Tuesday, December 11, 2012

More On Warren Farrell

One good aspect of the protest against Warren Farrell's talk at the University of Toronto is that it will help guys feel more vindicated about how anti-male this city is. This is not your typical city when it comes to male-female relations. There is definitely something uniquely sinister about how men are collectively viewed by MANY in this city. The angry shrieking venom spitting women in the protest are like a big fat thermometer for how this city views men's issues. The protesters are extremist yes, but the fact is that such a vile protest to Warren Farrell speaking has ONLY happened in Toronto in all his 35-40 years of speaking. The only other protest he experienced at one of his talks had four people in it. The Toronto protest had about 100 people in it. No doubt some of them also participated in the massive tear down campaign of postings notifying people of his speaking event.

He was also scheduled to speak in other nearby local cities like London and Guelph, but those were apparently canceled for lack of interest. However, there were protests being organized for those talks as well, probably near in size to that in Toronto.

As expected, there has been minimal coverage of this in the mainstream media. The closest mainstream news outlet that has talked about this is the Toronto Sun:


It figures that only a conservative leaning news outlet would dare talk about this, as more liberal news outlets are too deeply mired in political correctness to dare shed light on men's issues.

The protest at U of T was captured on video. See for yourself what sheer hate and ignorance masquerading as enlightenment looks like.

And now watch a video of the actual talk that Warren gave, and note the HUGE discrepancy between what the protesters were accusing Warren of standing for and what he actually stands for, based on his talk (and everything else he's ever spoken of, which none of the protesters seemed to give a damn about).

I read somewhere that the protesters want the YouTube video removed. I hope they don't succeed, as the vilification and character assassination of the protesters is entirely self-inflicted, and even more importantly, it is pure video evidence of what men's rights are up against in this city. The protesters are just a representation of that. The poster of the video should post this video in as many places as he can.

I've said it before. Most Toronto women are not radical feminists (such as in the protest), but most Toronto women have been influenced by radical feminism. This means that in most Toronto females, especially the attractive ones, you will see varying degrees of man-hatred, entitlement, and the deep personal conviction that they are completely correct to be this way. This last part is most dangerous since it is the sticking point which prevents all other change. No man should try to tough this out. It's better to not waste time and look elsewhere, but ALSO speak out about the problems here.


pinetree said...

Thank you for writing about this. I was at the protest and Warren Farrall's talk. It was worse than what the video shows. In a way the protest was the best thing that could have happened as world wide attention has been generated. At a Voice For Men website a campagin has been started to out some radical feminists who were displaying hostility on the video. This protest is mobilizing men positive groups into action. 2013 should prove an interesting year.

Anonymous said...

I found this on Warren's blog and it is good to see him being feisty for a change. A great watch!


Natureboy said...

I've read a lot of Mr. Farrell and I don't believe him to be a misogynist at all and I don't understand the perspective of these radical feminist protesters saying that he or anyone who is engaging in this important discussion about men's health and gender equality condone rape. He could easily take an aggressive pro-male view but he is simply stating facts that can be directly linked to current social phenomena as it relates to gender equality.

These protesters are so ass-backwards with their vitreol and anti-male agenda they should take a step back and see how great women have it today. Women have the ability to do anything they want in today's society and can do it all without a man if they so choose. It's unfortunate that all the progress made by women in the last 40 years is being set back by these ignorant man-haters.

Anonymous said...

"It's better to not waste time and look elsewhere"

best advice ever, get the fuck out of Toronto.

pinetree said...

Guys remember your money is very much needed especially now -- by CAFE -who sponsored and hosted the Warren Farrell event -- and A Voice For Men -- who are actively involved in a anti feminist campaign at the UFT. Send in how ever litle or as much as you can. It means a lot --

pinetree said...

Guys, check out this anti male hate post -- of the Warren Farrell talk. Please send in some comments to them.


The German said...


I have read now the book of Warren Farell, called "The Myth of Male power" and it is very good indeed. He does an amazing work in showing the injustice against men, which is quite disturbing. I can understand men, who separate themself from society and refuse to accomplish anything what they do not want.
After a bit of searching i found, that we have also a forum here in germany, which shows some of the twisted laws in favor of women and disfavor of men.

However, i have a tiny bit to criticize.
In two parts of this book, he mentions "The (New) Warriors Weekend", page 11 and 360.
Look here.


On the same site are some testimonals. Here are two out of four.



As you may see by these decriptions, this new warriors weekend can be very harmful to participators especially when they are psychological unstable and employs techniques of the human potential movement (hotseat, poor sleep, diet, the famous disclaimer, sensory deprivation, playing on guilt etc.). The goal is to "transform" the person, which you can translate into breaking a person psychologically.
The main problem is, that the participants do not know, that they are going into a hardcore emotional setting, which pressures them to the breakdown.
There are alot of other organisations, who do the same thing under other disguises. Its called LGAT.
Landmark Education, Lifespring, Insight Seminars, etc.
The Mankind project operates under the disguise of "getting back the male identity".

On the other side, Warren Farell does not mention the mankind project, but mentions "men retreats" p.11.
Iam sure that there are some men retreats, which are ethical and do not try to break you down.

However, he should have written a warning, that some groups are quite dangerous to the unstable individual. The thread on the rick ross site mentions a suicide of a young participant after the weekend.