Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Thoughts On Unattractive Women

If I wanted to have as much sex as possible without paying for it I would have to include unattractive women into the mix. This is not surprising to any local man who has tried to get laid with a variety of different women. The dry spells are too frequent and there's just too much effort involved to consistently get attractive women into bed. The truth is that you often have to lower your standards to get sexual release. But the problem with that is that right after you get the release you want to get as far away as possible from the woman. You were not really attracted to her to begin with but because she passed the female requirement you went for it, and now that you got your sexual release you can't help but feel somewhat turned off by her appearance. So you opt for a quick exit. It's not really your fault, or hers, you just needed someone to take the edge off, and she helped you do that.

I've been with several borderline women, never particularly nasty, but always at least somewhat do-able, at least at that particular time when I was desperate. It can be an eye-opening experience in the introspection sense. Years ago I came to realize that I no longer want to be with a woman that I want to get away from after fucking ONCE. So I made a rule for myself. I have to still be sexually interested in her right after sex, otherwise she is just not attractive enough for me. In fact, I would much rather be with a considerably older woman who is still pretty and with a nice body, than with a fat young woman with a pretty face. Probably some of you feel the same way.

If I have a sexual opportunity with a woman and I envision myself making a break for the exit after fucking her, then I won't do it. I guess it's morally the right thing to do, since I avoid "using" her. But at the same time I know that the one night stand isn't as damaging to women as we have been led to believe. In fact, if you put aside all the token morality you find that women are perfectly able to enjoy a brief fling despite all the posturing that they are not that kind of girl and that there are feelings involved yadda yadda. It's all just a facade to protect their reputations and selfish pride. That's the only place where feelings are involved.

I'll only stay with a woman long term if I want to stick around after having sex. And for this to happen she needs to be attractive enough for me. If she has a nice body but an ugly face that won't work for me. If she has a nice face but is too overweight that won't work for me either. I realize that this is better than the worst case in which the woman is grossly overweight with an ugly face, but standards are standards, and the only reason such a woman wants me to begin with is because I'm physically more attractive than her. I've talked about this before, but women typically always shoot for men more attractive than they are, and that sweet unattractive girl is most certainly only sweet to you because you are above her league, and if you were in her league (or below it) she would likely blow you off just like all those attractive girls that men typically desire. You know which girls I'm talking about, the ones with nice bodies and nice faces. Those women are on average the biggest bitches. Less attractive women may be nicer but probably only because that is forced on them. They simply cannot get away with being snotty and stuck up based on how they look. So they opt for plan B, which is, be nice and treat people well because you have no choice. Of course, there are genuinely nice women who don't base their attitude on their looks (or lack thereof), but it just seems to me that all local young and attractive women act like A-list celebrities with a diva complex. The temptation to be a stuck up bitch must just be irresistible if you're an attractive young woman.

The leads me to the conclusion that if you want to be with a woman for the longer term she must at least be near your own level of physical attractiveness, if nothing else to avoid those types that only go for those guys that are way above their league. Sure, such a woman might treat you real well, but only because she scored such an incredible catch, which she most certainly is not. And to me that does not sit right. So it's better to get into a relationship with a woman that is near your own level of physical attractiveness, which makes it more likely that she has reasonable standards based on her own level of attractiveness, and is therefore more likely to have other positive traits as well.


Anonymous said...

Yep, always avoid women with bad attitudes no matter how hot they are.

I think that to be considered hot, you must always be hot on the inside.

Random question, but what do you think about SimplePickup? There kind of funny, but they seem to be putting in too much effort for my tastes.

Anonymous said...

>>I think that to be considered hot, you must always be hot on the inside<<

that's funny, I thought you needed to show lots of money and/or have some level of fame.

Daniel Craig, as James Bond is considered to be a sex symbol and called 'handsome' by his bond girl. Apparently women swoon over him.

Only a few years back he was a laughing stock for his looks and didn't even know how to play poker, which is a major skill needed to act in a Bond movie.

I guess his status as a sex symbol will rise and fall directly in proportion to his association with James Bond. Just as Christopher did with superman.

The lastest fantasy material for women is a masochistic psycho - who cough cough...just happens to be a billionaire. I'm not sure what connection being a billionaire is supposed to have to sexual prowess.

Anonymous said...

>>but women typically always shoot for men more attractive than they are<<

I'm not convinced being attractive is enough for most women - at least western women. Warren Farrell once stated 'good looking women want more than good looking men'. While a woman might want an attractive man, it is only in addition to the money or fame.

Anonymous said...

It's a simple question of power. Physically attractive women know they have ALL the power and 99.9% of them will abuse it. The uglies and fatties don't have the power, so they're forced to develop their personalities and manners accordingly. Now they have feminism to use as a blunt force trauma weapon – take a quick look at your local Take Back the Night / Slut Walk and you'll catch my drift.

Did you ever notice that most of the women that have well-rounded intellectual and social interests are physically unattractive? It must take an extraordinary effort to be attractive - most "hot" women never seem to get beyond the most superficial understanding of life, because beauty and attraction is what they deal in.

The hottest women know they hold all the cards. They can barter for money, power, and everything else with the fleeting promise of what's between their legs. We all know that every vagina is more or less the same, but biology is almost impossible to ignore. Society lets beautiful women get away with murder – if you're born beautiful, you have a golden ticket to life's riches.

And yes, all of the hot, smart, sane ones are taken.

Anonymous said...

Basically the answer is clear.
1. Women who are "better" looking treat you like scum.
2. Reason is that there are more eligible good looking men the good looking women.
3. Answer = move to a place with more hot women than hot men.
4. =leave toronto and likely North America.
5. Women in countries like Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico and the arab world, asia routinely date uglier, older, richer men and are loyal to them. This concept is non existent in Canada and America. A woman would not date a man in Toronto who was uglier unless he was a whipped spineless beta.

John Williams said...

Most of this is so true. The moment most females find that they are physically attract, it is the moment they are going to start using it- demand and supply at play again. Time and time again, it seems like beauty equals bitchiness. It is interesting that you say Toronto girls, because I find them quite disgusting too-feel as if they are so entitled.

John Williams said...

I find this to be so true. Time and time again, it appears that beauty equals bitchiness. I find that most attractive females have a sense of entitlement.Toronto women especially are good examples of this, and they act so bitchy , narcisstic and superficial