Monday, December 31, 2012

The End Of Men? Hardly

You sometimes hear about the decline of men and the rise of women. There was even a book written recently entitled The End of Men: And the Rise of Women, by Hanna Rosin. I haven't read it so I won't comment on it. But regardless, there are sobering statistics out there showing that men, at least in this part of the world, are in social, economic, and even physical decline. Sometimes these statistics are brought up, by women usually, with almost a sort of triumphant glee: "Woohoo, men are on the decline. Women are on the rise. Go Girl Power!"

This decline is certainly a problem which must be addressed, for the benefit of both sexes. As Warren Farrell frequently says, when one sex wins both sexes lose. Women cannot progress past men in an unlimited way, and men can't keep declining in an unlimited way, without serious problems resulting for both sexes. It is ideological stupidity to ignore the decline of either sex since both sexes are interconnected in a myriad of ways.

I do find it somewhat amusing how some will suggest that women will overtake men in social and economic standing in a new world setting, with the further implication that men will become irrelevant. Anyone who can look past this ideological chest beating will realize quite plainly that men are an integral part of society, and are in fact the builders of society. Call me sexist if you want but if you look around who do you see on construction sites? Who are the technological innovators? Who fixes your car when it breaks down? Who fixes your leaky plumbing? Who collects your garbage and recycling? Who does repairs on the electrical grid when there is a power failure? Who does almost all the dirty and dangerous jobs that modern society needs to keep functioning? Now, to be fair, women certainly are capable of doing these things, but in a proportional sense very few do. You can try refuting me by citing examples where women do these jobs and try dominating the discussion with those few exceptions and hence try to prove me wrong that way, but the fact remains that it is almost always men who do the dirty, dangerous, and physically demanding jobs.

And let's not forget the role men play in the "prestigious" white collar roles. They comprise most of the roles as lawmakers, bosses, managers, engineers, etc. In the hard sciences you have mostly men.

For women to truly blow past men they would have to start occupying these roles in much greater numbers. But I don't think they will, given that the door has been open for decades now and women still choose not to do certain jobs, en masse. Warren Farrell has said that women would have to be paid much more than men to do certain jobs, like trash collector, which would mean higher taxes for everyone.

But for the sake of argument, let's say women will overtake men and men will truly become less relevant. But we still need society to keep functioning. The dirty, dangerous, physically difficult jobs still need to be done, and they will have to be done almost entirely by men. In this case only one scenario is possible:

Men will build and maintain the cities that women will rule the world in.

Yes, that sounds about right. Men will just willingly relegate themselves to working in the shadows, behind the scenes, running the much needed machinery of society, while women take the spotlight as the superior gender. Yes, I'm sure that some men will probably be okay with that. White Knights are not a rare breed, after all. But you can't count on all men to do that. Many will refuse to play the role of a (traditional) provider and protector, but with lower status. It is delusion to think otherwise. This quest that modern feminists have to gain superiority over men can only happen with the support of other men.

So I think now you see my reluctance to accept the notion held by some that women will overtake men and men will become irrelevant. If that ever happens, society as we know it would cease to function.

Let's look at this more closely. In order to carry out their misandrist agendas, radical feminists need the help of men to provide the "muscle". To undermine, trample, and gain ultimate superiority over men, these women need the help of men. You have to admit, there's a huge irony there, and it cannot possibly work since a man who assists in this endeavor would have to be so incredibly self-defeating, and so incredibly blinded by his white knight impulses. Simply put, you cannot count on sufficient numbers of men to carry this out, for no species will willingly take actions that result in self-annihilation. Radical feminists can huff and puff and threaten dissenting men with the force of the law, but when the force of the law comes mostly from men then the fascist feminist agenda can only go so far.

It is only the state, run by mostly men, that has protected women so far and has pushed the pro-female agenda forward. Yes, you can have only women in top positions and they can become the sole lawmakers and decision makers but if you go down the power hierarchy you will eventually encounter men and they will have to be willing to play along, at the expense of other men. Seriously, how long do you think half the population can be turned against itself without some sort of backlash? It just will not happen. The end of men and the rise of women is impossible, because it would also mean the end of women. What we have at the moment is merely the tantalizing hint (to some), backed by statistics, that men are on the way down and women are on the way up. But this will eventually hurt women. It just hasn't happened yet. Bubbles take time to burst. When women insist on marrying up while also getting more degrees than men you will eventually run out of road, so to speak. But that's just one example, off the top of my head. Read books by Warren Farrell if you want more examples.

Any woman who has been taught to never need a man should learn to fix her own car, build her own house, do her own repairs, clean her own snow, take away her own garbage, help repair broken roads, help repair broken buildings, and just help keep society running in general. It's an impossible and unrealistic scenario to imagine. Heck, even men need men. So get over it! You need us, and we need you!

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Anonymous said...

Warren Farrell mentioned that writers have to earn their bread and butter. Books which criticise women or put them in a negative light hardly sell, even though they are often well written and well thought out. Women feel good about themselves when they read negative things about men, and it is women who tend to buy relationship type books. So don't expect to see a book about the 'rise of men and the end of women' very soon.