Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Warren Farrell

Warren Farrell is a long standing champion of men's rights. He is a very credible person to listen to. One big reason for this is simply because he rose out of academia, but with some very non-mainstream views with regards to men and women. Unlike someone who was always on the fringe and who, by their very nature, opposes mainstream thought (and is often biased against it as a result), Warren Farrell rose out of mainstream academia, and came to oppose the prevailing mainstream feminist thought that dominates academia using nothing more than the strict academic principles of objectivity and logical reasoning.

I'm providing two links, in PDF format, in which Warren Farrell talks in depth about the pitffalls of feminism and the cherry picking and distortion of facts that feminists commonly use to promote pro-female, and male-bashing attitudes. It's a good read. They were taken from his website: http://www.warrenfarrell.com

The Myth of Male Power: Why Men Are the Disposable Sex (Part One)

The Myth of Male Power: Why Men Are the Disposable Sex (Part Two)

It's a good idea to save these files on to your computer in case they ever get taken down or access is restricted.

Here are two videos in which Warren is a guest on Donahue:


Anonymous said...

I first came across 'Why Men are the way they are' in the early 90s. For the first time I felt understood. Unfortunately, as he says, women are not usually introspective so expecting a woman to 'get it' probably won't happen. I fully recommend this book. It's hillarious too.

Anonymous said...

The interview is a great read. I always felt the inequality between men and womean and usually can't say anything without being labelled a mysogynist or sexist. Really puts things in perspective.

Gloria Alred - unbelievable but I know she makes her money on her reputation of being a women's advocate and not a defender of equal rights. Would love to see her and Farrell go head to head on Bill Maher's show.

Anonymous said...

Another great Warren Farrell interview - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyx_V8O7-Dw

As he says, when you go to top restaurants you see the prettiest women being paid for by men, who are compensating for their inferiority.

pinetree said...

Warren Farrell giving a talk this fri Nov 16 at the UFt -- u need to buy tickets.

pinetree said...

Violent femi protest at Awrren Farrell talk at UFT.--




John said...

Here's the first link:


John said...

Anytime you bring attention to men's issues there are those who will label that as misogyny. Weaker minds would fall for that of course, but Warren Farrel is hardly inflammatory and does a great job of just stating the facts without spewing ideological one-sided gibberish which is what feminists typically do when arguing their point of view.