Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Reader Submission: Lessons From History

Hi guys,

Each time in history a consistent persecution was carried out against a certain social group, that was based on a story that this group was privileged and had a secret agenda that was harming society. Let's not give some trivial examples here, such as the Kulaks in Ukraine, among many other. Having grown up in a Communist country, I will give a couple of instances of how things used to work back then.

Every single propaganda machine, in my opinion, directed at achieving a certain thinly veiled political goal, works on roughly the same principles:

1. A mixture of half-truths, selective representation of facts, straight lies and wild exaggerations, designed to appeal emotionally to the population.

Example 1- the rotting capitalist world is full of poverty, inequality and there are people dying on the streets in Western Europe, while rich bankers eat lobsters in the restaurant a wall away. In our great Soviet Union we take care of everyody because it is a workers' paradise. But they hate us because they are jealous and want to take enslave us. Be afraid and get ready to defend yourself!

2. Simplification of the terms: you are either with us or against us, there is nothing in between. Try to question any of our views and you become an enemy.

Example 2- you are either a communist (the good guy) or a capitalist (the bad guy). There is nothing in between.

3. The third pillar of the propaganda machine is the repeating ad nauseam of the aforementioned half-truths, exaggerations and straight lies (which, strongly emotionally appealing, get gobbled up like hot cakes, too). At some point they sink so deep inside people's heads, especially if the people in question have grown up listening to them since day one (i.e. the glorious Y, or mine, generation, like OMG my iPhone battery just died), that even the mild suggestion of an alternative reality is immediately cast down as absurd, stupid, and its author- denounced as weird, such a favourite word of the modern woman. Dogmatism is established.

Example 3- every single day you are listening about the great achievements of the great Soviet Union, the great surpassing of the 5 year plan and how much better off you are than the rotting capitalism. Every single time you listen to the news. At least once every day, often a couple of times.

4. Fitting in- once a certain level of indoctrination in society has been achieved, perforce or voluntarily, you cannot afford to disagree anymore. For most people that comes naturally, especially for women, as many automatically accept what is required for fitting in to be good and don't really give it a second thought. I have seen this countless times.

Example 4- you work in a factory where pretty much everybody is a convinced communist. Try to criticize the invasion of Afghanistan, although in general you support the Soviet Union, and you will see how many enemies you will make. How your boss will treat you after that. And how you will fall into isolation. People will start spreading rumours about you. And in the end you will either leave or get your ass fired.

5. You always tend to see as just what benefits you. This refers to the seminal arguments "don't blame others for your own mistakes".

Example 5- I am a convinced communist and a Party member who has a special pass for better, and longer vacations in the summer, has access to better foods, better quality building materials for the renovation of my house through my better connections, etc. etc. I also work as a factory foreman. What do you think I am going to tell you if you start complaining about communism? Exaclty- see how well it worked out for me, if it didn't for you, you have only yourself to blame.

By now you are probably wondering why did I write all of this and what does it have to do with us. Well, take examples 1 to 5 and see their recreation in the propaganda machine we are exposed to today:

Example 1: Every 4th woman in Canada is reaped. Every second female university student is harrassed. They are among us!

Example 2- you are either a feminist or woman-hater, rape apologist, pig and a swine, privileged patriarchal oppressor!

Example 3: Try to express the opinion that most of the family violence in Canada is non-physical to you co-workers, and that it is committed by men and women alike.

Example 4: Every single day, at least 1 of the 6-7 headlines on CP24 is about sexual assault. The story about Jian Ghomeshi fit into the spectrum very, very well. Open the weekly Toronto Star and there will be AT LEAST one article about how difficult it is to be a woman, gay, transgender or how a 8 year old boy has decided to be a girl.

Example 5- I am a convinced feminist who is 5'9", never exercise, eat anything I will, weigh 190lb because I'm all about that bass and every week I go out with at least 2 different, stylish, tall (under 6', I just can't do, you see, I have a thing for tall men, it's just me) and often athletic men, who drive me around with their BMW's and want to hook up with me. You are complaining that with your 5'10" you can never get a date? It's clearly your fault, just stop being so passive and be a man for once, like men these days are such pansies!

So, what can we do? Stay here and hope to find a woman who has spent virtually all her life in perfect isolation (which is the only way to escape being affected by feminism)?

I am getting out of here, I don't know about you. 10 years in Toronto, trying to prove to myself that it's all in my head were enough.

Sincerely yours,
Pop Gruyo Banski


Anonymous said...

Where are you going?

Anonymous said...

This has to be one of the most intelligent analysis of the current situation in the Western world regarding feminism. If more men thought the way you do. Women would have never been able to manipulate us out of our rights. But the Western world is packed with stupid soft effeminate men who are terrified of women. I also came to the same conclusion a while back and I moved out of Canada and I have found a much better and happier life. Here misandry doesn't exist. Men and women love each other. I have found a partner who is so young and beautiful and treats me like a man. With so much respect. I would have never been able to even get a girl like this to even look at me in Canada. She would probably say I'm a creepy dude. And if I did manage to get her, the relationship would have been hell because I would have had to deal with her drug abuse or alcohol abuse, cheating on me and saying it was my fault, not hers, her feminist ideals, her idiotic feminist friends, her constant victimization games, endless manipulation, etc.

When it's us who move abroad and find a great partner, the feminists call us losers. But when it's THEM chasing after younger men for sex back in Canada and sleeping with a different guy every week then it's totally ok because they're independent women and also they are the strongest and sexiest women in the world. I have heard this shit over and over again. LOL the hypocrisy is gigantic. You have to stand in AWE ! IN AWE !!! Before the amount of bullshit these feminists have told us.

I have learned some tough lessons about human nature in Canada. Probably the toughest one is that women, when given the chance, will sadistically abuse you and search to completely destroy you and put your head on their wall of kills like a trophy. Women are just as much beasts as us men. They are just as filthy and disgustingly evil as any man. Don't let their feminist guilt trips fool you. Their only goal is to silence and subordinate you.

They're really after the highest paying jobs and the best salary. Feminism is just their current way to get there. The product they sell to make money.

This will go on until men in Canada decide to stop being beta pushover doormats being used up by fat UGLY cunts.

Whenever I see a Western woman here. I treat her with so much disrespect and I look at her with the same amount of scorn that they gave me in Toronto. Yeah payback is a bitch. I don't insult them. I just treat them as the scum that they truly are for what they have done to men in North America.

Flash your passport, your one way ticket to anywhere else and your rich bank account in front of that feminist's eyes. That will drive her totally insane. Bye bye resources. Men have figured out the game. And we're leaving you to rot all alone in your house full of cats, reading 50 shades of grey, old, used up, taking anti depressants, unattractive, undesirable, childless, and completely deserving of the fate you have gotten. -LEWIS.

Anonymous said...

Great article and comment!! Im stuck in Toronto for a little longer but I am planning to leave the horrible city asap. Did you hear about the man jailed for criticizing a feminist here it was in the news. The West is without a doubt going to go the way the Roman empire did never to return!

Anonymous said...

Guys, you seem to say that it is so easy to emigrate in another country, like : take your passport, buy a ticket, bye bye [Western country] and the country where you go welcome you with warm hugs.

Are you sure it is like this ? It seems like emigration laws are fucking pain in the ass in every country.

So how do you do that ? Do you have to find a job first ? In this case how do you do when you have absolutely no diploma ? ("So you are from [Western country] where you can earn a lot of money and you decide to come working in this country as a cashier ?" Seems unreal.)

How do you emigrate ?

Toshko Afrikanski said...

Hi everybody,

This is Pop Gruyo Banksi, the author of this article.

First, thank you John for publishing it on your blog. I have been walking around all day, patting myself on the back.

I moved to Edmonton in February 2015 and I have been living here ever since. The situation is very different from Toronto. Make no mistake, feminism is here, too, but it appears that it does not have the vicious, ideological edge it does in Toronto, and does not seem to have drenched anything you touch. Many young women are smug and self-satisfied, but the marching brownshirt (err... pinkshirt?) crowds you will see getting on subway at Lansdowne and Spadina are not here.

Many more people are getting married, at my job the two other guys I work with have girlfriends, my boss is also married (to a woman from Quebec, not an anglo) and has two kids. Things seems a bit (a very little bit) more normal. These, apart from the horrible economic situation, are the positives.

While visiting a local gym I met a young and very attractive woman from the same country that I am. On getting to know here better I realized that she had every single little bit of ideological indoctrination, obsession with cats, habit to live alone in an unfurnished apartment, a wide variety of mental issues, antidepressant prescriptions, and the ability to blame men as a class for everything bad in the world. Everything I mentioned is 100% real, I am not making it up. Every time I saw her she was constantly talking about different cases of women raped, murdered and harassed in Canada, in our native country, in India and Bangladesh and Iran- she knew all the stories in detail and was very eager to drop them all on me.

The only thing I regret is that all this youth and beauty have gone to waste- as, of course, she did not want to have children because they would have harmed her career.

So my friends, the conclusion is: although Alberta is not Ontario, this is still Canada.

Migrating out of Canada might seem absurd to 99% of the world population, and also to me for the first couple of years after I moved here. However, this, just as everything else in this life, is not that simple. Things are very individual- specific to the person and their story. For me, the goal is to set myself somewhere else as if I have children here one day with a woman imported from back home, I would not want them to grow up exposed to this toxic garbage, and learning about gay sex from an obese feminist (I think Roosh said that) before learning the alphabet.

Oh yes, and Lewis, I agree with everything I have written above.

Good luck,


Anonymous said...

Lewis here... I would like to respond to the two previous posts.

Anonymous guy from November 9th:

You're right. If you go abroad... Nobody is going to automatically welcome you with open arms and give you everything for free. But how could you honestly have such high expectations of any place in the world ?

Listen, I'm not going to bullshit you. It is NOT easy to change countries.

However, what you WILL find is a completely different culture where women don't view men as their enemies. You will see beautiful girls in their 20's and even younger checking you out and excited to talk to you. This does NOT mean you will find true love.

All I'm telling you is that the misandrist culture of Canada WILL disappear.

To me it was totally worth the move. The only thing I regret is not having done it sooner.

But this is a very personal decision.

You will have difficulties because you will have to learn a new language. But this can be mad fun too if you enjoy learning new languages in general.

Also usually (not always) first time travelers find comfort in the local expat community. This means, other guys from Canada and the U.S. who left in very similar circumstances and with surprisingly similar stories as yours, will show you around and help you get settled. It really depends on where you go in the world. I came to Asia but you can go to Latin America or Africa too. Just stay the fuck away from Europe and Australia. Pretty much stay away from WESTERN countries.

It makes no sense to leave Canada and go to another Western country. You might as well just stay where you are if you're scared of change.

Also make sure you make friends with LOCAL people too. Don't spend all your time with other expats only.

Whether or not you succeed abroad will depend greatly on why you are doing this. I did it because I was not happy and I knew I did not want a Canadian wife or have children in Canada. I would never do that to my son, bring him to the world in a country like Canada where he will be universally hated and mistreated for being born male.

I wish you the best.

P.G.B. :

First of all, thank you for writing such a phenomenal article.

I read your story about Edmonton and it's so sad. But it's the truth. Canada is a land of extreme female privilege. And privilege is invisible to those who have it. Therefore you have an entire population of neurotic women operating on a collective delusion that men are somehow their oppressors. Oh the poor victims !

Reading your comment only confirms everything I experienced there and reassures me that I'm not missing out on anything.

To be honest with you, and with the previous guy, I no longer miss Canada. At all. Right now I'm about to head outside with my gorgeous 21 year old girl to meet up with her equally gorgeous girlfriends and it's 32°C and sunny. And in Canada, I'm sure it's raining on this late November evening at temperatures between 5°C and 15°C and I'm 100% sure I would have spent this evening all alone in my room watching old movies or YouTube videos or porn because I would have no significant friendships, zero prospects for a female worth a shit, and I would be so fucking depressed that I would have no energy to start a hobby. No, thank you. I don't deserve that life. And guess what, you probably don't deserve it either.

Do something about it ! Good luck !

Anonymous said...

"I was not happy and I knew I did not want a Canadian wife or have children in Canada. I would never do that to my son, bring him to the world in a country like Canada where he will be universally hated and mistreated for being born male."

This paragraph killed my soul. It is as disturbing as it is true. I know all too well the atrocities feminists are doing to men, especially young boys in our education system.

Women claim to be the victims but since when in history, the "oppressors" are the ones leaving in masses or committing suicide at alarming rates ? It's all bullshit you guys. We were lied to. More men need to take the red pill. I think men don't want to see the truth. Like a child clinging to the idea that Santa is real. Many men don't want to wake up and see the Disney princess story is bullshit. The modern woman, if anything, is the dragon, trying to kill you.

Anonymous said...

You guys should read the article about the 26th anniversary of the Montreal massacre by Marc Lepine in the Toronto Star.