Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Reader Submission: Thoroughly confused by women in this town

Reading the recent posts by the guy from Germany has prompted this. Like many men in Toronto, I have been thoroughly confused by women in this town. I was a bit of an outsider most of my life, having grown up in an alcoholic household. I spent a lot of time in therapy to get over this impediment. Lack of success with women has always been a huge focus of my life. Like many, I jumped into PUA fast and hard. I am lucky that as a cheapskate I didn't spend any money on it, just downloaded it all for free: Mystery, David D, Major Mark, RSD, David Wygant, Zan, etc, etc. Now years later after learning and trying lots of this stuff, my success with women is the same. I can get a new woman to sleep with 3-4 times per year.

For years now I have been making eye contact with women in public and they never maintain eye contact for more than a second. I am an average looking person, but thought that perhaps I was really unattractive. I now don't think this at all. Women in toronto are pretty much asexual. On dates, they sit there and wait for you to magically stir up emotions in them, like they have no influence in this whatsoever.

Like Germany, I have approached women in public often, gotten lots of numbers, and it almost always goes nowhere. At the moment there are at least 4 women I am keeping on life support with occasional texts or calls, but they are doing fucking nothing to show any interest in me. So why the hell would I continue to contact them? A few reasons and none of them are good: 1)  I think to be a "cool guy" I have to have many women on the go. This is basically using women to bolster my self esteem - a losing proposition for sure. 2) I really want to get laid, and will put up with their complete lack of interest to get my penis wet and warm- fail #2.

The PUA industry begins with 2 lies:

1)learning to pick up women will be the best thing in your life. Most guys attracted to PUA have had challenges, so think that once this is "handled" (a David D phrase that is used ad nauseum) your life will be whole or some such nonsense. I learned a bunch of that crap, do not much better with women, yet my life is pretty good.

2) If you do what they say, you will get lots of women interested in you. Learning PUA has done little for me in regards to women. I went to a speed dating thing recently, and was being high energy and super social, yet I got no matches. I was doing what the dating coaches say, yet it got no results. I can meet women in public and get their numbers with ease, but they rarely call back.

As Germany says, rather than running around with a hard-on and shoving it into women's faces, it's better to look for ones that give off some sort of spark. I still feel the urge to chat up every good looking woman near me, but now assess whether she may actually give a shit.

There are lots of things to do with life. I am going to do other things and stop giving a shit about women here, as it's a complete waste of time and energy and it makes me feel crappy to get such bad results. The system is broken. Fuck the system. I'm done with it.

I have travelled to 45 countries and there is no mythical land. The guys on this blog who think moving elsewhere is the answer need to do their homework. I speak fluent Spanish and can go anywhere in Latin America and fit in like a local, and it's still hard to get laid. If you are good looking you can get laid anywhere. If you aren't it's pretty much the same anywhere. 25 years ago you could go to Japan or Cuba and get laid just for being white. Those days are long over. People go everywhere now, so you are not such a hot commodity.

What I am left with is that I still feel like women aren't interested in me much. If I feel this way, perhaps the women pick up on this. It's a vicious cycle. The obvious answer is to change this idea in my mind, but if you think this is easy you understand nothing of the human mind. I have studied this for 20 years. It's fucking hard to change how the mind is set up in childhood.

Being angry and bitter about women has not worked for me. I'm going to try working harder at letting this go, than I did at learning to pick up women.

Wish me luck.


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Reader Submission From Germany Part 3

Part 2

Let's go on with some more persuasive statements.

ST: "Ok, I get it. You do not like dating coaches and think our service is not of use and heavily overpaid. But we have glowing reviews!"

I scratched that sort of thing in my last article and will quickly sum it up.

Most of the reviews are kind of vague, although positive. They however do not show or hint on any concrete results. Guys essentially pay a lot of money, to get the good feeling, that they are finally getting concrete results, without actually doing so. It's a scam, who does not give you more, than maybe a good feeling and some short term motivation, which can furthermore addict you to coachings, to get your motivations level up again, when it finally drops.

Now, there are very few reviews, which actually show concrete results.

They could be self written, by the coach, to scam people into believing, that his method works and I bet, some are.

But let's assume, those reviews are correct. Those are real students, who have achieved results. One question is, how accurate they are, because males tend to exaggerate numbers and beauty. They also reinterpret situations sometimes.

For example a male says he has sex, but only had a hot makeout.

Well, so the coaching really helps people to get sex? No. It mostly does not.

I could give you now many points, which are crucial to sexual success and are, of course, not mentioned in the reviews.

Let's sum it up like this. A success review, written by a brad pitt type of guy, who also did 20+ approaches nearly everyday for the last month and is a very social experienced fellow, does NOT give any credibility to the method.

Any decent looking, social experienced guy can get laid, if he works very hard and motivated for it.

ST: "Okay. But this brad pitt like guy, lost his girlfriend 3 month/years ago and only had sporadically sex, although he approached. After my glorious coaching, he had much more sex in a shorter amount of time."

Yes. Its important for the coach to be able to motivate people. He makes his students feel good/motivated and than tells them to approach a fucking lot of women.

And let me tell you. It is EASY to motivate people, by pumping them up a bit (pushing comfort zones or stories of successes), and then tell them, to go out and approach women in this pumped up state. They will get good reactions, which further pumps them up more.

I know that, because I also did it to some guys in the little lair, I was active. For no money, because it is EASY and not hard to do. And the results were sometimes better, than usual.

The decent looking ones, with more social experience (only a very few of them are into PU, because they lost their girlfriend or want to lay more. They move on pretty quick. The douches, however, turn into coaches.), normally got numbers and sometimes dates. And in rare cases sex, which equals results.

The big amount of inexperienced guys, got some flaky numbers, but not more. It was a big success for them, because they never got so much numbers in one day and they felt very good afterwards. But these are not results. It's only feeling good. And it's short term.

Our Brad pitt guy, already had sporadic sex, although he was not motivated. Now he is motivated, approaches a lot more, does all the work. Of course, he gets more pussy.

Does he use the coach's material? Maybe a little bit of it, but he does not need too. He has already social experience and probably has his own stuff to tell.

The value of the coaches burns down, to giving motivation and encouraging students to approach a lot. It's EASY to do, everyone can do that and you should charge exactly nothing for it.

ST: "You said yourself, that there is some material, which is useful. I use only that important material, so I am a good coach!"

Then why do you charge so much money for the little bag of useful, basic directions? You can convey them all in 30 minutes, up to an hour.

Chances are high, that you take some useful stuff, which can be explained in 2 minutes, and stretch that over 30 minutes with ideology, motivation speech and filler material. That would be the sophisticated way to go.

Let's do math. I assume, that you can stretch 1 minute of useful advise into 15 minutes. So 60 x 15 = 900. 900/60 = 15 hours.

So you have 15 hours of material, which bases on the useful advises. More than enough for a weekend bootcamp. You eventually want to shrink it down.

And do not forget the big time infield, which is actually more easier for you, because your students approach. You jump in from time to time and give some advises, based on the PU theory and your experiences.

It's often highly uncertain, if the advise would change anything, when you would replay the same situation with your student, using the advise, again.

You sometimes have to approach sets yourself, to demonstrate your "skill". When you are one of the better coaches (still horrible though) you will not have a big problem with that. You are socially experienced and well groomed. Of course, you will get rejected sometimes, but it's a numbers game anyways. After some misses, you will find a girl, which does not outright reject you. So you make her laugh and your students think, you have "skills".


You give a lot of money.

A coach gives you short term motivation, which in very rare cases results in sex. If it does, it was mostly you and the motivation is a small part, which only lets you approach more.

A coach maybe gives you some decent information, but also adds always a lot of filler material and poison ideology, which places women on a pedestal and incorporates the "man has to do all the work" - thought. Not worth it.

A coach gives you advises infield. When you are inexperienced and do an obvious mistake (like never holding eye contact, no smile), he will of course correct it. But it's no secret knowledge. You will find it in the internet, just be careful where you look and do not fall for filler material or ideology.

You can ask your friends, your father/grandfather/uncle or on this blog. No need to pay 1000 euros.

Other advises, such as "Why did you not tell a joke? She was bored and therefore rejected you. Be funnier." are highly uncertain (many possible reasons, for rejection to happen) and are full of bad ideology (putting women on pedestal, man does all the work).

A coach tries to upsell you his shit, trying to play on your fears like good ol' mystery, david d and most of the others are doing.

You may get addicted to the good feeling or the personality of the coach, if he appears to be especially sincere and nice. So you possibly spend even more money on useless crap.

You get even more addicted to women's attention and/or sex, willing to do even more for it. If you cannot get it, you get depressed and feel lost. Coaching time again, back to the drug dealer.

Do not go to coaches...EVER! Think critical, especially when you have motivation problems approaching women. And always remember, that every man with some spare cash can have sex with a hot prostitute. If you do not have the money, jerk off to free porn on the internet.

Greetings from germany

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Reader Submission From Germany Part 2

Hello! It's me, the german again.

As you may have noticed in my last article, I do not like Dating/PUA coaches.

Quick summary why:

1. They charge large amounts of money directly or try to upsell you into expensive seminars, coaching, whatever.

2. They exploit the addiction of men to sex/females and try to make money out of it.

3. They teach males questionable tricks, techniques and behaviour to be more successful with women. It boils down to "men have to do nearly all the work in the dating game, by learning this stuff and applying it". The more experienced guys and naturals have to also do all the work, but take the material from themselves, which is better anyways. This mindset is toxic because it makes the man responsible for his actions and the woman's inactions. So he is always to blame. It may also lead to even more women turning more passive, because they can get away with it due to most males addiction to sex/women.

4. Seeing it from the perspective of equality (woman and man both engage actively in courtship) nearly all the PU material, which coaches draw from, is useless. The concept of going out and approaching girls is good for social beginners to make some first experiences. But it also becomes kind of senseless, when you notice, that the numbers are stacked against you. Most people will stop completely or only approach marginally, when the woman is giving away obvious signals.
But even if you are willing to accept, that men have to do all the work, then you have the problem to validate, if it's really the material giving you success, or just you, being in a good pushy mood plus the women making it easy for you.

Now let's try something new and let's debunk common pro-coaching statements.

1. ST: I will show you, how to get better with women, by teaching you a unique technique/system, which will make you better with women.

Unique? It's probably copied, repacked and remarketed under another name. And even if it's not, which I highly doubt, look above at 4. for the rest.

2. ST: Techniques are soooo yesterday. They falsify your personality. You have to be yourself! I will just show you how to behave accordingly in daygame and I promise you, you will bath in pussy! I will show you how to approach women EVERYWHERE, ANYTIME!

A more sophisticated and indeed better one. But still horrible.

"Techniques are bad and falsify the personality. Also, you should be yourself, when dealing with women."

Yes, you got it bro. Let's move on.

So daygame mass approaching everywhere, anytime. That sounds like law of averages or numbers game. It comes down to being an approach machine. If you do 20+ or even 15+ women everyday with ongoing motivation (EVERYFUCKINGWHERE! ALWAYS! NO EXCUSES BITCH!) and most importantly with direct approaches, you can filter out the women, who look good and are interested in you. That is of course no indicator, that they are willing to do their part of the share.
But if you do not require that and are a social, constantly motivated, well groomed guy, who has alot of time, you will get laid.

To be honest, if I would ever again engage myself in chasing women, that would be the method, I go for. However, I would do it only as long as it needs to take, till I get a good girlfriend out of it.

Okay, enough sugar for now. Now let's get the mud. You can partially apply that mud on nightgame also.

- Motivation is the most important factor. You have to be constantly motivated for the interested 11th chick, even if you get ignored or laughed at by the first 10 girls. You have to constantly push yourself, to meet your daily limit, because it is a numbers game. You have to constantly push yourself to approach that chick in the train and still be motivated for the 10 more to go, if she shoots you down and everyone is looking at you.

- You have to be persistent. That means you have to go out in the field at best every day, if you want to have a supply of numbers, dates and at best, girls. No excuses. Do not let your approach ratio drop. But honestly, if you have this problem, then you are not motivated anyway.

- You need a constant fucking lot of time to achieve constant sex or even dates.

For people with a normal 8-10 hour/day job, it is impossible to achieve this. Here is the solution. Go into the coaching business. Charge a lot of money for showing this method and talking about how to behave in daygame. Motivational speeches are very important also.

Work on a good website and bootcamp program and when this is set up, be sure to throw in some gimmicks like an article, some opening line or a video, every now and then. Promotion and stuff is needed either.

The rest of the month is free! You can go out and have all day to approach chicks or learn some interesting rhetoric tricks. No time pressure, so you can relax. You will gain experience way faster, and eventually become really good. So even more time to idle and ask yourself, why only a few students have concrete results at hand, but others are confusing feeling pumped up and motivated for a short amount of time with results.

- Motivation problems. You will encounter them. 100 percent. Sooner or later. They are one of the  main reasons, people run to coaches. They need their fix. Like the Cocaine addict his cocaine.

Be not one of them. Better be pretty fucking honest with yourself.

Now it is true, that coaches can pump up your motivation again and keep you going. The world is sunshine again and you feel fresh! But only short term. Now if you are lucky, you will get laid with one or more chicks through that motivation high. Hurray. Sex for 1000 euros.

But then let's say the chick vanishes after 2-3 months. What now?

Your motivation is probably down and you can't get it up. Coaching time again.

I met guys, who were motivated for weeks after a coaching. Only to return after the next downfall set in. Some coaches even have coaching flatlines. It's a vicious circle.

Do not go into it, or if you are. BREAK OUT. Read this and the other blogs of john. That will help you see things how they are.

So. Be honest. Is the sex or attention you get, worth the work you do? Really ask yourself.

How to daygame

You need some social skills to start with and you should have some basic directions of daygame.

What? Never been on the street before and no social experience with girls? Also no self confidence, so sarging alone is out of option. Well, before you hit the button, which will transfer 1000 € to the bank account of some coach, let me tell you whats up.

First, you need confidence.

Option 1

Get a wingman from the local PUA lair and let him introduce you to the world of street approaching. Hope he is not a douche. Chances are, that he will try to push theory into your head. Unfortunately, many PUAs especially in the lairs, are completely confused by the sheer amount of material, which is available and therefore babble bullshit. Too many Opportunists. I will later on quickly summarize what you need.

Option 2

Do not touch pickup or girls yet. First get a social life, by pursuing some hobbies. If you do not have any, then take the courage and just sign up for a karate course. Or Art? Maybe a foreign language? You can drop it later if you want. Point is, to get to know some people and maybe make some friends.

Option 3

Better than option 1. Get a friend involved and ask him to go out with you on the streets. Maybe that friend of yours is naturally good with girls and can assist or help you even. If he is not, it does not matter. You just need some company to approach those dangerous beasts!

So. You are ready to go out. You are well groomed? If not take care of that. Ask a preferable female person, what clothes and haircut would look good on you. Or watch the people on the streets for some inspiration. Or just ask the saleswoman of the next shop or your barber.

I hope you read, what i wrote above. Not so much the sugar coated stuff, but the mud coated. That is the stuff, they normally do not tell you (for real, it's not a hook. It would be a bad hook anyways, because its negative).

Here is what you need:

1. There is no definitive technique on making a girl stop on the street and recognize you. Just keep three things in your head. Try to hold eye contact with her, have a loud clear voice (do not scream...), and smile (very important). Approach chicks, who walk slow and are not in a hurry. Maybe a park? Or look in different kind of shops. I liked book stores most.

2. Oh mah gawd. What to say?!

Easy. Relax. Smile. Just say "Hi" and tell her, that you just saw her and think she looks beautiful. If she reacts positive with a smile and a thank you, introduce yourself, shake her hand and ask her, what she is doing at the moment. From here on you talk with her. On your own. No techniques or shit like that.

Just relax and try to enjoy it. If it does not work out, do not worry, do not blame yourself and just move on. With time and practice, your certainty will rise.

If you have the balls to approach groups, introduce yourself and tell them, that you think your target is cute. Ask, if you can kidnap (haha!) her real short. If yes, nice. If no, move on. Do not forget the smile.

3. She laughed at me and her friends were mean!!!

Yeah, I told you, that can happen. It's emotionally very stressful. So where is the motivation now?

Anyways, move on. Next chick.

4. Approach chicks, who walk slow and are not in a hurry. When they are smiling without reason, approach them. You can approach women who phone, or listen to music. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

Approach women in bookstores, when they are browsing through books. Try it out.

5. Do not forget to have fun with your buddy! :-)

6. After 2-3 months of constant experience, go out alone. Now you need real self confidence. You cannot have your buddy with you all the time.

7. Experiment, but she always should know fairly soon, that you are romantically interested in her. So no completely indirect shit. If she says, she has a friend or is not interested, move on. Persistence is a stupid filler concept, coined to sell more shit.

8. Use your critical mind. Do not go to coaches, even if someone wants to convince you. Look for your own way. You are for example automatically funny, when you are relaxed with a girl and have some social experience. They cannot teach you experience.

9. We go out and I push you into sets. I also explain what you have done wrong in my opinion, saying stuff like "Hold more eye contact." or "Hold her hand longer, to convey more sexual interest". or "be more relaxed and funny." I smile a lot, I am energetic, appear sincere and motivate you! Then you give me 1000 €.

Part 2 in progress. If you know more coaching endorsing statements, please post them in the comment section.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Reader Submission From Germany


I am german and in my early twenties.

I was an outsider at high school, although I had some friends there. I had nearly no experiences with girls at high school, because I was very shy and insecure.

After high school I had a time gap of roughly 3 months, waiting for my civil duty to start. That was the time when I stumbled about PU. I had some friends, from the days of school and some from my hobby karate, but no girls. I was 19 years old. Therefore I thought of the concept as amazing. Just go up and talk to women. It sounded so "manly".

So I did it. The first three months were a thrill and an adrenalin kick. It was like a drugride and I did daygame nearly everyday with at the beginning one wingman and later some more too. I approached at the average 7 girls a day. It helped my social skills and my confidence a lot, although the results were non existent. Sure, I got a lot of numbers and some rare dates. But they did not lead to  anything. I dated/instant dated 2-3 german girls and a girl from new zealand as an instant date in the first three months.

To sum it up and keep it short. The mistakes I did at that time were mainly not grooming myself as good as today, so I looked nerdy and I also was shy and quite insecure when it came to body contact, but that's hardly a mistake. To sum it more up, I was not able to keep her entertained all the time. The dates flopped all the time, but I kept on going, driven by mainly two factors.

1. The Attention of women.
2. The praise of the little lair, me and my wingman created, for approaching like the "man with balls of steel".

Roughly 9 months later, I went out on the average 2-3 times a week and approached 4-5 girls. 9 months full of phone numbers and the same ratio of dates or even less. I had often problems with my state, not being as energetic as I had to be.

I slowly began to ask myself, why I am doing all this stuff. Sure it's nice to get the (often short) attention of some women and the guys think I am cool, but the drug wasn't as strong as in the early days. But being the logical thinker I am, I was still a virgin, although one year into PU, I even never had kissed a girl, although I dated some hot girls from time to time. So why taking all the emotional stress and pressure, which sometimes evolved into anger? I had/have a good time jerking off to porn and when the need to have sex becomes a pressure, I could have always visited a prostitute. And prostitutes are not even ugly. Many of them are very hot and have to treat you good, because of the competition. But I kept going. The possibilities above were not "manly" and equal to "giving up".

Then I approached a hot woman in the city at a summer day. She was from eastern europe, on holidays here in my part of germany. We spoke for one minute, because she had to hurry, so we set a date for the late afternoon. I was there and so was she. And here comes the big difference. She did her part. We had a wonderful conversation and than made out in the evening at a bench somewhere. After that, she went back to her hotel and I back to my home, but we had already set a date for the next day.

The next day, she felt very guilty about making out with me, but we still spent the day and made out again in the evening. Her companionship was very nice and pleasant. A big difference to the enormous amount of german influenced girls, I talked to throughout the year. Sadly, she had to fly back this very day, but she asked for my email and we met again.

Slowly it dawned on me, that it was not my mistake, if the women does not feel entertained. By slowly, I mean roughly 1.5 years. In that time I had a number of makeouts, maybe 7 or 8 and some dates. No sex, but a blowjob and another time a breastjob in a photobooth. It could have been more, but I rejected girls, I personally found unattractive for one night stands. However in that time, I gradually began to question pu, found this blog and got fed up with the process of approaching.

Here is an example.

I recently had a date with a girl, I met in the train. She hold eye contact with me, which only happened a handful of times before. Girls normally do not hold or even *gasp* make *gasp* eye contact here in germany. Never. So back in the days, when I was out in the city, I found out, that you have a good chance with girls, who look a millisecond in your eyes and then DOWN. If they rarely look up again, in your eyes for another millisecond, you will even have a very good chance. But, if they look either to the right or to the left, without putting their eyes down, I was kicked out of the set mostly immediately. But I do not want to discuss strategies here...By the way that makes 200 dollars/euros!

So the beginning with her was very good. The eye contact was hot and in fact she looked attractive. We set a date and she even smsed me 2 hours before, so I do not forget. But when I arrived and we got talking a bit, I found out, that she had not so much to talk about. Back when I started PU, I would have had a problem to keep her entertained. Now I can do that. So I did. It was hitting on my nerves. I even made 2-3 intentional pauses to see, if I am maybe wrong (please, let me be wrong!). Nope. All what came from her was an "uummm....". That was awkward, so I started talking about my stuff. Now do not get me wrong. She was not super silent. She talked, but it was like a 20/80 ratio at the beginning, than 30/70 in the middle and after that 35/65 at the end. And I introduced most of the themes. She also had quite a distant vibe. Well, I hugged her out of the blue and stuff like that, but I thought a kiss would have been the wrong decision. After the date, I was busy with my final exams for the semester so I had to ignore her. I also wrote her a sms two weeks later. She answered and we smsed a short time. 3 Weeks later after the exam I smsed her again. She did not answer. I did not care. She wasn't such a pleasant companion anyways. So what did I learn from this. Next time, less talk and try to go for the kiss, even if she has a strange vibe.



Okay, here is the conclusion.

Let's start with Pickup.

If you are the type of manipulative alpha salesman pusher (yeah, I do not get along with such people long term.), who looks always the best and has a great ambition to fuck any good looking, but most likely shallow character, then pickup is something for you in the long run. You nevertheless need much free time to approach women, handle your big social circle and read up on manipulation techniques. But I can promise you, that you will get laid fairly regularly with hot girls. Only that you have to do most of the work, being a great story teller, entertaining groups and shit like that. If you dare to question, why you put so much time and effort into hot girls and your cool "friends" and, as a consequence, decide to back up long term, not giving them the time of the day nearly every day, you will get fucked. So, you do not want to be the cool guy anymore, constantly wooing girls and impressing your cool male friends and playing constantly cool word games with them? If you change your behaviour accordingly, for a short term, the damage you have done may not be so harsh and can be repaired, by giving a party, being cool again. If you change your behaviour for a longer term, you will lose the girls, because you are not wooing them anymore. Your cool male friends will fuck you verbally, when you do not want to counterattack every cool and fun word game anymore. So you lose status and they will leave too or in some cases not treat you with respect anymore.

But you will not change your behaviour, because you are addicted to social prestige and sex with hot girls. Other people say, you are living a free players life and you are cool and alpha and the man of the hour. In reality you are living in a prison, created by your addictions. You have to obey the strict social rules or the prestige and the sex are gone.


That case above is of course extreme. There are many more shades in reality. You have to decide where you want to settle.


Do you want to be more of a cool guy with the benefits of social prestige, many friends and hot girls? That's fine. Just be aware, that you have to work for it in many ways. There is less room for free will. You have to obey today's rules of society on how to be the cool guy. You will have it easier, when you are kind of cool and only want to be cooler, because chances are, you have figured out some of today's society's rules and have no problem playing by them. But if you are now a very "uncool" guy. With "uncool" male friends and no girls, then you will have a hard time. Pick up is one way to go.

But do not listen to crappy gurus/coaches, no matter how big or small they are. They want to sell shit. Don't pay. If you have motivation problems than FUCKING DO NOT PAY A LOT OF MONEY FOR A STUPID BOOT CAMP TO HAVE SOME BLOKE STANDING BEHIND YOU AND DRILLING YOU LIKE A STUPID IDIOT FROM THE FUCKIN ARMY. Sorry. The dating industry in germany is growing. I do not approve. Some coaches may even appear very nice and sincere, but:

1. They charge large amounts of money or they try to get you involved with them using cheap introductory meetings trying to upsell you into more expensive coach sessions or seminars, in a direct or indirect way, by showing how much hot pussy they get with only a few simple rules and very few (hahaha funny.) work. The last version is more sophisticated.

2. They charge money. They basically exploit the addiction of males for sex and make money out of this. That's like working as a PR Manager for the cigarette industry. They only make it worse, but in a more subtle way.

3. They weaken males as a gender. Think about it. They teach you all the tricks and techniques and behaviour to "move your dating life to the next level". Isn't that awesome? Nope. They basically tell you to do all the work when it comes to women and give you some material to pass that awkward time...although it's much easier to pass that time, by telling stuff out of your life. Nevertheless the main point is, that you have to work more. By applying such a mindset at courting, some more women will feel justified, to let the man do most of the work.

4. Some material will be useful for the credibility, the big rest is just filler, with often bad, not practical information. Without fillers, they would run out of business pretty fast. It's pretty hard to sell stuff, which can be summarized at a few pages.

A very common big filler is the resistance/bitch shield/persistence bullshit. Let's say I am a coach and I need content to sell. Let's at first look at the scenarios which can occur, when a guy approaches a woman.


- She rejects him outright

What can I sell here. "How to overcome rejection!"

Yeye sounds okayish. Maybe I can fill out an ebook with that. Let me see. A guy has to look good. Okay. First chapter "Look like the alpha male!" HAHA! I tell them, to ask other women (sister, salesperson at shop) for styling. Oh well. Some credibility wouldn't be bad. Oh look what I found at the internetz after 0.1 seconds of google search!

"As you guys probably know, an alpha male has to look his best, to attract a quality woman in life. I see myself as an au...err..artistic alpha and in fact I spent a lot of time (0.1 secs) to get into the amazing and fascinating concept of color harmony teachings. That incredible, yet simple system allows you, to look awesome and in unity with yourself, so you will feel the glances of the hot ladies beaming at yourself yadda yadda yadda!"

HAHA I ARE GENIUS! Now let's talk about the different stereotypes women are attracted to.

"Now it's a truth, that the world of hollywood and the several alpha characters, such as james bond are the secret dream men of women all over the world. I tell you now yadayadayada."


Okay. I think you guys got my point. It's just too much. You can argue now, that there are really guys, who do not know, what to wear. And this is true, I was one of them. But all you need is available for free at the internet, styling forums etc. Or you indeed ask a friend, your sister, a saleswomen. Boom done. You do not need books about how to look alpha.

Let's continue.


Hello! Mr. coach is back! So I made now my first chapter, filled in some made up examples and just wrote some shit! Wow. 10 pages. From nothing. HAHA, let's go on. What does he also need? If he appears social, some women will be more receptive. Social means talking to people. So let's look what communication scientists and other PUAs wrote on meeting people, water that down, fill in some made up example AND HERE WE GO!


- The guy does not get rejected, but she does not engage in conversation and only answers one sided. Best solution: Move on.

Well! She obviously does not want to meet that guy. But she does not say so and thus he is insecure! I smell that money!

"Do not worry bro. She is not rejecting you, she only wants you to be the men of her dreams. She is insecure, if you are now her superman or not. So you have to man up, and take her by her hand, so to speak. What you are experiencing, is the typical bitch shield resistance! I tell you how to successfully overcome the bitch shield! Book my seminars for 3000 dollars or you will never see the right path! I am totally not playing on your biggest fear bro."

As you can see, this sort of coaching is a dirty business. But you can make a lot of money.


Be a critical thinker, do it your own way. The only thing you should get from PU, is reading up on openers. That's it. And she should know fairly soon, that you have sexual interest in her. What to talk about? Just the normal stuff you would talk about with new male friends. If she does not like that, move on.

The ebook of the author of this blog is giving some good advises on this subject. It costs exactly nothing. And it's no hook for anything else, because there isn't anything else. Of course, you can try out routines, if you really do not know what to say. They never worked for me.


Now let's get on with women.

I personally do not approach women out of the blue anymore. However, I look if they make it easy for me. I am watching for obvious eye contacts. If that happens, the girl looks hot and I feel like it, I make a move. It is rare, but it happens from time to time. If she doesn't let you do all the work and has stuff to tell, can make you laugh and is a very enjoyable company...Congratulations! Make her your girlfriend. I only experienced that two times in my life.

If she lets you do all or most of the work and has nothing to tell, then get away from her. Alternatively, if you have the nerves for shit like that and the social skills to entertain her all the time, try to push the direction asap to makeouts and sex. If that fails, get away from her.

Final Note: If you really have a strong urge to have sex with a hot girl, but no one is available, go to a prostitute or jerk off to porn. Problem solved.

Okay, that's all. I hope you enjoyed it and took some use for yourself. I also hope that you can understand my english.

Greetings from germany

Monday, November 19, 2012

Tell Your Story

I added a link at the top, below the header, in which I encourage guys to share their stories related to dating and meeting women in Toronto, or anywhere else. If you have a relevant story, or stories, then I invite you to share them. I will then post them on my blog. Have a look at the link for more details about this.

Warren Farrell Protest

There's been a lot of buzz surrounding the protests at Warren Farrell's recent talk about men's issues at the University of Toronto. As expected, rabid feminists and their sympathizers came out to protest. Here's a bunch of links discussing this.

And here's a video of his talk at the University of Toronto: