Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Reader Submission: Privileged Toronto Women

Have you ever wondered how can a middle to upper class white woman in Toronto be placed in the same category as low-income First Nations people who live in poverty?

The “equity policies” in Toronto never cease to amaze me.

I was a Ryerson University student from 2012 to 2015, and I was amazed that while lectures about white heterosexual men were subjected to labeling them as “racists”, “misogynists” and other epithets which are constantly uttered by the academic professors, criticizing white women at Ryerson University is considered a cardinal sin worse than a slave owner shouting the n-word at an African lady during a KKK rally.

I do not understand why a white middle-upper class woman in Toronto is considered a protected class. As a person of non-white descent, I have endured way more “oppression” in Canada that these privileged white women feminists can ever be faced in their lifetime.

Do white feminists in Toronto ever consider that  immigrant people in general are automatically discriminated in the Canadian job market because they lack the “Canadian experience”? I'm very certain that if competition was allowed in Canada, these white feminists who sit comfortably in their ivory office towers will be out of a job.

What puzzled me was that in 2013, one of the Introductory Sociology professors, a white lady who was pregnant at the time, was always insisting that female professors at Ryerson University were paid less than a male professor due to sexism.

Judging by how she would come to lectures in those legging pants and with her cleavage showing, how can a person like myself take any Toronto woman seriously if she presents herself in her white collar job looking like a cheap hooker?

I recently saw a video from Ryerson University which stated that “consent is dynamic and can be revoked at anytime” so Good luck to anyone attending Ryerson University now.

Any woman who was born in Toronto and identifies herself as a feminist lives a way easier life than the top 10% of earners in the immigrant class.

A look at the salary scale of faculty at the three main universities in Toronto shows that a disproportionate amount of female professors earn over $100,000 Canadian dollars a year. Many immigrants to Canada who were doctors in their home countries end up working for $10/hr in Toronto. Which class of people are more discriminated? It doesn't look like the Toronto feminist class.

And don't get me started on how the media portrays women in Toronto as these victims of a constant “rape culture”. Just a few months ago, NDP politician Cheri DiNovo and her feminist allies Shauna Hunt and Cristine of CP24 News conspired to hound a French Guyanese guy for filming their anti-RooshV protest on a public park. Is Cheri Di Novo “offended” that she might be exposed as a liar for exaggerating that “1 in 2 Canadian women are victims of sexual assault in their lifetime”?

Shauna Hunt had previous experience of using her feminist privilege to confront a random man to have him sacked from his job at Hydro One. On the other hand, it has come to my knowledge that in Toronto, a police officer is not allowed to investigate incidents where female teachers strip naked in front of minor students. The reason why female teachers in Toronto would want to strip naked in front of 5-year-old kids is unknown because these same female teachers will tell the female students how their male classmates are potential rapists and oppressors of women in a “rape culture' society, so it's indeed bizarre for the motives of female TDSB teachers wanting to strip naked in front of kids and not wanting any criminal investigation involved.

Toronto sounds like a horrible feminist place where men are viewed as enemies while the Toronto women are viewed as the victims, even if they earn more money than the immigrant class, and even when the Toronto female teachers are immune from criminal investigations when they strip naked in front of minor students.

Let's hope that Toronto feminism does not infect the entire continent.