Thursday, July 31, 2014

Reader Submission: Observing Toronto Feminism in 2014

This note is directed at all feminist women of Toronto and at all men concerned or affected by feminism in Toronto. I am trying to address 3 major problems with feminism today.

1. The choice of the Toronto woman.

What strikes me the most about Toronto feminism is the unenlightened and pathetic approach to the kind of men that Toronto women choose to go after: rich guys.

If feminism had brought a new era of wise women choosing to go after good men, I would have been the first to defend it. Men who have been victims of powerful men, men who have a great but non lucrative talent, men who know how to listen to a woman's needs, men who respect a woman's opinion and don't objectify them, orphan men who chose to pursue an education over drugs and alcohol, men who have been victims of women (e.g. abandoned by their mothers at an early age), immigrant men who have most likely been through hell to get to this first world country, men who have learning disabilities but who try hard to still get a job and make a living, men who study human sciences and who have a genuine interest in social justice, etc. My list could go on and on and on.

Is this the kind of men all the enlightened women of Toronto are choosing to date? Not at all. NOT. AT. ALL.

Instead, another nature is revealed: greed. That's what this is really all about my friends. Money and social status.

Let's review the kind of men Toronto women go after like pigs going at the trough: rich kids from rich families who have never known real adversity and do not know how to value the things they have, men from any social background who are ferociously ambitious and who only care about money and who will have sex with as many women as possible and do not really care about any of them, criminals and thugs alpha males who embody misogyny from every single pore, any form of rich man regardless of how he made his wealth (the guy could be the CEO of a corporation in charge of third world child labor but the Toronto woman only wants to know whether he's rich or not).

No wonder these women complain about men being assholes. Have you looked in the mirror first and seen how ugly you are on the inside? Have you evaluated your true nature and what you really seek in a partner? Do not pretend with me to be someone you're not, I can see through all your bullshit, just do not lie to yourself.

2. Women's liberation as corporate slavery.

Not only do the Toronto feminists seek rich men as a more valuable partner, they also associate liberation and success with corporate slavery. The jobs they seek are the exact same jobs contributing to the exploitation of other women and cultures of the third world. I guess this little detail was conveniently excluded from their Western feminist literature. I guess Toronto feminism is only about the interests of middle class and upper class white girls.

It is well documented that feminism was first subsidized in the United States by the Rockefeller family with the sole intention of taxing women. The real question was "How do we get women to enter the labor force by will?" Anybody with an academic background in political science will know the oldest trick in the book for leaders to get the masses to behave in a certain way is to sell them a false reality that will lead them to behave the way that you really want without them being aware of it. This is typically known in our every day life as manipulation. The task was to convince women that they were an oppressed group and that their "liberation" would come from entering the workforce. The real goal was to collect taxes from them, and they bit the bait.

3. The end of the era of victimization.

We live in a Canadian society that has reached a never before seen level of equality. It is true that it remains unequal but it is more equal than it has ever been before. Not only for women, who were in the past real victims of some men, but for minorities as well. Native people and black people especially, have been extremely discriminated against in North America.

Today this is no longer the case. Not at the same extent it was done in the past. I for one as a young white Canadian male am not responsible for what was done before I was even born into this world. Neither are you. And a woman being born today is not a victim of any kind. Do not let yourself be fooled by this brainwashing scheme. Neither is she a victim nor are you an oppressor. Anyone that calls you one is only trying to control or subordinate you for their own agenda. In my lifetime I have not oppressed any woman, I have not lynched any minority. Neither have you. I do not feel guilty for stuff I have never done personally. And you should also stop feeling guilty for stuff you never did.

Yes we do have to study our past to understand our present and avoid making the same mistakes, but it is very well researched academically that any oppressed group historically after having revolted and overthrown its oppressor, it establishes laws of hatred and a culture of revenge. The list of historical examples is endless.

Today, we experience it with women in Toronto who are living their wet dreams of vengeance towards as many men as they can retaliate against.

Toronto women get bombarded in universities by poor literature which is nothing more than heavy misandry disguised as women's studies. The family structure has been beat to shit and young Canadian women do not realize they are their own enemies. But if they are not smart enough to realize they are being subject to hate mongering then they deserve the fate they get.

History will repeat itself and in about 20-50 years this generation of women will be the ones living through all the shame of the misandrist society they led when they had the chance. Their own sons will be their judges for all the lives they ruined.

I therefore think the era of victimization in Canada must end. In this country, everyone will more or less get a fair shot at life. I know it is not perfectly equal. But it is a lot easier here for a woman to succeed than in Russia or for an Arab man to make a decent and peaceful living than in France.

Once equality is achieved. Every previously oppressed group ought to take responsibility for its own destiny and stop shaming new generations for a fate they are only inheriting.

If white privileged feminists do not like this, then I encourage black people, Hispanics, Asians and First Nations to start shaming, playing the victim role, and hating on white women because you have also been a huge victim of their historic greed. White women have historically also been oppressors of minorities and of other women of non Caucasian descent. So they should think twice before perpetuating this victimization tool. I have met plenty of immigrant women who hated white girls because they believed Toronto feminists only care about white women's problems.


Conclusion: feminism in Toronto is probably the most hypocritical movement I have ever seen. It is a hate mongering manipulative group whose main goal is profit through the control and subordination of men. I hope this message also reaches MRAs, even though I am not one of you, I understand that you have quite a difficult road ahead.


Anonymous said...

"Once equality is achieved. Every previously oppressed group ought to take responsibility for its own destiny and stop shaming new generations for a fate they are only inheriting."

Interesting, this is one of the best quotes I have ever read. Me too as a white man I have been shamed so much throughout my life by every possible group in this country, I think soon it will be politically incorrect just to be a white male.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous on August 2, 2014 at 9:44 PM, in Canada the middle class white man is considered "the evil patriarchy".

The feminists are chasing for the elites and the millionaires, and unfortunately in Toronto, MANY AT LEAST 50% of university graduated women are fully 1000% feminists in mindset, though they might play the 'anti-feminist, women against feminism' card, they still expect a beta provider while she chases for wealthy older men and bad boy thugs on the side until she reaches the wall at around 30, where she settles down...and if she is a Canadian Westernized woman, she might go into teaching or some .gov job and play the role of the cougar.

This city is very strange---they celebrate gays, lesbians, cougars and all of that but if any straight male wants to form a relationship with a woman he is demonized.

I don't think the strict "conservative" morality laws (adult services for example) are really conservative but a mixture of feminism and progressivism---Progressive Conservatives?

Anonymous said...

Toronto women have closed their minds, if not their legs.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going back to visit Toronto....was here for a fewer weeks....the women are unapproachable and one time a 20 something female threatened to call the police on me because i wanted to know her name......what a waste of my tourist least in Los Angeles i get a few numbers and hookups here and there...

the author is right abouit the point about greedy womyn.......which conforms to the Darwin/ evolution theory of primitive mating...80% of the females are reserved for the 10% of males...and Canada calls itself a world class country....

pinetree said...

White men mean all men of all races --black, Asian etc--to modern day feminists. White men are not more victimized than other non white men. This is a false chip on the shoulder which will do more harm than good. It will create divisiveness between men. All men have been equally victimized by modern feminism. That is the plain realistic truth.

Anton said...

Your blog spits so much truth but I have no idea where this "Toronto women go after rich men" idea comes from.

They don't. Your conclusion doesn't make sense.

Rather, they go after hot men. That's the product of feminism, of female careerism, of hypergamy, of hookup culture, and so on: women chasing hotness. Toronto women simply have high looks standards compared to other places. It's the 80/20 rule in effect: guys who are 7/10+ in looks monopolize girls in the 4-7/10 range for casual sex. And even when a Toronto girl wants to settle down she will emphasize the primacy of looks ("You know... I've just GOT to be attracted to him before anything!").

If it is true that Toronto women chased rich men (again, I have no idea where this is coming from - the examples you see are probably good looking men who are rich to boot aka the whole package), then I should be in luck. I'm a lawyer in my 20s. I don't earn 6 figures yet but I will in a few short years and for all a girl knows I am earning that much now.

Yet I live an incel life more or less. In a nightlife cold approach environment and on online dating I get shit all. I mean I'm a lawyer, that should help at least a bit, right? Lawyer's a pretty dig deal huh? Nope. I am unable to leverage it against my short stature (5'7") and my complexion (middle-eastern).

I am facially aesthetic, stylish, and confident enough to eek out the occasional lay after massive amounts of work in these arenas, which you've aptly called "Fringe Game" in an earlier post regarding guys who are unfortunately not plugged into social circles. But even those will follow the law of looks - these girls will be into me because they found me "hot" in the moment, and are usually a point or so below me. My career accomplishments were just a bonus.

But for the most part I am invisible. Last night I was at Everleigh on King West. I did 10 cold approaches - all blowouts. A week before I was at EFS (also King West) and did 8 approaches - none hooked whatsoever. These girls... they just.don' Meanwhile, my 6'2" 200 lbs buddy can just walk in, fish for eye contact, do maybe 2-3 warm approaches, get 2-3 numbers, get 1 solid lead and turn it into a longterm fuckbuddy. So easy. And on OkCupid he can get 200 quickmatches and girls actively chasing him while I've got 3 and have to manage a 300-1 messages to bang ratio to land a Secret Internet Fatty.

There's just no in between. Perhaps in 1994 or 2004 a 5/10 guy with game and good things going for him could get a girl on or even above his level via cold approach. But due to the peaking of feminism along with certain technological developments, those days are gone.

If you're an average looking without a social circle to leverage the Familiary factor then you're fucked. This is me - I'm not plugged into such circles with girls in them. I'm too old for that. And I'm completely unable to fake interest in cooking or salsa or yoga. I guess I should try "daygame" now, to literally run after women who are too stupid to put themselves in the obvious places to meet men. I abhor the concept but that's what this city's making me do. 2 years and almost a thousand approaches under my belt and all I want is a thin 6/10 girl to like me and want to be with me yet I still haven't fucking found her...

John said...

^^^ Keep in mind this post is a submission by one of my readers in which I invite people to send me something to submit. I don't necessarily agree with everything that's submitted but it's good to have different perspectives.

I do think many women will go after rich men but it's usually part of a whole package deal. First and foremost they have to meet the guy through a channel that society approves of, like school, work, or friends. If they see you in a nightclub they will automatically dismiss you pretty much no matter what, just because you're part of the nightclub environment and you are guilty by association. The same goes for day time approaches. You are a stranger trying to get to know her and since that reality cannot be erased no matter how "smooth" you are then you are out of luck.

Since I'm average height myself with above average looks I will say that I've also had extreme difficulty with meeting women, cold approach style, in the city.

I'm not sure how your friend is so successful, but my strong feeling is that the usual girl he gets is not stellar. Or it could be that he has that certain archetype look that graces the covers of magazines and which women have been conditioned, in part, to find attractive. It's a combination of being good looking and looking a certain way that can work magic. But who knows, I've personally concluded that unless you're willing to hook up with women less good looking than you, then getting laid regularly with different women is next to impossible (if you're doing cold approaches, or even off the internet).

Why not try using ? There might be some groups in the city you're interested in and through which you can meet women more naturally without the stigma of the cold approach. In my experience the best group events in to meet people are the ones where interactions between people are expected, like pub nights. Events where there are movies, classes, etc. in which people go to "do" something are the worst for meeting people since people typically just go for the event.

Anonymous said...


I agree with you partially. But as a white man I can understand the guy who wrote the post. We are a target of shame by every minority. And quite frankly, I'm getting sick of it. And the worst thing is that I have no platform anywhere in society to express it without being demonized for it, except here and anonymously.

Anton said...

Hi thanks for your response John.

If you don't me asking (I don't know if you've already divulged this information in your older posts) - what are your Age, Height, Face (out of 10), and Race?

"I'm not sure how your friend is so successful, but my strong feeling is that the usual girl he gets is not stellar. Or it could be that he has that certain archetype look that graces the covers of magazines and which women have been conditioned, in part, to find attractive. It's a combination of being good looking and looking a certain way that can work magic. But who knows, I've personally concluded that unless you're willing to hook up with women less good looking than you, then getting laid regularly with different women is next to impossible (if you're doing cold approaches, or even off the internet)."

Perhaps I made it seem like he manages to get a solid prospect every night out, which is not true. Rather with enough nights out on weekends he's able to accrue about 2 or so solid FWB prospects every month with ease.

But anyway, yes, my friend has the advantage of height, a thick frame, and a handsome face. I would place him at a 8.5/10 in looks. And yes you're right, he dips below his own level for quantity. This is Good Looking Guy game: he's a very good looking guy running through so-so to decent girls who are happily punching above their own weight for the alpha experience.

I mean it is as I had described in my initial post, the whole 80/20 thing. This is the major revelation/foundation of modern hookup culture. For casual sex a 8/10 guy will get with a 6/10 girl, which a still a cute girl. On the other hand what a 5/10 guy has to dip down to will often be a fatty, hag, uggo, etc, unless he approaches a ton and lucks into a hot girl with lower looks standards or something.

"Why not try using ? There might be some groups in the city you're interested in and through which you can meet women more naturally without the stigma of the cold approach. In my experience the best group events in to meet people are the ones where interactions between people are expected, like pub nights."

Yes I went to a few a couple years back. It's the obvious choice and thus the path of least resistance, so there were a lot of awkward dorks there outnumbering the precious few HB4's. Maybe I'll try it again but who knows.
What's been your experience with it?

For now though I want to try out daygame. I'm gonna do about 200-300 approaches and tabulate my results and see if it's worth it. If I can eek out a 25-to-1 approach to bang rate (4%) with girls I'd be happy to be seen walking around outside with then I'd be satisfied.
What are your experiences with daygame?

John said...

^^^ I'm 37 years old, 5'10, white, and am around 8-9 facially when I groom and get dressed up.

It seems that it's the less attractive to mediocre looking girls that have the most casual sex, as if to prove that they've "got it", whereas the most attractive hot women are more picky about who they sleep with. I use the expensive car analogy, in which the car has too much value to drive around a lot and its restricted who drives it. Hot women have more perceived sexual value and are therefore more guarded about whom they have sex with, in order to avoid losing that high value bestowed upon them by society.

(Hookers are the obvious exception. Just gotta have the $$$).

Less attractive girls are much more free sexually since they don't have as much of a social yoke to carry around related to preserving their sexual value. For hot girls their fetching price must be kept high, even if it means they go without sex and become sexually frustrated as a result.

Meetup has gotten better over the years in my experience. It's become more mainstream and there are definitely attractive girls who go to the events. But you do have to go to the right events in which people go to socialize, like pub nights. Otherwise you get the same shit as encountered in cold approaches in nightclubs and daygame.

I'm in a relationship so I don't put in the effort that I used to to meet new women. But my feeling with meetup groups is that you can work them and with enough effort get success. It won't solve all the problems with women in the city, but if you choose the right groups, maybe ones with foreign women (such as in language exchange meetups) you can get success.

Daygame sucks in my experience. It's too much effort and the stigma you're fighting against is too strong. It's even worse than clubs in that I've been more successful in clubs than I ever was in daytime approaches, even though clubs also royally suck. I once read this daygame journal by some guy in Toronto on attractionforums and he did hundreds and hundreds of approaches. I worked out that his success rate was about 0.5%. So for every 200 approaches, on average, he had sex with one girl. Crazy odds. Not for me! The only way to improve those odds is to mentally screen for who you approach. Learn to look for signals.

pinetree said...

" But as a white man I can understand the guy who wrote the post. We are a target of shame by every minority. And quite frankly, I'm getting sick of it."

This is the victim complex that feminists and women use. So do all ethnic and even langauge minorities.

Do you seriously think you have it worse with women than some Asian or black person bc you are white.

Please I am not trying to shame you in anyway. But this is s gender war issue.

What modern feminists refer to as 'white male privilege' in practice means 'gender male privilege.'

I know where you are coming from but you have to be careful not to turn victim complex into a race issue when it isn't. It is a gender issue. All men of all races are experiencing exactly what you are with it comes to women.

K.W. said...

Listen guys it all comes down to one thing, power struggle. Victimization is the modern way to gain power over a different group. Women using this method only want you to shut up and give up your voice. I do not let myself be manipulated by shaming tactics.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anton,

just wanted to let you know, that I could relate to your post quite well.
I do not live in TO and have never been there, so I cannot really make a judgment based on my own experience, but I take your and John’s word for it.

Believe me, the state of affairs is probably not much better here in the middle of Germany, where I live. (Just check out this German guest guys posts on this very blog two or one years back.)

Before I now gonna give you my two cents on what you should do, I will make a disclaimer here: I’m a white science student in his late twenties of (slightly below) average height and if I did not went to a hooker two weeks back; I’d still be a virgin. I never had a girlfriend. I have been on 2 dates during my whole life. To sum it up, I have very little flirting/mating experience, so the following advice is just rooted on reflection on John’s blog and the material of Aaron Sleazy etc. –and last not least my own disastrous experience I made two 2 or 3 years ago, when I did some daytime approaching in parks, trains, shopping centres etc.

I did somewhat between 100 and 150 approaches I guess (I really did not count) from march to September 2011. GRAET FAILURE! 3 numbers, 2 dates, 0 lays!

I would highly recommend you to do away with the idea of daytime approaching. It just hurts your self worth and it gets you nowhere. It’s the hardest approach to hooking up with girls there is. It’s madness! An exception would of course be, if a girl in a shopping centre (where you’re actually are for buying something) or what have you, would give intense contact or the like- then of course go for it. But don’t roam the streets and parks of TO for several ours each week just for the mere purpose of getting ass or finding a girl friend.

Like John said, try out meetup.

And try to think of a social hobby you could at least half way enjoy and try to hook up with girls there. I know this problem, since I’m not into dancing etc. myself, but I have experienced that women are much more receptive towards me, once I get to know them in this kind of settings as opposed to street approaching. If I wasn’t such a hermit, who focuses more on his carrier then on anything else nowadays, I probably could get laid via this approach in 6 to 12 months (after working on my appearance a bit).

Just Google “Aaron Sleazy”. He did –much like John- great work to debunk this whole PUA nonsense. He also maintains a forum, where you can get very detailed information. You have to register to enter it, but there are no costs or any BS involved; he is no professional dating coach or the like, he is just a brilliant armature.

Oh, one more thing: try to get in shape; meaning try to be slim, but toned. Once you’re not a big guy and don’t have a cute/pretty face, you have to make up for this.

And last not east: If TO is making you ill and you are sure about this, consider moving.

Wish you much success!


Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Good to see you posting again! (Well, actually it’s a guest post, but still :)
I love your writings!
You are a pioneer, man! Even before guys like Sleazy entered the Anti-PUA scene, you already were debunking this hurtful PUA crap. Great you are still around!
When I found your stuff back in early 2012 after my self worth lay in ruins due to brainless daygame mass approaching your words really eased my pain. (If you don’t mind this rather cheesy phrase.)
I cannot thank you enough!

But I always had the impression, that you were some kind of good looking stud (like you wrote to Anton, a 8 or 9 face wise), because you managed to obtain a quite vibrant sex life via online dating, something the average Joe like me can’t even dare to dream of. Or am I to pessimistic here? What do you think?
I just think this whole casual sex thing is pretty much impossible for you as a man as long as you are not above average looking (or a cab driver ;)
This would be fine, if it was not such a pain in the ass having a GF these days.
Cause more often then not, a GF is giving you to less bang for your bucks. Modern western women are mostly just not pleasant to spent time with.

So I always envied the “studs”, who can drink loads of milk, without having to by one cow ;)

And although I really like the “gospel of detachment” you “preach” here, I get the impression, that it’s the men, who have a least had some kind of remarkable success with (hot) women, who really manage to get detached in the end. Not being able to hook up with hotties so far is nagging and itching me.

I fear as long as I did not sow my wild oats and managed to hook up with at least a few hotties, I will hardly ever become detached to women and to female feedback ☹
Or I might just become a monk in India or Thailand, that should take care of attachment ;)

Hope to read more from you soon!

Take care!


John said...

^^^ Hey Brent, you're very welcome!

My looks helped me in the past for sure, but it still took a huge effort to get laid semi-frequently with different girls. When it came to my sex life it was always feast or famine for me. And casual sex with attractive girls, especially in Toronto, was close to impossible to get. There was usually some weird combination of luck and circumstance that got me laid. No patterns could really be observed other than putting yourself out there enough and trying enough different things in enough different ways to eventually get lucky, just by the law of averages.

The only type of hotties I can guarantee consistent access to are ones that you pay for. It's that simple.

Getting the experience with attractive women, one way or the other, is important though, if nothing else just to remove the aura of "wonder and mystery". I'm not quite there yet. But it's definitely a process in the making. Much easier to detach if you've been there/done that, so to speak.

Anonymous said...

Please someone tell me: Why oh why do Toronto men hit the night clubs in such large numbers when they are such depressing places and where your chance of meeting a girl are close to zero. Many TO night clubs have free entrances for women before 10 pm or 11 pm -- while men have to pay the $10 entrance fee.

John said...

Clubs are a way for men to get physically closer to women who still want nothing to do with them. They create an illusion of accessibility whereas all they really do is increase proximity while still keeping the usual barriers in place.

The cover charge is total sexist bullshit. Some women will say that because of the (imaginary) wage gap between men and women that women are entitled to getting some stuff for free while men have to pay. That's a classic red herring argument but really, unless all the men in the club make more money than all the women in the club, then it is just plain unfair to at least a few of the men in attendance. Surely there's something in the constitution about this sort of thing that prohibits discrimination or exclusion based on gender. And if not, then clubs with cover charge for men only should be boycotted by men. Go elsewhere. The market will figure it out and pretty soon all the clubs will make cover charge equal for men and women. But for this to work the level of disgust with men-only cover charge must override the desire to pay the cover in order to meet the women who almost always don't want to meet you anyway. Gee that doesn't sound too hard.

Anonymous said...

Hello John,

Thanks for your reply!

As you mentioned on one of your other blogs, seeing hookers is a more reasonable and “manly” thing to do than trying to date/chase stuck up bitches just to get pussy.

And I am very sure, that getting much sex with various pretty escorts is probably the best and fastest way forward for detaching me from the physical and sensual aspect of needing sex.

But I guess I would still lust for female validation, which of course escorts can’t give you.
Although I could imagine, that this aspect oft the lust for women would indirectly also be at least partly taken care of by the fact, that uncomplicated and enjoyable sex with hot prostitutes distresses you quite a bit, which helps you to see things more clearly and put them in perspective.

Furthermore I bet I would not take that much shit form a woman I’m dating or from a fuck buddy of mine etc., if I just had my brains fucked out the other night by a 20 year old stunner and I knew, that I can abroad the date/meeting right now and still would be able to fuck a pretty girl the same night, because I make enough money to call an escort yet again.

This then might even feed into my aloofness, which of course would raise my chances to hook up with less complicated women, meaning I would get more bang for less bucks so to say, which might give me some validation. At least in theory ;)

I have yet to find out about this in a row of experiments with escorts, once I make enough money to see them on a regular basis. I’m gonna sacrifice myself in the name of science :D

But of cause all this should not stop me from detaching myself from the need for women also via meditation, close friendships to guys, sports and doing things I’m passionate about.

And last not least, a man should invest some time and effort to try to find a job, that suits him well and which he can really enjoy performing. (Of course easier said then done.)

Once you reach the point, where you would rather work on your current project some more than banging a porn starlet, you’re basically there :)

Like Schiller said: ”The one who wants to do, what he has to do, is free.”



John said...

Hi Brent, like most guys I've never been to a prostitute even though logically I know that prostitutes are the best and most hassle-free way to get sex with attractive women. I hear you on the validation part. It would be nice if a hot woman wanted you just for you, but ultimately, looking at the facts, hot women are all prostituting themselves in one way or the other. I have a favorite line I say to myself when I see a hot woman: "Yep, she's paid for!"

I just don't think hot women are capable of being with a man just because of his looks+personality alone, unless those looks are very, very high. Chances are he needs to provide some material provisions as well to make up the balance of what she wants in exchange for her sexuality. So you have to pay to play and that means investing material resources in her.

Like I've said before, hot women don't come cheap so it's better to rent out a time slot for access to them (prostitutes) then try to "buy" them by being their boyfriend. It's much cheaper and more honest but admittedly there's a social stigma to overcome as well as the belief that you deserve to be validated by a woman that actually wants you. But women, especially hot women, rarely come without a price tag. You have to pay in one form or the other. What this means is that there's practically no such thing as a hot woman wanting to be with you, just for being you.

Ancestral men discovered that by investing resources in women they were more likely to have sex, and as a result this tendency in women is selected for. It comes naturally to them, and they either suppress it or embrace it. And in this society hot women are completely encouraged to put a very high value on their sexuality. It's really over the top. Note that this high value does not mean that it's anything sacred, like many women would like you to believe in their attempts to romanticize sex and make it seem "special". It just has a high price, like a Ferrari. You would never say a Ferrari is sacred. But it does have a high purchase price, and it's the same with hot women.

Much better to rent than own. And in some ways this prostitution tendency in women is good because all you need to do to get guaranteed sex is pay for it. You can't buy the Ferrari, but you can much more easily rent it for a few hours. And you have the Ferrari experience minus the responsibility to maintain it, protect it, pay insurance, etc.

pinetree said...

Good article -- especially the comments:

Why is it so hard to hook up in Toronto?

Anonymous said...

Very good points you made there, John!
It’s a shame a man has to resort to the depths of the Internet to engage in fruitful discussions like this one. I could never do this in my daily life, because too many men are still oblivious to these truths or excel in plausible deniability. This is why blogs like yours are so damn valuable!
I could go on and on about these topics, but unfortunately work kicks in, so I just make two final points:

1) At the end of the day, the ability to lay beautiful young women is just a random skill like playing the piano or painting.

I cannot play the piano and I’m terrible at painting and yet I’m not depressed or feel bad about myself because of that.

I cannot lay young beautiful women and it nags me and I’m feeling bad about myself because of it (at least from time to time, it already got better in the last 2 years).
This is probably more nurture than nature.

2) You nailed it with the Ferrari-Analogy. Brilliant!

The guys from matingselfishness elaborated on this topic with an excellent post:

I quote the first part:

“Male and female sexuality is different. A man will only have sex with a woman to whom he is physically attracted. She must at least turn him on enough to give him an erection. A woman will also have sex with a guy who turns her on; call this attraction-based sex. However, unlike a man she also has the capacity to have transactional sex, which is sex in exchange for some benefit from the man. Things women will exchange for sex include: money, status, listening to her shit, doing things for her, buying her gifts, etc.
The two modes are not mutually exclusive. Most sex that takes place is some mixture of attraction-based and transactional. With escorts it’s typically purely transactional, though an escort may sometimes be attracted to her client, it’s a rare bonus for her. Fucking a stranger in the bathroom within 10 minutes of meeting her is purely attraction-based. An actress who fucks a producer to get a role – transactional. Fuck buddy sex – mostly attraction based.
Marriage and relationship sex is partly attraction-based, but with a hefty dose of transactional mixed in. Think of the boyfriend who picks up his girlfriend from work, or takes her out to a fancy restaurant. And think of the husband who financially supports the wife and children, while the wife stays at home or works an easier, lower paying job.”

Like you said, unless a man’s looks are very very high, he has to “make amends” by paying the women in one form or the other.
A tip for fucking above your league look wise without paying (too much) I often read (I think also here on this blog, if I remember correctly) is to go for women that are new in town and/or are quite busy and because of this have yet not met many men (and importantly no men, who are more attractive than me ;)
I will definitely try this out once I have a bit more spare time at my hands, although I fear that the friendships with benefits, which could arise from this approach, will not last very long. Sooner or later these hotties will come across guys, who are in her league, and than I’m done for. Still worth trying out :)
Ok, that’s it from me. Duty calls! ;)

So long!


John said...

Hi Brent, I would add that laying beautiful women, unless you're unusually well-endowed with an excellent combination of wealth, status, and looks, is indeed a skill, but not really in the way some might think. The skill is in large part knowing where to look, spotting the signals (if there are any) and knowing where your chances are the greatest. It's also a big game of probability and luck, unavoidably so. You have to play your hand enough times to guarantee success. But by putting up money and/or material resources up front your chances go up considerably. This is the biggest thing that guys can do to guarantee sex with attractive women when they want it. Although many men will certainly also have sex for money, it is hardly a requirement since men are pretty much all willing to do it for free. But for women, throwing money/material goods into the equation greatly increases the chance of laying her. That's the big difference between men and women to keep in mind.

Anonymous said...

Bitch City

Anonymous said...

its true that feminism has destroyed this city, and possibly the whole continent of north america. did you guys hear about Ray Rice hitting his fiancee and the whole media goes wild and wants to crucify him whereas his own fiancee published a statement afterwards defending him and telling everyone to back off because they were destroying her relationship with him? I am sick of the fact I was brainwashed by feminists and for a while I believed I was at fault as a man. Fuck them. Our society is so misandrist that the woman defending her partner does not even get the respect to justify or explain her situation, the only people whose opinion matters is feminists, who want to destroy and control men.

Anonymous said...

Feminist teachers in the TDSB are flirting, seducing and sleeping with under aged students in Toronto. It shows how much "rape culture" exists in Toronto because the female teachers are commiting statutory rape without responsibility. But if a 35 year old woman complains that some rude hipster refused to give her a seat at the TTC, the entire white knights and mangina mafia in Canada will go on a lynch mob.

Anonymous said...

Café is doing another event at UFT:

Violence and Sexual Abuse Against Men

1 in 6 men have been sexually assaulted. A public talk on the silent epidemic of…

Violence and Sexual Abuse Against Men

With Lynne MacDonell, Therapist, Leader of the group A Time for Men. Hosted by U of T Men’s Issues Awareness

Thursday, October 9, 2014 7:00 PM
Earth Science (ES) Room B149
33 Willcocks St.
(U of T campus)

Come out and show your support.

Anonymous said...

Hey John,

Toronto really is a feminist hellwhole!

Our friend Alek Novy left an intressting comment very recently on BPs blog:

I'm getting more and more disgusted by female nature to the point where I'm even considering just jacking off to -free- internet porn for the rest of my life and leave the wyms all alone once and for all. I want to get as far away from their pathetic self-absorbed destructivness as I can.

Some of you might think I completly lost my mind (could be), but when I hit on a chick and she gives me this female lazyness-entllment-privilige BS by sending out ambgious signals, showing token resistance etc. (seemingly harmless stuff) I can't help to be reminded of the fact that this BS is just one manifastaion of something much bigger within the female psyche, that will make sure that we as a species will never raise above the level of shit flinging monkeys.

See also:

Makes me wanna puke!

Take care, man!