it enforces what a toxic environment Toronto has become for men in general.

John said...

^^^ The 53% figure probably means that most Torontonians don't really understand what the not-guilty verdict means. A lot of people probably figure that it means he was cleared of doing anything wrong, and that he didn't do anything bad. But that's not what it means. Instead it means that the taint of deception, withholding information, and manipulation by the witnesses forced the judge to throw out the case against him. If more people understood this and why the justice system works like this, then I'm sure that number would be quite a bit less than 53%. And it would be less still if our society was not so lenient towards false accusers in these kinds of cases.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting my comments John. I am more pessimistic than you about the 53%. I think anyone looking at the facts of this trial, from the lying to the post conduct of these women, would objectively lean more towards "the jilted ex" theory than "guilty but can't prove" theory. Yet 53% of people **strongly** believe this guy is guilty. How do you assume that? Based on what exactly?

I think something that you miss in your analysis is the hidden (and sometimes overt) racism in this whole trial (I assume you are white?). These are white women accusing a middle eastern man. Lucy Decoutere actually called Ghomeshi the "Arabian Princess", "time to think this prick", "he is shit show, time to flush" in some of her text messages to witness #3.

If you take a look at facebook discussions on this trial, it is full of "he is guilty, I don't care about evidence" and squirming to defend the actions of these "victims" with mind blowing excuses. I am more convinced than ever after this trial that a lot of women in this city have the intellectual capacity of children - it is scary.

Anonymous said...

This case was clearly a character assassination attempt but few will discuss this -- especially the CBC and media.

Anonymous said...

Toronto is a bilious pit of man-hatred (misandry). Ghomeshi may be no saint, but he was crucified by social media and the feminists and SJWs long before he entered the courtroom. Feminists and Toronto women have no need for facts and actively hate the truth – it sabotages their steaming mountain of propaganda, which they know but will never publicly acknowledge is hate speech.

Yes, the trial of Jian Ghomeshi was a criminal trial, but it was also a cultural shit-test. You can easily read racism between the lines in his critics' acrimony – "how dare this uppity little brown guy defile our pristine women and aspire to popularity and success? This is the Great White North and we'll show him his proper place!"

Negative rumours and gossip have been circulating for years among Toronto's pampered and priviliged elite women about Jian Ghomeshi's personal life - it was only a matter of time before false accusations started to fly. His trial is an example to all straight men here – stray from the feminist yoke and you face the full wrath of their (none-too-bright) hive mind and the full weight of the police and criminal justice system.

It's time to face facts: Toronto is a fundamentally racist city and a feminist hellhole. Roush V (an all-round reprehensible reprobate and racist) was correct, nevertheless, about Toronto women: that they are essentially spoiled, overpriced, hypergamous whores. This extends to the Western world in general to a lesser degree, but Toronto is a "special place" where hypocritical political correctness and parochial, cliqueish social norms mix together in a toxic stew.

Fuck this city – it is World-Class in these specific respects: the exorbitant price extracted by its diseased, manipulative cunts and the delusional surreality of its slutwalks ("just because I dress, talk, and act like a slut, doesn't mean you get to treat me like one").

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, the slutwalk, the Toronto-based gender equality movement that states that women are never required to act like ladies but men are always required to act like gentlemen.

Anonymous said...

Café held a discussion panel at the UFT medical science building on the Jian Gom trial. The place was fairly full. The panelists also were well known names. Café is doing amazing work spreading men issues. One point that was not covered which I think is quite important is the long term consequences. What is happening is a greater number of men are leaving Toronto and migrating to other countries. This will likely continue at a greater rate. Soon the ugly Toronto gender war will cause no contact between men and women. The population will begin to decline. This will be made up by increasing immigration of migrants from other countries. Soon what was once Canada will disappear. Immigrants will take over, change the laws and eventually even change the name Canada. It may sound far fetched, but it is more real than many think.

Anonymous said...

Long term consequences are far more severe than that. What I see as irreparable is the awareness of men regarding the true nature of women. We have an entire generation of boys who will be raised to become MGTOW and when women realize nobody will want to marry them anymore or trade with them, I think it will be the end of the Western civilization, some studies say this is exactly how the Holy Roman Empire collapsed.

Anonymous said...

What has happened and what is continuing is not an accident its a planned attack on Western males. Most will not want to defend and risk our lives when a true armed invasion force arrives

Anonymous said...

You know things are really bad when a plus sized women are wearing lingerie for our daily commute:

Anonymous said...

Toronto is plagued with ignorant women... one guy calls them out:

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Great video, thanks for sharing.

Love this Blog! said...

Here's a nice video on the verdict recently:

Anonymous said...

If Alpha male stars like Ghomeshi are not immune to the Toronto feminazis then That tells Alot about how Toronto women hate men.

Anonymous said...

Toronto is now most definitely the Gay Capitol and the Feminist Capital of the world. It all starts here and spreads to all other cities in the world. Think Slut Walk as an example. Think Ontario has its first lesbian Premier who office in the Legislative Building is in the heart of Toronto -- just across the street from the University of Toronto.

If your city is being influenced or taken over by Feminists and Gays, including a war against masculinity, then know that it is being supported and maybe even fiscally funded from Toronto.

It is important to keep the spotlight on Toronto which this thread is doing. Toronto is not just Toronto's problem -- it is everyone's problem - no matter where you live. Toronto will come and get you. There is no place to hide. Hence you have no choice but to make a stand against Toronto and join the war - no matter who you are and where ever you live.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous from April 30th:

Toronto women hate men because hating men has become tremendously lucrative and it's almost a requirement in Toronto to get promoted or get ahead in the business world.

It's like a fraternity mentality where you have to prove yourself by doing something crazy in order to be allowed in and be helped afterwards to get better jobs or network with powerful people.

In Toronto you prove yourself by being obnoxious and openly hateful to men.

Anonymous said...

I don't think any man in Toronto can even criticize feminism without getting into police trouble. I agree that Toronto feminism is infecting the world, and those who live outside Canada will definitely have an upper advantage to fight the aggressors because they are not in the jurisdiction of Canada where just criticizing a woman is considered a hate crime.

The feminazis in Toronto are very clever in hiding behind the scenes with their activism. While many Canadians and Americans will know about feminism as some form of social movement, I don't think that beyond the confines of Ontario, would one even realize how misandric feminists in Toronto really are, and that they are a different breed of feminazis with much political clout.

Unfortunately, the opponents of feminist ideology in Canada and the US focus mainly on feminism as a broad, political construct. It will therefore be difficult to explain to someone in the US or in Alberta about feminazis in Toronto because they will assume that it's feminism in general, and not about feminazis in Toronto as a driver behind most of the 3rd wave feminist activism.

Additionally, the blame on feminism goes on people like Obama, Hilary Clinton, and this backlash manifests as forms of racism, anti-Semitism, anti-Islam and other scapegoats rather than focusing on who is really behind the curtain wall advocating for laws which attack men.

Did Obama smear Roosh V name last year on CBC, and attacked him in Montreal along with the Concordia feminazis and their white knight pussies? No!

Anonymous said...

Feminism in Toronto is one that was forced on us. They are the ones who seek to deprive us of our dignity, our livelihood, and our identities.They are our enemies. Our enemies are full-time professional soldiers. They are motivated and fanatically devoted to their cause, backed by taxpayer dollars thanks to the tax-and-spend regime of the left in Canada, and willing to expend all of their energies on it because it is often their profession to do so. Isn't it a surprise that whenever a woman from Toronto travels abroad, she makes headlines which have a feminist activist slant to it?

Apr 30, 2014 - The Toronto woman who alleges she was raped by French policemen
May 2, 2013 - Army Major charged with rape of Canada-based Guyanese ... The Ontario-based woman said that immediately after foundling her; the officer

Man offering 'free hugs' allegedly punches Ottawa woman in face for not tipping

"The victim was first thought to be a tourist, but police said she's been living in Manhattan recently."

JUST. WOW. I wish that police in the NYPD would protect women from armed thugs in the Bronx who intimidate them in their own apartment complexes because "snitches get stitches".

Just look at the picture of the "victim's" facial expression, and don't you see how entitled she looks. The American black guy must have been provoked by her in some way. If she lives in Manhattan, how can she not afford to give a measly $2 tip to a street huckster at Times Square?

It looks like a co-incidence that with this influx of attention seeking Torontoized feminazis in the US, the push for abolishing the First and Second Amendments in the US have been constant. I blame women like Anita Sarkeesian for her sneaky Canadian socialist activism in the United States of America.

If Americans need to fight tyranny, beating up Obama isn't going to do jack shit. The real problems are these Canadian feminists who push their Communist and man-hating feminism through left wing outlets like Gawker media where they have a chance to spread Canadian feminist propaganda to a wider audience.

Anonymous said...

Toronto feminazis must be stopped...but how? If men criticize them, it's considered "hate speech". If men go MGTOW, the feminazis push for higher taxation and criminalizing adult sex..If men go MRA, they are attacked on campus.

The US have their freedoms, but Toronto feminazis are going to really turn that country into another Toronto if they gain the opportunity to destroy the US bill of rights...Americans also need to learn not to fight against scapegoats and deal with the problem upfront.

While Anita Sarkeesian is busy indoctrinating more and more Americans to become like Toronto feminazis and loser schmucks, the rest of Americans are busy fighting against blacks, Latinos, Muslims, Jewish conspiracies, Syrian refugees, Obama, immigrants, refugees etc in order to see their true enemies of the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

@ Everyone..I didnt know that women in Toronto have men carried away to mental prisons just for committing a stalking crime. That's focked up.

"“I’m devastated,” Newman says in her Yorkville offices, apologizing for her bouts of tears. “I cannot believe someone has done this. I have no words.”

She knew Gajewski’s annual Ontario Review Board hearing was coming up, but no one told her the correct date, no one informed her that he was practically free already or that CAMH wants to give him even more privileges: They’re recommending a supervised release into the community on a full-time basis."

She is in her upscale office in a wealthy part of Toronto, and she still gives the appearance of being an oppressed class. Meanwhile, the majority of gun violence victims in Toronto are men and racialized women. I read in a previous article how white, middle aged professional class of Toronto women claim that they are victims of marginalization, when this is surely not the case from evidence and facts. Didn't you guys hear about the middle aged dildo teacher who shoved a sex toy up her ass in front of a classroom of students? It's the Sex and the City Lifestyle that Toronto feminazis want...Criminalize young men and shame younger women for hook-up culture, but the feminazis want to shove dildos up their asses in front of students, and then claim false accusations to play the victim.

John said...

^^^ Could you provide a credible link to source some or all of what you wrote?? Like from a news article.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@ John

It does not look advisable to publish my last comment knowing that though I provided links to substantiate my claims about a particular person in question, your blog can still be harassed and threatened by the Feminist/LGBTQ Gestapo in Toronto under bogus claims of libel and harassment. Canada does not have the level of freedom of speech as compared to the United States. Freedom of speech in Canada is mainly feminatzis writing "Shitlists" where they write on bathroom walls at the feminist incubator campuses falsely accusing men of raping them.

Proceeding on, I have knowledge where female teachers who were accused of educator misconduct would resort to harassment tactics under Donna Quan to censor people. As you may already know, Donna Quan was a highly notorious figure for a few years, and she mysteriously transferred to work at York University after sane parents and teachers alike were fed up of the nepotism, cronyism and thuggish behaviour from the incompetent at the TDSB. The TDSB introduced me to the feminatzism, believe it or not.

You can publish this comment, because Donna Quan has already been criticized in the Canadian mainstream media, though they did not highlight the feminist hypocrisy which allows these cunts to make false accusations to intimidate their critics

You will NOT AND NEVER find the Canadian mainstream media from Toronto, EVER, EVER, publish any article criticizing feminism or linking a woman's misdeeds to feminist privilege, especially if it's a Caucasian woman.

I'm concerned if you publish my last comment, because the teacher in question might send the government against your blog. If you're based in the United States, you can publish it, but if you're in Canada, or worse, in Toronto, then just keep the facts to yourself. I already gave you the details about the teacher when you asked, and therefore hence, you should be satisfied.

Regarding the topic of Jian Ghomeshi...If you need more details, you can contact Dianne Davidson from Feminism LOL. She was harassed by Toronto Police because she made a Vlog criticizing one of the accusers in the Jian Ghomeshi trail.

Canada is fucked because of feminism. One may have thought that dictatorships like North Korea only dispatches government agents to monitor the internet & harass dissidents.

Anonymous said...

This is probably belabouring the obvious, but I think a lot of women who make false rape/harassment accusations are unconsciously trying to increase their sexual market value.

Anonymous said...

You should write an article on the dualism of Toronto: One is the uber-wealthy Liberal life, and the other is the cockroach-infested apartments and neverending gang violence away from where the Liberal Feminazis live.

By the way...There were so many rabid feminazi protestors in front of the courts and Queen's Park over the Jian Ghomeshi trial; accusers mainly of Liberal white background, but there is yet to be protests over the death of that pregnant black woman who got killed a few days ago. Kind of makes one wonder which type of women are valued more in Toronto.

Anonymous said...

@John Part Two

HERE is an excerpt from the Toronto Sun:

“People are just scared s---less in here,” she said. “If you ever did say something they (gangsters) will come back and get your children. We are living in fear.”

In her time living in the public housing project in the Rexdale neighbourhood, she says she knows five people who were murdered.

“And I know of 13 more who have been shot but I am losing count,” she said.

She also lost count of the gunshots that wake up her children.

Turns out Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders was right when he told reporters this week “members of this community know who those people are that are carrying firearms” and that “we need them to assist us in identifying who those people are.”

Good luck with that, says Vanessa.

“I like the chief but he is living in a good house in a good neighbourhood that is not here,” she said. “It is easy for him to say.”

Police have yet to make an arrest in Bobb’s murder but they are investigating [TORONTO SUN]

What I'm trying to point out is that gangsters and thugs in Toronto appear to harm their own people even though the civilians aren't the promulgators of a police state in Canada. Many immigrants have their own problems, and tend to mind their own business, but it is def. true that being at the wrong place at the wrong time can mean becoming a target for thugs.

Contrast this with the Liberal Yuppies in Toronto who ride bikes as if they own the road, with some of these feminazis riding bikes with spandex..No one ain't harassing them. If a guy just catcalls and whistles on her in places like downtown Toronto, Avenue Road,Yorkville, Forest Hill, and other high income gentrified places, several police cars arrive on the scene in a matter of minutes, with eyewitnesses ready to testify against the alleged culprit of "sexual harassment".

However, one poor immigrant in Rexdale just accidentally walks into an alley where organized crime is taking place, and he/she becomes a victim of gun violence because as the saying goes "snitches get stitches"

Anonymous said...

Part 3:

Toronto is like a messed up version of Chicago. You know that city? It's where Torontoized women and feminazis claim that they LOVE Chicago, but every day in Southside Chicago at least several racialized people from poor communities end up getting murdered from gun violence.

I know this is a long post, but there seems to be some kind of Marxist economic disparity in Toronto. Liberal feminazis HATE IT when Marxist theory is used against them.

The point I'm trying to make is that these majority white Liberal Feminazis live in well-off areas in Toronto and they are the ones demanding a police state so that they can bully people and wear booty shorts on the street without getting "street harassed",

but the poorer and immigrant classes of people in Toronto just mind their own business (because they have to work minimum wage and have no free time to "protest" for white feminazis) ,and they end up to become more likely to be executed by bullets just for entering the wrong elevator or walking the wrong alleyway.

THERE IS DEFINITELY A SOCIO-ECONOMIC CLASS DIVIDE IN TORONT0. The protests against Jian Ghomeshi are all done in the name of those white complainants. The Canadian Liberals can accuse me of trying to bring up race politics, but how is it fair that non-white people in Toronto live in run-down communities in FEAR OF GETTING KILLED BY THUGS, yet these Liberal Yuppies, mainly white women, are the ones advocating for so many police state laws in the comfort of their own 24/7 security patrolled homes?

Have the thugs realized who are mainly behind the support of the police state? Instead, they go on victimizing and targeting their own people over schizophrenic hallucinations that they might "snitch" on them..Oh really? Let's see how a thug will be treated if he catcalls a naked feminist protestor in downtown Toronto..He will find out who are the snitches.

Anonymous said...

Toronto is the Misandry Capital of the world. White privileged Toronto feminists are the main proponents of it. From TO, it spreads all over the world -- to all countries and all cultures. The head quarters are the University of Toronto and especially -- OISE -The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at 252 Bloor St W. That is where all the Anti Male academic thinking occurs -- and from there it spreads. Hence OISE especially needs to be taken over by Male academics. It is going to be an uphill battle.

Anonymous said...

Toronto Homeless man tells his pain before getting murdered

I think a lot of men go through a phase like this but keep silent due to the shame. Though the situation is specific, the feelings may perhaps be similar.

808 said...

@ Anonymous May 20 at 7:32pm

NOT EVEN PM JUSTIN TRUDEAU is immune from Canadian feminism. An Anglo-phone wannabe Quebecois feminist lookalike alleged that Trudeau hit her breasts. I am f*cking fed up that the Canadian news, mostly in Toronto, tend to put her story on the spotlight when I want to read about other important issues, such as why we are paying 1.15 per litre gas in Ontario while oil is at US$48 per barrel, and why the Canadian dollar is falling, rather than rising with the rising oil prices.

Society has been thoroughly subverted and colonized by these Toronto-based feminists and doesn't even know it because mass media and education are controlled by them.

Many Male Professors and politicians are collaborators but everyone who wishes to succeed in public life must become an accomplice.

Modern society is built on quicksand. We are mind-controlled slaves, but thanks to the Internet, more people are waking up against this feminist propaganda which became prevalent from Toronto.

-808 TM88

808 said...

More news from the Greater Toronto Area. Advocating for funding for your disabled child is considered a crime, but feminazis in Toronto get police protection as they walk along nude in front of a playground.

“Given the things she has given to my office staff and the treatment to women who are doing their level best to help her, none of these women deserve the treatment they received and I’m going to leave it that,” he said.

Peel Regional Police were unable to discuss the details of their visit to Palaypayon’s Mississauga home.

“We have a responsibility to follow up any complaint,” Const. Rachel Gibbs said Saturday. “But we can’t comment on this because it’s a private matter and there was no risk to public safety.”

Palaypayon said Delaney’s scheduling assistant called her Thursday to set up an appointment time, but she has yet to hear back. In the meantime, she plans to organize another peaceful protest outside his office in the near future and maintains Delaney inaccurately portrayed her actions. [Source: Toronto SUN NETWORK]

Is it a probability that the two female bureaucrats are white, English-speaking women? Seriously though...A Filipino woman is considered a security threat in Toronto over advocacy for mental health funding. Would the Liberal Cuck MP have called the police if the protesters were Toronto feminazis demanding to display their nakedness to five-year-old toddlers???

Anonymous said...

Famous men will have to start avoiding Toronto women like the Plague. It's not worth it.

Bill Cosby got accused by a Toronto woman too, and I wouldn't be surprised if she was the one who encouraged others to proceed with false historical accusations of alleged sexual abuse.

There is something very strange that a city with a metropolitan population of around 5.8 million people would have a disproportionate amount of feminist sexual assault hysteria allegations from the female inhabitants.

Any woman who steps foot in Toronto for a second isn't immune from the feminist brainwashing either.

I don't even know how all of this gender war in Toronto is all sustainable. Less people getting laid means less money for clubs, weddings, banquet halls, gift stores, theatres, malls and the like.

There is a very strong feeling of man hating going on in Toronto. If Jian Ghomeshi was in Los Angeles, California, he would have had hundreds of 18-year-old hot blonde models begging for his dick. He would also have ample protection from those Anita Sarkeesian zombies who cause trouble in San Francisco and San Diego, California...and everyone thought the USA was racist!

However in Toronto, Jian Ghomeshi is viewed as a barbaric woman-beater who needs to be jailed indefinitely because he hurt a Canadian woman's feelings.

Toronto citizens are forced to obey to #WeBelieveLiars because if any man stands up against this shit and criticizes feminism in Toronto, he is either going to end up getting harmed by a lynch mob, fired from his job, and/or face trial for hate speech/criminal harassment and end up in a prison for a few years.

Anonymous said...

The real issue though is that TO women are weak, insecure, and spoiled which equals extremely flakey. They have so much to chose from and a whole feminist culture supporting their any inconvenience. Hence they all demand the top of the cream as they feel they deserve it and are entitled to it. Nothing less will do. What is ironic is that this strong hold is really just an illusion that is held up by a thin string. The moment a real disaster strikes, TO women will likely be more than quick to take the back seat and allow men to take the lead again.

Anonymous said...

Also to all those sheep that will probably claim this is just an isolated incident by a few 'bad apples' in the feminist movements in Toronto: these situations are becoming MORE rampant, you are 8 times more likely to be killed by a Toronto cop than a private terrorist, the institution of the police and the courts to deal with these gender complaint claims REQUIRES the initiation of violant aggression (whether implied or direct), and most of the people they arrest are for victimless 'crimes' like writing opinions or criticizing feminists. so yeah, its FAR more than just a 'few bad apples' in the feminist groups and TPS in Toronto.

yeeesh! said...

Yikes, here's a write up about the Ghomeshi

Here's a juicy Q&A:

Q: "Going into the trial, what kind of support did you expect?"
A: "I, like many others, thought that the Crown attorney was my lawyer. They tell you pretty quickly that’s not the case. I didn’t know what to expect, but I realized that there was nothing. There was no help. I didn’t get lawyers until later."

These people give real sexual assault victims a bad name.

#IBelieve reminds me of X-Files:

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be an illogical woman for one moment and say that I believe Ghomeshi's accusers. Perhaps my gut feeling comes from my own personal experience with a guy who hid behind a feminist left-leaning white-knight cloak to stalk women. He started stalking me because he insisted that I owed him a romantic relationship as a reward for being a do-gooder "Nice Guy". (SJW types are all about getting what they're "owed", right?) I didn't call the police because I was still living with my immigrant parents who mistrusted authorities. My father said he could take care things by standing in the driveway with a stern face and baseball bat...and he was right. I heard some years later that this guy went on to stalk/harass other women. He almost lost his job in academia over the stalking of a co-worker; he got to stay by a narrow vote of colleagues whose work who would be directly or indirectly impacted by his absence. He's since married (to a mental health professional, so I guess that helps) and he voluntarily took a post overseas where he can be somebody else's problem now. Maybe he's finally matured out of his stalking tendencies.

Here's my beef with the accusers: 40 years of feminism and we're still stuck on "gee, he hit me, but I hope he still likes me!" But I thought we were empowered? I thought that we didn't need a man's favour to make it in this world! I thought that we could shine on our merit and abilities! I don't know how these women were raised, but my immigrants parents taught me that hitting is not okay and the only appropriate response is to get out, stay out and call the police. You do not send love notes after the fact. Sure, I may believe these women, but I also 100% support the verdict. If these women are victims, they should behave like victims. My parents say that Canadian people can sure be wishy-washy sometimes. Maybe that's what's going on here.

After the verdict, I kept yelling at the TV for these women to STOP TALKING. The more they spoke, the more ridiculous they sounded, and the harder they're going to make it for women with genuine accusations of assault.

In short: if the accusations are true, shame on these women for rewarding his behavior. If the accusations are false, double-shame on these women.

John said...

^^^ You summed it up well. Ghomeshi probably did something but based on the tainted testimonies, and the reasonable-doubt standard, he could not be charged. If he was charged then such a precedent would lead to many false-positives and innocent people having their lives ruined.

Anonymous said...

Comments on this article are really good and add to the original post.

We may not want to talk about it, but the Ghomeshi trial was a race trial. Feminism is really a "white women" movement and always looking to claim that somehow white women are underprivileged despite being probably the most privileged class. Immigrants who face way more problems in terms of employment, social integration, and acceptance are rarely even mentioned. The reason the women in Ghomeshi trial can get away with such hypocrisy is because they are white, if it was an immigrant woman, 1) I doubt charges would be even laid 2) Not much media coverage if any at all and 3) If an immigrant woman had so many holes as these women do in their testimony, they would be roasted.

There are many news stories in the media that exemplify the current state of feminism ie "white women" as a protected class.

I am glad that the article regarding the MP calling the police on an immigrant women was brought up. I remember thinking the exact same thing when I heard it. If it was a white woman, not only this would not happen, the media probably would make her a saint. The only reason you actually heard about it was because the woman was brave enough to bring attention to it, otherwise, the media would have never even report it.

I am surprised that no one is mentioning the recent "elbowgate" headache on parliament hill. We have become a laughing stock of the world when an accidental brush turns into accusations of "sexual molestation", "assault". Here is a video of the whole thing.

There is people in the world dying of hunger, not having shelter over their head and these privileged white women and their white knights talk about the great "traumatic" experience that this was. Unbelievable.

You wonder if it was none-white woman, would anyone even give a damn?

Anonymous said...

Actually thanks to Western women, real female victims will never get justice. At least not from me. As soon as I hear a Western woman telling me about how she was raped, harassed, stalked, or physically abused. I automatically assume she's a lying manipulative cunt and she's guilty until proven innocent.

This is what feminism has actually achieved. Not what they think they have achieved.

Anonymous said...

I was just going to mention another example of what white women in this country can get away with. This is a glaring example but many others like it if you just pick up a newspaper.

Not sure if people remember but two years back an Ottawa (white) woman made huge headlines. She claimed that while she was in Ikea, she was breastfeeding her baby and a manager told he she should "stop being disgusting" and go to the bathroom

There was huge uproar. CBC Ottawa does a huge story on it. Feminazis organize of breath feeding protest at Ikea - which Ikea "welcomed".

Anyways, it turns out that the whole thing was just made up by this woman who apparently just wanted some publicity for her blog?!!! (the last bit was from a reddit discussion but I cannot confirm it).

Meanwhile, the feminist didn't give a damn, they still went ahead with their "protest" over an incident that never happened.

So moral of this story:

1. Feminazis look for anything to hold a protest over. Even if the issue is none-existent and made up. Logic does not matter if it goes against their agenda.

2. Corporations (CBC, Ikea) are scared to hold a white woman accountable for their actions because they know the backlash they will get from it.

3. (white) woman can get away with a lot of things because feminism portrays them as a underprivileged individuals needing protection.

Anonymous said...

Dutch woman arrested in Qatar after making rape claim -

Interesting how in the middle East, women get arrested and go to prison for having sex outside of marriage and even for drinking alcohol. No wonder their culture is taking over the world. Women there aren't allowed to be obnoxious irresponsible cunts as they are here in the West.

Anonymous said...

Check out this awesome breakdown of the case by Karen Strachan:

Toran Shayde said...

Yay, Toronto made a UK newspaper...been described as bland!

Anonymous said...

Talking to women has become a hate crime in Nottinghamshire, UK:

Anonymous said...

Orwell is rolling in his grave if he could see the Western world right now

Anonymous said...

Feminism has achieved the end of Western civilization. Theres tons of intelligent and industrious men that will not get married anymore. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

One more for the (nonexistent) false rape accusation case files – a UK man's daughter accused him of rape. Then the man's attorney noticed something strange about the girl's statements:

Anonymous said...

A nice article on ROK about TIFF Behind the Scenes and it affect on Toronto.

I like this one description on TO:

' As Roosh and others have written, Toronto has become a progressive, multicultural nightmare–one that I’ve admittedly grown accustomed to over the years (is it Stockholm Syndrome?).

Now culturally pluralistic, the city is geographically checkered with disparate ethnic groups and subcultures that refuse to assimilate into one primary identity. Without interconnectivity, citizens are expected to seek out a sense of togetherness by participating in mass consumption and collectively accepting ideas of social “equality.” '

Anonymous said...

Canadian Professor stirs up controversy by refusing to use non-binary pronouns

John said...

Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

Big Rally for Professor Jordan Peterson today at the UofT. Big protest and disturbance by LGBT but the support for Peterson was bigger. There was some violence and another alarm pulled. The support is starting to grow.

Anonymous said...

This is why this blog never takes off in popularity. As soon as there was tons of traffic and more posts and replies than I've ever seen before, the owner of the blog decides not to post anything else for 7 months...

John said...

^^^ There was never tons of traffic, only tons of replies. This blog can never take off because it's not extreme enough. People love controversy and outrage and this blog doesn't pander to that. It's more "balanced" perspective on topics appeals only to a very small (but vocal) minority of folks.

Anonymous said...

This blog has solid information and lots of well thought out replies. I also think it should become more visible as opposition to the narrative is steadily growing. I am pretty sure there are some who would like contribute interesting articles with the focus on the social dilemma on TO. The owner of the blog John has written a number of worthy articles but has been absent lately. Becoming more visible and allowing networking I believe is of importance now.

Anonymous said...

In Toronto, if you are a black male, you are not immune from feminist hatred in Toronto.

A black man was attacked by a feminist at Toronto Pride, yet the police officer accuses the black man of harassment.

You guys need to find a way out of Toronto if you experienced this bizarre misandry in Toronto.