Thursday, October 4, 2012

Not Much More To Talk About

I covered a lot on this blog and I really don't have much more to add to it. If I feel inspired I will certainly write more, but that is becoming less and less frequent. I don't want to be a blogger who always finds a way to put a new spin on a previous topic, thereby always creating new content. I would much rather keep things new and fresh and touch on subjects again only where necessary. And ultimately it seems that almost everything has been discussed on this and my other blogs, as well as by all the comments, which are a great contribution which I really appreciate. Thank you for them!

There's very few in the way of loose ends to deal with subject-wise, but here is one that does come up in the comments from time to time, and that is on the matter of what guys can do to deal with the problems they are having with women in the area. Some suggest to just leave the city. Others suggest to travel more. Others lean towards going to prostitutes, if nothing else just to take the edge off the desperation and help put things in perspective. I personally think all three are worthy of consideration. If this city makes you miserable then by all means move out, but only once you're sure it's the city that's the problem and not something you can fix yourself. Travel is certainly good, and if I had the means I would travel constantly, which would help on so many levels, as well as taking care of the woman problem. And if you can't travel then do the next best thing and meet foreign women that recently moved here. You can sign up for a language exchange program which is probably one of the easiest ways to meet foreign women. Or just figure out where in the city to hang out so you can meet them.

Lastly, prostitutes are also a good option. In a city where it is comparatively much easier to make money than get a girlfriend, prostitutes make a lot of sense. But don't go looking for love from these women, as was stated in one comment. Just go in with the mindset of seeking sexual satisfaction from attractive women who just happen to be very accessible, for the right price.

If you want to meet women the natural way through real life interactions you better have a thick skin. It will wear on you and piss you off. I would learn to be as efficient as possible, and trust your instincts. If 200 women show no initial interest in you then just move on. The one that is interested and wants to show it will make it very easy for you to spot, even if the previous 200 women ignored you. There's no need to second guess yourself because very large numbers of rejections by females is commonplace in this city.

One other loose end to wrap up is related to a post I wrote way back called Relationship, Inc. I recently updated that post to include a discussion about marriage. I didn't bother making a separate post for it, since both fit well together. Here's the post: Relationship, Inc.

Lastly, I've been working on a new blog. It's a satirical blog with heavy exaggeration and plenty of sarcasm. In this blog I pretend I'm the perfect man and create a fictional account of what it is like to be a perfect man who meets women in the city. It's a different and perhaps more entertaining way to communicate the social problems that I talk about on this blog. Here it is:


pinetree said...

This is one of the most accurate and informative blogs on TO I have come accross. Many thanks for it -- there is still a lot more to be said though. Things are just beginning to heat up.

Anonymous said...

the perfect man blog is genius. I haven't laughed this hard in a while. I am surprised I haven't lost my ability to laugh or even smile after being surrounded by cold toronto bitches for so long.

John said...

Did anyone see this video of a woman freaking out on the GO train because a man supposedly kicked her?

Listen to the man hating vitriol coming from this woman. Very few of the comments even come close to addressing this. Yes, misandry, it's everywhere, it's common, and it's not acknowledged. Classic elephant in the room.

Anonymous said...

Its so sad to admit that that woman is experiencing what all toronto women daydream about on a regular basis: to loudly and violently air their unending hatred towards the male gender.

Two points I want to make:

1) that woman is just like any other toronto woman: angry, spiteful, hateful, irritable, paranoid, hysterical, unhappy, misandrist, rude, using shaming language against all men in general, screaming like a little girl whose toy was taken away. Clear evidence of a privileged princess with a very easy life who has been brainwashed by our modern men-hating media into thinking she is a victim.

2) to the author of this wonderful blog: do not shut it down. this is a much needed portal on the internet, please.

John said...

Most people are heavily critical of that woman, just not of her misandry. That part is accepted it seems.

Don't worry, I will not shut down this blog. I even made PDFs of my blogs which you can download from the top right of the page, so people can have a permanent copy of the blogs on their computer.

Anonymous said...

If you need material, I suggest you invite your readers to share their experiences, stories, opinions, and others will comment on it. I remember once you posted an article by a reader and it started quite an interesting discussion.

Another suggestion is for you to post literature written on misandry and let your readers comment on it. For example, I recommend the article "The Misandry Bubble"

PS. I love your blog !

Anonymous said...

Yes, this blog is necessary to Toronto men. Somebody has to write the truth – please keep it going. We'll be linking to it and continuing the discussions in the comment sections and elsewhere.

The Perfect Man blog is great!

Anonymous said...

Move to Mississauga, much better then Toronto.

Anonymous said...

^^ very true. A lot of European girls and immigrant girls there. Very pretty and nowhere near as picky at toronto girls. There seems to be more even ratios of girls to guys in clubs there

Anonymous said...

When you say 'European' girls, don't include women from UK, particularly those from London. Women in london have turned into 'mutants' with iphones, dark glasses and wires hanging from their ears. A mutant likes neither man nor woman - but likes the friendship of gay men or other women.

Anonymous said...

So London women are just like Toronto women, then.

Anonymous said...

Possibly worse, I don't know. but the culture in UK, but mainly around london is not to talk to anyone you don't know. I think most big cities are the same. I've never had a so called girlfriend and have spent my teens - late 40s never being able to go near a woman much. The only exception is South America, where it is much easier. I'm by no means ugly and I'm well presented. Personally I think it's a miracle men can even touch a woman nowdays - even if he pays.