Thursday, July 31, 2014

Reader Submission: Observing Toronto Feminism in 2014

This note is directed at all feminist women of Toronto and at all men concerned or affected by feminism in Toronto. I am trying to address 3 major problems with feminism today.

1. The choice of the Toronto woman.

What strikes me the most about Toronto feminism is the unenlightened and pathetic approach to the kind of men that Toronto women choose to go after: rich guys.

If feminism had brought a new era of wise women choosing to go after good men, I would have been the first to defend it. Men who have been victims of powerful men, men who have a great but non lucrative talent, men who know how to listen to a woman's needs, men who respect a woman's opinion and don't objectify them, orphan men who chose to pursue an education over drugs and alcohol, men who have been victims of women (e.g. abandoned by their mothers at an early age), immigrant men who have most likely been through hell to get to this first world country, men who have learning disabilities but who try hard to still get a job and make a living, men who study human sciences and who have a genuine interest in social justice, etc. My list could go on and on and on.

Is this the kind of men all the enlightened women of Toronto are choosing to date? Not at all. NOT. AT. ALL.

Instead, another nature is revealed: greed. That's what this is really all about my friends. Money and social status.

Let's review the kind of men Toronto women go after like pigs going at the trough: rich kids from rich families who have never known real adversity and do not know how to value the things they have, men from any social background who are ferociously ambitious and who only care about money and who will have sex with as many women as possible and do not really care about any of them, criminals and thugs alpha males who embody misogyny from every single pore, any form of rich man regardless of how he made his wealth (the guy could be the CEO of a corporation in charge of third world child labor but the Toronto woman only wants to know whether he's rich or not).

No wonder these women complain about men being assholes. Have you looked in the mirror first and seen how ugly you are on the inside? Have you evaluated your true nature and what you really seek in a partner? Do not pretend with me to be someone you're not, I can see through all your bullshit, just do not lie to yourself.

2. Women's liberation as corporate slavery.

Not only do the Toronto feminists seek rich men as a more valuable partner, they also associate liberation and success with corporate slavery. The jobs they seek are the exact same jobs contributing to the exploitation of other women and cultures of the third world. I guess this little detail was conveniently excluded from their Western feminist literature. I guess Toronto feminism is only about the interests of middle class and upper class white girls.

It is well documented that feminism was first subsidized in the United States by the Rockefeller family with the sole intention of taxing women. The real question was "How do we get women to enter the labor force by will?" Anybody with an academic background in political science will know the oldest trick in the book for leaders to get the masses to behave in a certain way is to sell them a false reality that will lead them to behave the way that you really want without them being aware of it. This is typically known in our every day life as manipulation. The task was to convince women that they were an oppressed group and that their "liberation" would come from entering the workforce. The real goal was to collect taxes from them, and they bit the bait.

3. The end of the era of victimization.

We live in a Canadian society that has reached a never before seen level of equality. It is true that it remains unequal but it is more equal than it has ever been before. Not only for women, who were in the past real victims of some men, but for minorities as well. Native people and black people especially, have been extremely discriminated against in North America.

Today this is no longer the case. Not at the same extent it was done in the past. I for one as a young white Canadian male am not responsible for what was done before I was even born into this world. Neither are you. And a woman being born today is not a victim of any kind. Do not let yourself be fooled by this brainwashing scheme. Neither is she a victim nor are you an oppressor. Anyone that calls you one is only trying to control or subordinate you for their own agenda. In my lifetime I have not oppressed any woman, I have not lynched any minority. Neither have you. I do not feel guilty for stuff I have never done personally. And you should also stop feeling guilty for stuff you never did.

Yes we do have to study our past to understand our present and avoid making the same mistakes, but it is very well researched academically that any oppressed group historically after having revolted and overthrown its oppressor, it establishes laws of hatred and a culture of revenge. The list of historical examples is endless.

Today, we experience it with women in Toronto who are living their wet dreams of vengeance towards as many men as they can retaliate against.

Toronto women get bombarded in universities by poor literature which is nothing more than heavy misandry disguised as women's studies. The family structure has been beat to shit and young Canadian women do not realize they are their own enemies. But if they are not smart enough to realize they are being subject to hate mongering then they deserve the fate they get.

History will repeat itself and in about 20-50 years this generation of women will be the ones living through all the shame of the misandrist society they led when they had the chance. Their own sons will be their judges for all the lives they ruined.

I therefore think the era of victimization in Canada must end. In this country, everyone will more or less get a fair shot at life. I know it is not perfectly equal. But it is a lot easier here for a woman to succeed than in Russia or for an Arab man to make a decent and peaceful living than in France.

Once equality is achieved. Every previously oppressed group ought to take responsibility for its own destiny and stop shaming new generations for a fate they are only inheriting.

If white privileged feminists do not like this, then I encourage black people, Hispanics, Asians and First Nations to start shaming, playing the victim role, and hating on white women because you have also been a huge victim of their historic greed. White women have historically also been oppressors of minorities and of other women of non Caucasian descent. So they should think twice before perpetuating this victimization tool. I have met plenty of immigrant women who hated white girls because they believed Toronto feminists only care about white women's problems.


Conclusion: feminism in Toronto is probably the most hypocritical movement I have ever seen. It is a hate mongering manipulative group whose main goal is profit through the control and subordination of men. I hope this message also reaches MRAs, even though I am not one of you, I understand that you have quite a difficult road ahead.