Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Importance Of Gender Equality

It is easy to say that women are more important than men because they are the "fairer" sex, and then give a variety of reasons for it in the form of lies and half-truths.

But using rational logic, what is the best possible reason for putting women first? Let's explore this.

If you are at war and the survival of the species is at risk then it makes sense to put women first. In this case women must be protected more than men, given that one man can father many babies simultaneously but one women can only have one baby at a time. Hence, you need as many women as possible, while making men as disposable as possible since their numbers don't matter nearly as much. The main job of the men then, is to protect the women and defend society, for the sake of survival. This sort of thing has happened throughout history. The early societies that survived are the ones that protected women and made men disposable.

However, a society of boys and men who are taught to be disposable is an unhealthy society. At best it will only survive, but it will be dysfunctional on many levels.

So if we want to address the needs of survival AND create a healthy society then we must value men and women equally. Among the most important positive benefits of this is that it greatly contributes towards healthy family relationships.

The problem we have right now is that our society still largely behaves like a survival-based society, that treats men as more disposable and less important than women, while overlooking that we don't need to behave this way since our survival is not at stake, not by a long shot. A technological society such as ours which is living in peaceful times, is rich in resources, and has healthy population numbers, has no good reason for putting women above men. A society such as ours, which strives to be civilized, MUST treat men and women equally. If we don't then our claims of equality and civility become nothing more than a facade, and we become as animals, willfully engaging in antiquated behaviours for the sole purpose of indulging our outdated sense of chivalry and white knight instincts.