Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Online Dating Sucks

Online dating sucks but out of all the sucky methods there exist for meeting women (including daytime venues and clubs) this one has the highest chance of getting results, as mediocre as they may be.

However, looking back over the last 2-3 years, I am finding that the vast majority of women I can connect with from the internet are somewhat unattractive. Connecting with attractive women it seems, is becoming increasingly rare. Attractive women, even borderline attractive it seems, have set their sights on the very best men available online, and the only gauge for "best" online is looks, so it stands that even barely attractive women are pining only for the very best looking men online. They have completely internalized what the media tells them, directly or indirectly, about the kind of man that is best for the average woman. The media basically tells them that only an above average man is suitable for the average woman.

I also strongly suspect that women are looking for an archetype male, one who fits a certain mold as portrayed in the media, such as artsy type, bad boy type, GQ type, surfing type, pea coat wearing type, rapper type, model pretty boy type etc. These women want to portray a certain image as manufactured by the media so they seek a male who best does that. When women scan online profiles it's probably not that different from them flipping through the pages of a men's magazine to find the man they like the best. Yes they choose from a variety of men but it's a restricted choice based on what the media tells them they should choose from. It's an elitist pretentious narrow minded selection process.

Women have been inundated and brainwashed with the media definition of the "perfect man" and they seek this out the way they seek out the best product on store shelves, never minding what they themselves bring to the table in return. Being average or even somewhat above average is no longer sufficient for the average woman. This is proven most directly in the online personals.  The online personals has become a way for the average woman to seek out an above average man, not as a way to meet someone they like and can have fun with, but someone who meets their ridiculously high standards. The online personals has, strictly speaking, become a platform for women seeking perfection, a behaviour which is enforced by the sheer number of men who reach out and pander to women online (and offline). Yes, you can get women from the personals but it is most likely with women who are below your league, looks wise and status wise. These women will most certainly not be as good looking as you, which can lead you to criticize me for being shallow, but realize that it is the women who are choosing the better looking men en masse. At one time there used to be a trade off: The man has more money and/or more social status, and she has more in the way of looks. But now women want a man with more social status, more money, and looks at least as good as their own, and since women have an inflated sense of their own attractiveness then in reality the man will also have to be better looking to meet or exceed their own perceived sense of attractiveness. Women have thus become 100% hypergamous. The man must be greater than them in ALL regards, and no trade off is possible.

For the single man who has no peer group from which to meet women, I can no longer recommend the online personals as even a somewhat viable source of dating success. There was a time when it used to be better but that is no longer the case. I now only recommend it as a type of lottery where you can occasionally get lucky with a woman, and even less occasionally with an attractive woman. However, it still beats trying to meet women in clubs or daytime venues, but only because those avenues are themselves so incredibly shitty to begin with providing even less chance of meeting someone. But this does not change the fact that online dating sucks and any alternative which would naturally allow you to consistently meet women without them screening you for perfection or them being overly guarded and suspicious of you is the alternative you must go for. Finding that alternative is the key and to me that alternative can only come from meeting foreign women in whatever way possible (either overseas or local women who recently moved here). Simply put, they must be cut from a different cloth, or you are almost always wasting your time.

In the online personals, all you can do is put the best pictures of yourself and try different profiles, rude to nice or something in between, and maybe the contrast in profiles will get a woman to message you out of intrigue if nothing else. You can write a profile that says you just want sex or a profile that says you just want friends (and see what happens), or a profile with something in between. It's still a crap shoot but you can tilt the odds more to your favor by trying out different extremes.

You can send them a wink or a smile (such as on lavalife) in order to get them to notice you, but they need to message you first, especially if they are attractive. If they message you first they are much more likely to look for reasons that they made the "right choice" and things are more likely to go the distance, but if you message them first they are more likely to look for reasons that you are just like every other guy who messages them, and things likely won't go the distance. This is female vanity at work, nothing more.

Some might argue that waiting for women to message first is counterproductive because if women also did that then no one would meet! Now I will admit that as a general statement this is true BUT here's the crux: The overwhelming majority of women do very little of the initiating and men take up the slack as a result. Being just another man who messages women first and takes most of the initiative feeds into a corrupt system and the only way to break the system is to stop doing this. Since there is no balance to begin with it makes no sense to view things from a traditionally balanced perspective. The only balance possible is to take away men's participation as much as possible and force the women into a more active role. And once they do then men can once again start taking more initiative, and balance then becomes feasible. But getting women to send the first message is only the first step. They need to be more proactive in general about meeting men (online and offline) and taking the social risks that go with it. But this won't happen unless men collectively start doing LESS.

So until women start acting more as equals and less like children in the dating arena, a different hand must be played. And I am discussing one way to play that hand.

With the way things are right now, I have found that the only way to get anything worthwhile and genuine is by screening for casual meetings with no strings sex as your main desire. You can either say this directly in your profile, or you can say it in a nicer way in which you state you don't want anything serious and just want to have fun, which by the way is what women put when they want to communicate that they want no strings sex. But even with these women it can still be very difficult to get with them because often times they still want the very best looking men, but at least it's just sex they want which is one thing, which pretty much all guys can deliver, but the boyfriend (i.e. prince) must be many things, which almost always screens you out.

It's the women who look for boyfriends and something "genuine" and "real" that must be avoided completely. By using these terms these women are actually referring to dating, dinner, waiting for sex, and whatever other relationship stipulations this society tells women they deserve and as such should demand from a mate.

It might seem like I'm taking an overly extreme position by screening for 100% sex. But Toronto women force you to take extremes. For example, if you said you were looking for something between a casual and serious relationship, the women will try to push you towards the serious relationship end of the spectrum (along with all the bullshit that goes with that). So if you give them even the possibility of an opening they will try to take it, hence the reason why I have to take the extreme position that I do.

However, if by chance she is nice enough then more can develop, and it will be much more REAL. But I never start off with the possibility of "more" because it always invites the scheming types. By the strangest of ironies, screening for sex is the best filter for finding women with which you can have a healthy genuine relationship with, and that is a cold hard fact. Even more counterintuitive is that if you screen for sex you also have to mention that you will be seeing other women, because if you don't you'll get women who also want sex but who want you all to themselves, which is not necessarily a big deal BUT it is a symptom of a controlling jealous personality, which will still lead you down misery lane. So you have to be militant, lay it all out there and as a result strip away any means a woman can use to corral or control or place restrictions on your behaviour. Toronto women force you to be this way. If you try to be a nice guy and play nice you invite the bitches and end up wasting lots of time.

Now, you will get very few women showing interest in you if you do it this way, but when they do they are almost a sure thing. Why go on a bunch of dates using a "safe" profile and have them go nowhere? Better to be militant and only go for those few who are ready and willing. Now, if you don't mind getting with unattractive girls you can be gentler in your approach and you'll still get them but if you want to get with the more attractive women (the ones who are still single) you definitely need to be militant in the way I describe. The reason is because their personalities range from narcissistic to bored and only a hammer strike can get through, if at all.

But if you want to hook up with a variety of different attractive women on a regular basis, or even just one really hot girl, the elusive kind you can never get, the only sure fire way is with prostitutes. Any other method you try is shit in comparison. At least you will know the price up front, and you don't have to guess at a price while pretending that a price doesn't exist, otherwise that would just "offend" the women. And aside from the time and effort and money spent on the traditional approach, part of the price in the traditional approach is you risking humiliation due to the possibility of her not actually liking you rather than just her resisting you because it's what women of "value" do, and you assuming it's the latter and trying to plow through that.

In this next part I'm basically ranting about the kind of things that women commonly write in their online profiles. These are some of the bullshit things I read over and over and it pisses me off every time I do! This is what they write and my interpretation of it:

I'm not looking for someone who is perfect, just perfect for me

My interpretation:

What's the fucking difference? You still want perfection according to your dumb ass superficial criteria, which changes absolutely nothing!  

Looking for someone who can make me laugh

My interpretation:

You want to be entertained, on top of everything else. Although being able to laugh and have a sense of humor is important, the fact that you feel it must be emphasized probably means you are lacking something in the sense of humor department, or you're just a retard.

You must love dogs

My interpretation:

So what if I don't. What's so important about loving a particular kind of animal. Much better to put that you must love animals in general. Saying that I must love dogs means that I must love YOUR dog. Who am I spending time with, you or your dog?? Dumbass!

Looking for chemistry and romance

My interpretation:

You are a waste of time. You have unrealistic expectations. You are stuck up. You lack introspection. You are selfish about your needs. You only care about how a man can make you feel, and not who he is and meeting him halfway.

Seeking my soul mate

My interpretation:

See above.

I'm a romantic at heart

My interpretation:

See above.

Looking for the one

My interpretation:

See above.

Prove to me you are not like the rest

My interpretation:

Your glass is empty and always needs refilling. You are also probably seeking something that doesn't exist and are likely ignoring what you can give a man in return which will help bring out his unique side, which you so desperately crave. You go on a date, give little in the way of conversation, act bored and uninterested, the guy tries to engage you but unavoidably fails, therefore he is like all the rest. In that sense you are correct, because no man can get blood from a stone.

Seeking someone who will always make me think of him when he's not there 

My interpretation:

More romantic bullshit doomed to failure! The moment you get bored or start thinking of something besides him then he will have failed you. He couldn't keep you obsessed about him so he clearly doesn't have what it takes. Never mind that you are probably a chronic stimulation seeker who gets bored easily.

No picture, no reply. It's only fair. 

My interpretation:

This pisses me off just because it's so incredibly common. It's like women don't know how to ask for a picture in any other way!

Looking for someone who has goals and has his life in order (insert something about financial stability blah blah)

My interpretation:

You want a guy with lots of money and a fancy lifestyle. Everything else you write is filler and padding for this one single thing that you care about.

Do you have what it takes to be chivalrous?

My interpretation:

This just pisses me off on so many levels. She throws this down almost as a challenge, as if the measure of a man is how much he will cater to a woman. Next!

Seeking a gentleman

My interpretation:

This is basically the same thing as the above.

Is chivalry dead?

Yes. And women killed it - Dave Chappelle

Catch me if you can 

My interpretation:

You probably like playing hard to get because it gives you a feeling of power over men, watching them beg and pander and supplicate to get closer to you. You are not even worth trying to meet halfway.

I love good food

My interpretation:

She's a dinner whore. She wants you to take her to a nice restaurant.

I am a mother of amazing kids 

My interpretation:

This seems most common on pof. It's as if you have to put that you have amazing kids otherwise you're a bad mom. The sheer use of the word "amazing" shows serious lack of creativity. One more reason to hit the next button.

Looking to meet a great guy

My interpretation:

Anytime a woman specifies that she wants to meet someone great, super, amazing, etc. she is screening for perfection. You have a snowballs chance in hell of ever meeting her.

Seeking my prince

My interpretation:

More Disney inspired bullshit. Why oh why can't men be like what she sees on movies and television. You know, those scripted Prince Charming types who say and do all the right things.

Looking for something real and genuine

My interpretation:

Looking for someone who courts, goes on dates, waits for sex, and jumps through hoops. Anything else is fake.

Looking for the real deal

My interpretation:

See above.

Looking for someone honest and trustworthy

My interpretation:

See above.

Looking for someone who can keep up

My interpretation:

Pure arrogance. As if you're such hot shit that keeping up with you is an elite achievement. Me thinks you have an overly high opinion of yourself.

Do you have what it takes?

My interpretation:

See above.

If you just want sex look elsewhere. I'm not interested in being a booty call

My interpretation:

You want men to want you for more than just sex. Fair enough. But women like you typically are hypersensitive to this sort of thing so that a man practically needs to be gay (or asexual) to get through your defenses. Also, this suggests a snobbish attitude towards sex in general, and any woman who says this sort of thing is always pricing herself out of the market.

I'm skeptical about online dating

My interpretation:

She is prejudiced against meeting men online, so you will have to overcome that in addition to winning her over. Fuck that!

I'm shy and don't open up right away

My interpretation:

She is a cold fish and you will have nothing to work with if you do manage to meet her. The fact that she's online and telling people she's shy and doesn't open up right away means that she is seriously socially inept to the point that she can't even connect with people she meets in real life.

There's more out there I haven't mentioned. If you read enough profiles you'll notice common things that women write, like the kind I have mentioned. You will learn to avoid the women who write these things. You can basically sum these things up as anything that's overly romantic sounding, idealistic, pretentious, clichéd, hints at a personality disorder, or is just plain ridiculous.

You will find that women that message you first don't write anything like what I mentioned. The only exception might be a foreign woman who recently moved here, who has some idealistic views but does not have the polluted personality that goes with it, as is the case for homegrown women.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant advice. It's painful to abandon generations of ingrained masculine courtesy and courting ritual, but this city has forced our hands. You know things have gone nuclear when we start having serious discussions about:

a) Leaving Toronto (FAIL)
b) Patronizing Prostitutes (FAIL)
c) Staging Sex Strikes (FAIL)

The serious lack of "quality" women is disappointing in a city of this size. Go into a bar or a club, though, and try to have an intelligent conversation with a single woman. The women here are not nearly as intelligent, sophisticated, or sane as they think they are.

The hottest single Toronto women have the looks of a model, the wiles of a whore, and the limitless avarice of an investment banker. Once you lose all respect for Toronto's gold-digging entitlement princesses, your bargaining position improves immeasurably.

Anonymous said...

I've notices something new that Toronto "women" are doing, they are getting lesbian style haircuts with the sides shaved and leaving the top, another fuck you to us Toronto men.

Anonymous said...

Getting with unattractive girls will ultimately end up in failure. Eventually, the girl will either demand exclusivity or she will begin to think she is more attractive than she really is, and dump another brother's ass in pursuit of the Toronto bitch's dream, the elusive wallet of gold at the end of the dick rainbow.

One thing that we haven't discussed yet: reputation. In a stratified shark-pool city like Toronto, bitches guard their reputation like a Sheik guards his hottest woman. Toronto women won't do anything that will lower their reputation, however illusory that façade may be.

Anonymous said...

There's a great article on A Voice for Men describing why women date assholes and the logical, obvious outcome of broken families leading to a broken society:


Gentlemen, we aren't just discussing dating or picking up here: we are fighting for the future. Casual sex or "hooking up" are fine in the short term, but we have to train a new generation of Ladies with planned, consistent, and reinforced behaviour modification.

It's the only way to counter the indoctrination of Women's Studies programs and an openly feminist government and judiciary. Game or PUA tricks prove that women have to be conned into giving it up - obviously, they have been trained to ignore or suppress their natural instincts unless it benefits them directly.

Jack said...

Leaving Toronto is the only feasible option here. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Escort girls are awesome. Beautiful friendly service. Totally worth the money.

John said...

I updated this post. I added some material to the end.

Anonymous said...

All insightful points and absolutely true. Which leads to the conclusion: pay almost no attention to what women write on their dating profiles. Most of it is a pack of lies and projections anyway.

Even the "good" women spout this bullshit to some degree. All of this is somewhat of a moot point because chances are: you are responding to a profile generated by a bot or a scammer from Nigeria, Russia, etc. In this case, men are the flies and fake, hot profiles are the honey.

Toronto women may look gorgeous on the outside, but they are hideous inside. The best way to get what you want from them is to use their profiles as a map of their weaknesses. They are so arrogant that they can't imagine that someone would be on to their hypergamy.

Consider them to be highly-evolved parasites. They'll suck your wallet, your bank account, and your soul dry, while doing their best to sabotage all your relationships with your friends and family. And what is the plus side? You get a short-term penis parking permit if you roll over and beg, a permit that she may share with other men at any time.

Do what is necessary to fuck them over. Because they have certainly fucked you over. Lie, confuse, and ignore them with impunity. Just don't ever, ever feel sorry for them. How can you tell a woman is lying? Her lips are moving.

Women claim they are more caring, more nurturing, and more expressive. Yes, they are excellent liars – they almost believe their own advertising. But just carefully watch them in action: Toronto women are clearly self-serving sociopaths. Feminism is just a convenient excuse when they can't get what they want by older, more traditional means.

You can also find out what Toronto women are really like by listening to them talking about other women. Gossip aside, you'll soon find out that women are not sugar and spice inside – instead, they are pretty poison.

J said...

This cracked me up. As always smart, well written, to the point, effective and most importantly TRUE.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're still writing, caught the lifestyle journey blog when it first started;.

Anonymous said...

Even though I already left Toronto and I am much happier now. Reading this blog is a daily reminder of how bad I had it over there. I love this blog and its author. And I say to you all, the solution is to move away. There is nothing wrong with you. Toronto women are a bunch of spoiled little girls who never grew up, they are trapped in women's bodies but their brains still operate as that of an infant. They all whine and complain like a child when another child takes her toy. Most of them hate their fathers too. It's like the # 1 sport in Toronto for women: hating something.

Hey guys, don't feel like Toronto women have it better than you. They wake up everyday to their feelings of hate and dissatisfaction with themselves and the world around them. They have such high expectations they are doomed to an unfulfilling life of solitude. Just don't let yourself get caught in the hate. It's not good for your health. Do not let them drag you down with them. Just move out of that city. My 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ it's like i wrote that myself. This guy is nailed it, and i'm another Toronto guy leaving forever for TWO main reasons:

1)No jobs/too much competition and rising number of immigrants who add up to the competition for jobs.

2)Toronto women are absolutely unbearable. They are arrogant, airheads living in an illusion that they are actually prettier than what they actually are in reality, i.e a 6 thinks she is a 9.

Also on the rise immigration increased the number of males, and immigrants coming to Canada either come as husband and wife (with or without children) or single guys, which makes competition for jobs AND women even worse, and there by, with regard to women, inflating their egos even higher from constant attention by over abundance of males.

The way i see it, over the last decade or so, men in Toronto have become an accessory, not a necessity of life. Easily disposable and replaceable by women.

In fact this mentality gave birth to a new generation of women whose aim is to exert power over men in any way possible (aside from sex), and in essence, feminism flourishes in Toronto. Sadly no one wants to admit or even discuss such issues due to the extreme political correctness of this city and maybe ALL OF CANADA, however i can not make such generalization regarding all of Canada as i only lived most of my life in this city, but i know i am on point when it comes to Toronto.

Finally, masculinity is diminishing in this city, in fact there are certain places in this city that can make you feel ashamed of being a man. One example that comes to mind is my buddy's reaction as i confidently walked into a strip club. He automatically felt ashamed that he is going into this establishment because he is a man who likes hot naked pussy, and the associated "reputation" or "stares" he might get from people who might know or seen him enter this establishment.
We actually did get dirty looks from MEN AND WOMEN who saw us walking towards the entrance of the strip club.

Personally, i'd rather watch and interact with a bunch of actual 8s and 9s who are walking around naked for money than waste money at a club or bar, damaging my liver in the hopes of finding a woman that can actually hold her end of the conversation or not get dragged away from me by her fat girlfriend.

Oh yah....so many fatties in Toronto, and even worse, they are fat and wear those stretchy black yoga pants.....um we can see the rolls of fat on your ass. Oh i'm saying this because i'm fit as fuck, body build and got a 6 pack, and don't expect the same in a woman, just for her to be in healthy/somewhat fit shape and not call herself a fuckin BBW.

End of rant.

Anonymous said...

I am a male 7--not all that bad looking. It's weird but my odds for securing meetings and getting sex are higher when my picture is not posted. All my online bangs are with low value women too.

Since hot escorts in the Midwest and Toronto charge $250 an hour, it may not be a bad bet for an average looking guy with an average income. As a regular she may charge $100 for a half-hour, and doing this once a week to drain the sack is not a bad deal.

Anonymous said...

1) Attractive
2) Sane
3) Single

Pick two.

An oldie, but a goodie.

Anonymous said...

It's like you were writing about Vancouver. Throw in rampant lesbianism. And the women arent nearly as hot as they think they are.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I've heard that Vancouver may be worse than Toronto, plus the rain. Whereas Montréal women seem eager and willing to give it up, because half of them are probably refugees from the feminist shitholes, Toronto and Vancouver.

Don't forget that Vancouver women are also hairy and gassy from their vegetarian/vegan diets. It's a bad time to be a heterosexual man in urban Canada.

Anonymous said...

Here's an elementary tip:

If you've been on a dating site for a while and you're looking at the same profiles (however visually attractive), start looking for new members.

Those women who seem to be on the site forever are: completely dysfunctional, have unrealistic standards, or are seeing someone already (bots and fakers aside).

No attractive woman in Toronto needs an online dating site – it's just a regular narcissism boost for them.

Anonymous said...

although I love the blog and agree
with the majority of it, i have one
question? what are we doing about this? what is the solution? reading about the problem does not accomplish anything but make me more aggravated.

Anonymous said...

^^ answer to the last comment: leave Toronto. This is the only solution.

In my opinion, nothing, and I mean, absolutely NOTHING you do will fix this problem, as long as you continue living in Toronto.

Anonymous said...

"^^ answer to the last comment: leave Toronto. This is the only solution."

that doesn't seem like a solution now does it? if things are truly as bad as they sound here there must be some other way..

And if leave toronto what's everyone's suggestion? move where?

another country learn another language get a job find a woman get married build a family and hope you
can retire happily?

why don't we all commit suicide while we're at it?

Anonymous said...

No Free Pussy Riot Here: in Toronto, pussy is pay for play. Can you afford the price?

pinetree said...

Leaving TO in hopes to find a woman is not as rosy as it seems -For those stuck here in TO -- the best thing you can do right now is join- A Voice For Men -and start putting up Men Right's poster through out the city - which are found on the site. They are proving to be quite effective in other cities.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the guy that said the best solution is to leave Toronto. But I can totally understand how this is not the only solution or the right one for every man. To each his own I guess.

Anonymous said...

If it makes you guys feel any better, a lot of schmucks with girlfriends on their arms aren't much better off than you are – some of them are worse off. Spending all your free time and energy to satisfy the endless demands of an increasingly shrill and greedy, manipulative harpy is no one's idea of paradise.

Then you have her coven of bitch friends to contend with. They encourage her to dump your (now broke) ass and trade up to a man she "deserves." At every opportunity, they run you down, sometimes to your face. They constantly compare you to celebrities or guys who make more money than you do.

The expensive condo or house you live in doesn't measure up, so now you're in the doghouse, living on sufferance until she comes up with a false rape or domestic violence charge if they are convenient. Any kind of sex you previously enjoyed becomes a carrot to dangle when she wants something more from you. You're Pavlov's dog, but he got more pussy than you're getting.

Women: you can't live with 'em. Now think about the hot women you're encountering on the street, on public transit, in the bars and clubs. How many of them are the opposite of this – the good girls? How many of those are still single? When women have as much power as they do in this city, well, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

In other news, check out the blog Living in the DEAD City at http://livinginthedeadcity.weebly.com/

It's not any cheerier than this brilliant blog, but honesty is better than the propaganda the mainstream media is feeding us.

Anonymous said...

well, i for one feel depressed as hell man, waking up every morning with no sense of hope or escape, i hate this fucking town

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't get too depressed, man. I forgot to add in my previous post that you have got to maintain a sense of perspective. It's when you get desperate that you start doing things that you'll regret later.

Yes, this city is Canada's asshole when it comes to meeting quality women and dating. The simple solutions: go to the strip club and have a good time (don't spend too much money) or take a short vacation in Montreal.

At least strippers and waitresses in strip clubs are honest about what they're doing and it is entirely typical of tight-assed Torontonians that they have to leave town to have REAL fun in Montreal.

In the long term, meet a lot of women and don't bother dating. Branch out and make new friends and spend minimal time on things like online dating. You'll soon realize that "dating" Toronto women is the least productive thing you can do with your spare time.

Here's some good dating advice from Tom Leykis – he takes things to the logical extreme (good for a few laughs): http://youtu.be/wASPTV5itlk

Anonymous said...

You know online dating isn't working for you when you start referring to your site as the "dog pound."

Anonymous said...

Read this excellent article about women's unbelievable level of narcism.


Anonymous said...

That article is right on the money.

Toronto women don't look at your profile or reply to your messages in online dating – in this way, the strip bar is far ahead in terms of opportunities for contact and humility.

A stripper or lapdancer doesn't want ALL of your money – just some of it.

Anonymous said...

that was a great article, i read it and couldn't agree more, as a matter of fact, my very last girlfriend dumped me a few months after she started watching sex and the city (she was not from toronto), i wish you could have seen the transformation, that show had a huge impact on her perception of relationships and men in general, it's like she went from being this cute down-to-earth person, to being this... well... torontonian woman. thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I think you have to do some research before you drop everything and move. I've lived and travelled all over the world. No one place has ever been "amazing". I was in Rio for new years 2000, and it wasn't that great. Of course speaking the language of the country makes all the , but you will come up against cultural and economic barriers that don't exist here.

In places like cuba and thailand, for example, you'll never know if she is into you for your money and promise of a better future for her family. There are many websites dedicated to stories of guys who fell in love with such women and got screwed (in the not fun way).

Anonymous said...

something I'd like to point out, what's up with housing ads that say "roommate wanted - female only" if you go to craigslist or kijiji you will find this all over the place in toronto but not as much in cities like vancouver, hamilton or montreal. Seriously, what the fuck is going on in this city ? The levels of hatred are through the roof and misandry has become politically correct too. If women could have their way, they would execute us all. It's like they do not want us to even exist. I've never felt more unwelcome, unwanted, undesired, than in my own hometown.

Anonymous said...

Lol, that's outrageous, reminds me of some disgusting signs racist people used to keep black people away from certain places, like pubs, "no dogs, no negroes" That was a long time ago but there are tons of records of it. I am sure history will look back at feminists the same way we look back at racists right now.

Anonymous said...

I think there are a lot of factors at work here making this city hell for the average guy. There is the toronto coldness, american culture & mtv, feminism, all those damn pills (so many girls are on birth control nowadays which seems to kill their libido) ect but Toronto is truly the worse I have seen.

I am a young middle eastern guy who traveled and lived in many parts of the world (due to my dad's work). Even with the cultural and language barrier foreign girls WILL make an approach. No matter how small it is (eye contact, smile, a simple hello) they are willing to initiate. This trait is completely lacking in TO women. They are simply not responsive at all.

Honestly, If I had read this blog a couple of years back I would think you guys are crazy.

I found a gf early on in my stay in TO. an eastern european girl (a beauty btw model type blonde hair) who was a FOB (girls here love this rotten term) just as I was. We dated for 2 years before she went back to her country. I realize now how lucky I got. I thought it was normal to date nd have a gf. I understand now how rare it is. All the places we went to (buses, trips, restos ect) I can't recall another couple being there!! And if there was the guy was always with a much uglier girl. I still havent seen a girl and a guy holding hands, cuddling or kissing anywhere. This is not normal.

People were absolutely shocked to see my dating a prettier girl. Guys have this mentality here that they have to date down, that they have "leagues" and hot girls are above them. I find that places like Europe and the middle east you will find the opposite more often: hot girls with ugly guys.

I have a lot of guy friends and out of 20 only 1 is in a relationship (engaged to his highschool sweetheart). Worse, most of them havent been laid in years! despite regularly clubbing, working out and tanning.

The average guy here works A LOT harder than his euro or arab counterpart. Not only do you guys work 9 to 5, you also workout, take care of ur look, dress nicely, have perfect skin...its absurd. I think another problem is the abundance of fit well groomed males here. But that doesnt explain the lack of relationships or the non-existent interactions with females.

Even the model type guy doesnt have a gf. He gets laid...sure, but he is like the weekly gimmick for these girls before they move on to the next guy.

As a single guy now this city is truly unbearable. I literally feel like I have better chances hitting the lotto than having a relationship. Its weird for me to be in such a situation. My family doesnt understand it at all. They must think I am gay lol. I come from a background where relationships are the standard. Anything else is seen as abnormal and you are almost an outcast or a reject. Men seem so resigned here but I dont blame them. This is not even about sex, women here lack the warmth and curiosity. They have so many options yet can't chose any!

Anonymous said...

previous poster: what a great comment dude. This problem is real and it is serious. Women here simply do not care about men. They think a career is more important, a dog, a cat, a feminist rally.

The only man they'd date are millionaires.

Which shows me that women are fucking stupid and shallow. They yell and scream and talk a lot, but at the end of the day, they dig their own graves by dating the very guys that perpetuate the patriarchal status quo.

Not too bright, girls, not too bright.

Anonymous said...

Yes, once again, I think we can see how close-minded and racist Toronto women are in this so-called "diverse" city.

Once they lower their guard, you'll be appalled as these women let their true pig-ignorant, selfish, and shallow selves show. It's not a pretty sight.

The quality of single women in this city is shockingly low. Guys are better off looking for girlfriends with newcomers or out of the city – Toronto women are the worst.

They are lazy, incurious, and dogmatic opportunists: that is, they are hard line feminists when it suits them, and gold-digging whores otherwise. Don't bother looking for eye contact or genuine conversation here.

pinetree said...

U of T Men's awareness Society is hosting - The Invincibility of Male Issue: Men vs the Media, Politicians, Pop Culture -- Speaker is Fred Litwin. ---Thus Sept 27, 2012 at 7pm -- Earth Sciences Centre - Rm B- 149, (22 Russell St).

Anonymous said...

holy cow that is extremely courageous, i hope someone tapes the event just in case feminists show up using insults and violence against men

Anonymous said...

>>Even the model type guy doesnt have a gf. He gets laid...sure, but he is like the weekly gimmick for these girls before they move on to the next guy<<

everything you said about Toronto applies to London UK.

However, I honestly doubt anyone is actually having sex unless the man is paying or is very famous.

Good looks are only wanted by women IN ADDITION to money and/or fame.

Anonymous said...

Friday night at home, by myself, no girl, no prospects, no party invitations, no nothing. I think it's time for me to start thinking about leaving this town, possibly this country altogether. I'm sure thousands of Toronto girls are home right now and they are very happy to be alone without the presence of a man in the house. This is sick and unnatural in so many levels. This is Toronto. Sure I'm making money, but, there's nothing I can do with it here. Buying an expensive car or clothes or any new gismo will not fill this void.

Anonymous said...

I am honestly starting to think I am ugly. Yea that has to be it. Even tho I am in my physical prime and probably the best I will ever look. No girl ever approach me. When I somehow get a number they don't reply. When they do reply they always make excuses and then disappear.

my friends tell me not to get attached, not to show emotions with girls, to play it safe by ignoring the girl!! What kind of world is this ? A man can't even take initiative anymore because its viewed as a sign of desperation. I cant even show that I am eager to date ?!!

Might as well be a robot. Just go to my 9-5 shift then recharge at home. I am sick of this life. I d rather be broke in greece, at least they get laid there.

Anonymous said...

There's an old phrase – "Ladies' Choice."

Toronto is that phrase taken to an extreme. You're going to see this in most Western cities, but Toronto women are particularly old-fashioned, conservative, and opportunistic (i.e., lazy and stupid). Men are doing all the work already, so why do they have to expend any effort?

Guys in other cities are still sometimes getting laid because their ratios of single men to women are not nearly as dire as they are in Hogtown. It's not you. It's the women here and their sick, sadistic, materialistic bitch culture (keep that one in your phrasebook).

pinetree said...

It is time to stop feeling sorry for yourself and time to take action. Join the Men's meet up group -- they are doing monthly talks at UFT with distinguied men rights academics. They even have Dr Warren Farrel lined up for Nov 16, 2012. Join in and help the men's movement get off the ground. It is the only thing you can do now. You will get more quality women if you stand up for men's rights. In fact the Men's Meet up Group is organized by a woman.--


Anonymous said...

<<Friday night at home, by myself, no girl, no prospects, no party invitations, no nothing. I think it's time for me to start thinking about leaving this town, possibly this country altogether<<

I am 50 now and still good looking but I don't know what it is to have a girlfriend. Fortunately I have been to South America and it's better there. you really need to go abroad. there's no other way if you live in Northern Europe or northern USA.

Anonymous said...

Live contact is still better than searching online. You're going to see so many uglies, fatties, and crazies online that it will make you despair for humanity. And these women are STILL getting hundreds more messages and hits than you are. As a result, they become even pickier and start acting more entitled than ever.

And let's not forget the racism. Toronto women are racist – let's just get that out of the way. We live in a so-called diverse, civil society, but right now, that just means people are better at hiding their racism. When it comes down to shooting down a yellow or a brown guy, Toronto women, no matter what their race, are going to put white and black guys first.

It's what the mass media has trained them to do and they have internalized the message. Funny thing – if you ever listen to a group of women talk, you'll realize they are the most stringent and unforgiving enforcers of social norms. They are the homophobic ones, the racist ones, the man-haters and the backstabbing, gossip-mongering, lying, cheating beneficiaries of the status quo.

It's not The Man that is keeping people down, it's women with their artificial, capricious rules and standards. Also, think about who staffs HR departments. That's right – women. The reason you may not have gotten that interview is not because of The Manager, but because some bitch in HR didn't the like the sound of your name.

Anonymous said...

I become increasingly depressed everyday. I need to go either see a psychologist or move away, cause this isn't healthy for my mind, or anyone's mind. I wish I had the courage of the man who commented that he was 50 years old and never had a gf. I take my hat off to you sir.

John said...

^^^ I think seeing a prostitute is the best solution for any man who can't get women. Look at it this way, making money is much easier than getting a girlfriend, BUT with money you can get (temporary) access to an attractive woman which will alleviate much of your distress. All you care about is having ACCESS, and how you get that access should be totally irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Yes, visit a good prostitute if you can do it safely. She'll take care of your needs and you'll lose a bit of the sadness, desperation, and neediness that women find so unattractive. It will also give you some perspective about the kind of raw deal you're getting from non-professional prostitutes. There's no shame in visiting a prostitute when you live in a Cockblock City like Toronto.

The young ladies at the airport strip clubs are willing and able to take care of you. Also, for more information, try reading Paying for It by Chester Brown, a Toronto-based graphic novelist.

Anonymous said...

The other problem men have online is that once they have contacted a woman, there might initially be some interest from her - if you are there first. But once the other 200 replies reach her it's done. I've seen this happen in Craiglist London, where there are 300 men for each woman. And women routinely get 100-200 replies. This compounds the fact that men's sexuality is worthless.

Anonymous said...

I only have one advice for everyone considering prostitutes:


Prostitutes are not the solution to this problem, that's just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I'm very attractive and I don't get any reply’s, even from women who are overweight and/or not very attractive who I thought was good on the inside. Its funny how women on dating site get angry when, what they think is Mr, Perfect does not message them, and say "Where are all the good men", I know where they are, in your trash can you stupid bitch, there are probably 50 of them in their too.

Online Dating for men, Destroys your self esteem, self worth and self confidence. Its made me feel worthless and unattractive. What can you do, to end this?

The dating sites you pay for, are having a lot of trouble keeping paying costumers(EI men), thanks to women being stuck up bitches, if shes on still on there after 3 months and getting 20 messages a day, why is she still there? Simple, boycott online dating. Remember free dating site depend on advertisements for income.

Reject women before they reject you, This gives you power, if enough men do this, maybe women will be forced to change their insides.

Anonymous said...

The city is very toxic. I am living my like a monk right now to save money to get out of here somehow. This situation can make a normal man go insane. At least immigrants are having children because for a normal guy that wants a normal woman to have a family with good luck. It is not even worth it considering the anti-male gov and court system that caters to every whim of women. I guess I'll watch in glee when the society collapses. Western societies have no right to criticize the Arab world and bitch about their culture. Dam hypocrites should look at themselves for a change. I am a European man btw.