Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Example Of Ruthless Media Bias In Sexual Assault Cases

Case in point. Recently the sexual assault charges against three McGill football players have been dropped due to a witness coming forward who stated that the accuser told her in confidence that the sex had been consensual. This fact is somewhat hard to find since it is buried in news articles (as given below).

As quoted from http://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/sexual-assault-charges-dropped-against-mcgill-redmen

"According to the complainant, the Crown prosecutor in the case, Miguel Boisvert, had been trying since December 2013 to reach a witness — a fellow Concordia University student and resident adviser in whom the complainant confided the morning after the alleged assault.

But that woman didn’t want to get involved. When she discovered she would be subpoenaed to testify Monday, she sent a four-line email to the Crown last Friday, saying the alleged victim agreed to have sex with the men, the complainant’s mother said in an interview."

As quoted from http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/System+still+failing+victims+sexual+assault/10427103/story.html

"The allegations shook McGill’s administration — which was accused of trying to cover up the matter — and eventually led to the young men being charged in April 2012, and, when the case went public months later, being kicked off the football team.

Then, in mid-November, new evidence came to light — allegedly in the form of a statement from a witness who affirmed that the sex was consensual — and Crown prosecutors dropped the charges."

You will notice that, upon looking at the mainstream news coverage of this case, that the victim narrative is forced to continue. It is easy to find mainstream news articles focusing on how the alleged victim was "wronged" and how the system is flawed because of that.

Even when charges against accused rapists are dropped in a court of law, the media, instead of covering the issue fairly, only explores the side of the story from the point of view of the alleged victim (the woman) offering a sympathetic tone to her experience. Of course no coverage AT ALL is given to the point of view of the accused rapists who have endured the stigma and will likely continue to endure the stigma brought on by the charges.

Some of the common headlines surrounding this case following the non-guilty verdict are:

"System still failing victims of sexual assault in Canada" (source: http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/System+still+failing+victims+sexual+assault/10427103/story.html)

"Women face trial by ordeal" (source: http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/Women+face+trial+ordeal/10425426/story.html)

"It's hard to move on: Alleged victim in McGill sex scandal speaks out" (source: http://globalnews.ca/news/1679223/its-hard-to-move-on-alleged-victim-in-mcgill-sex-scandal-speaks-out/)

"Ex-McGill Redmen should have been charged: alleged sex assault victim" (source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ex-mcgill-redmen-should-have-been-charged-alleged-sex-assault-victim-1.2841462)

So, according to these articles, even if charges are dropped there is still a problem that needs to be fixed (from the accuser's point of view, the only one that matters). And never mind the problem that exists from the accused' point of view where they are treated by the public (including their schools) as guilty until proven innocent, and even then only innocent in the eyes of the law, not the public at large.

There seems to be a push in the mainstream media that due process is a bad thing when it comes to sexual assault cases given what it puts the (alleged) victims through. It seems that asking the accusers hard questions (to get to the truth) is too harsh and they must be spared that ordeal. Following this form of logic through to completion will mean that all accusations must result in a conviction, no questions asked. And anything more is just too traumatic for the (female) accusers. This is justice à la witch burning.

The notion is being put forward that all female accusers must be believed in a manner equivalent to religious belief, and if you don't automatically believe them you will be accused of victim-blaming, victim-shaming, and being a rape apologist. In the mind of the fanatic, we must do something about the "rape culture" even if time-honored, constitutionally tested, notions of fairness and due process must be torn down, and even if innocents are punished. The cause is just too important to let matters such as these get in the way. Yes, the hysteria is at a tipping point but it seems to be mostly confined to the media and the halls of government and academia where feminist influence is the strongest.

The media is becoming a monster in gender based issues, preferring to cast aside fairness and respect of due process (innocent until proven guilty) in favor of a political ideology of male-demonization and female pedestalization above all else. The media, especially the liberal media, is a cabal of feminist propaganda machinery.

This media bias is glaringly obvious and very disturbing to say the least. And they must be sensing the push back given how they typically disable commenting on their articles. They do not want critical feedback as that would threaten the narrative they want to advance. What arrogance and a flagrant abuse of their position of responsibility as a news reporting agency, using their dominant position as a news agency to disseminate one-sided feminist ideology. It's a form of news but minus the journalistic integrity. In other words, it's propaganda.

Bottom line, you cannot trust anything the media says (especially the liberal media) when it comes to gender issues.


Anonymous said...

You notice how comments are often disabled in news stories --especially The Toronto Star --when there is alledged harassment by hetro men. Also Jian Ghomeshi is a classic case -- a whole industry of news stories and documentaries have labeled him guilty -- and proper legal investigation has barely started. Social Media has and is effectively silencing hetro men -- and what an effective job it is doing.

Anonymous said...

With prostitution officially criminalized in Canada, with Justice Minister calling the male johns "perverts", the best part of Canada is just to leave this f**ked up femi-Nazi hellhole of a country.

Canada is a matriarchy country with white knight conservative panderers. These women dress like sluts these days, no sense of dignity and yet these same feminist sluts banned prostitution for men. LEAVE CANADA NOW AND LET CANADA'S ECONOMY COLLAPSE!

Anonymous said...


According to "Sexodus., Roosh V, Happier Abroad and MGTOW HQ, young women today, espeically women in Toronto, Canada are too arrogant, confused, crazy and slutty to consider as wives and mothers.

Because of family law, a growing police state and Stephen Harper's traditional conservative mangina lifestyle, marriage can be lethal for men. As result, men are withdrawing to a private world of sports, video games, casual hookers and adult porn. Many of the comments confirm this assertion.

Another thing to add, work the minimum in Toronto and pay less taxes legally. You can save money working the minimum in Canada without going over the taxfree bracket. The 2nd generation old feminists need that pension, so no use working hard in Canada to pay for the retirement of feminists who caused the mess in the 1st place.

pinetree said...

It is still hard to understand why there is this apathy in TO men. It seems TO men have gone into their caves and refuse to come out -- waiting for others to fix the problem. Why is there such a lack of unity in TO men? While TO feminists are incredibly united.

pinetree said...

Another of what makes Toronto women what they are.


Anonymous said...

LOL the comments are a riot.

pinetree said...

Dan Perrins starts hunger strike at Queens Park Legislative building for high rate of male suicides. Please support him.


Anonymous said...

thank you pinetree for that link. Unbelievable how the media doesnt show this yet they run brainwashing BULLSHIT feminist stories on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

i just watched the liveleak video too, and the reason toronto women behave that way is because there are no consequences for their actions. I am sure that cunt didnt go to prison for causing such a huge disturbance on the train and inciting violence amongst everyone. Had it been a man, of course his life would have been ruined.

pinetree said...


Bare With Us Rally - another Toronto Slut walk phenomena in the making it seems.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys I just wanted to bring to your attention three channels on YouTube that deal with the same issues as this blog. The first one is Sandman (he's from Toronto). The other two are The Brother of Logic and Common Sense and Tommy Sotomayor. These last two are American and they talk mainly about the effects of feminism on the African American community. But it's totally relatable to us here in Canada. It's amazing how these three men have stood up for themselves and figured out the game.

Anonymous said...

This video is so amazing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kf9sZqgvMow Please show it to all the young men you know. I wish I had gotten this advice when I was 18 years old.

Anonymous said...

Theres going to be major social changes because of this insanity in North America. You cant keep all men in your country licking masters boots forever.