Monday, June 4, 2012

Female Bashing Sign

As a counter to Male Bashing Signs I decided to create my own sign that bashes women in the same manner. Turnabout is fair play, after all.

Click on the image for a larger view.


Anonymous said...

She wants to feel a connection to your wallet. She wasn't actually reaching for your junk, it just got in the way.

What's the fastest way to give a Toronto woman an orgasm? Give her a limitless credit card. She'll go from Frigid Fanny to Multi-Orgasmic Mary in about two seconds.

Anonymous said...

What really gets my goat about women in this city is that they treat men worse than animals. That's right, their pets get more respect and attention than men.

Toronto women are sick. They are drunk with power and it has turned them into bullies, sadists, and cheaters. The mainstream media tells them, "You go, girl" and they indulge every selfish urge and conceit with no regard for the consequences.

Men are left paying for the damages. No wonder this site exists. What rational man would stay in a place that spawns monsters such as this?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yes Toronto men are largely betas, but understand woman in this city are so weird. The most alpha white country is Russia, and I can tell you that white russian men are having just as much trouble getting laid here from white women as any toronto born cat.

IMO, the best Toronto men can do, is to
1. play the field of women and stay away from places where men equal or outnumber women or any competition exist(clubs, dance, bar etc.) or at best use them a place of last resort one night stands. I knew some slutty girls who would frequent these places but you better be very good looking or have strong game (the ability to ignore the first 5 minutes of them telling you to fuck off and to entertain a group for 1 hour minimum). If you cannot do this your wasting your time in clubs.
2. Ie. Pretend you turned gay and you will have a decent chance of picking up women as you go to your yoga class, dance class, art paint class, female fashion related interest whatever, lots of these places have women outnumber men in ridiculous ratios like 12 women no men, or 20 women and 1 man, who doesn't even think about women(gay, no game, whatever).
3. Do not waste your time trying to pursue a single woman here, it ain't worth it, if you win her, she will use it as a way to manipulate you. At best she will want a 50-50 relationship. Well too bad, thats not how it works, the man takes all the initiative of the approach and pursuit so he gets to make the decisions, if the woman doesn't like it she can fuck off. And 50-50 to women means she gives up something she didn't care about so she can use it in an argument later against you about how you are not being 50-50.
4. Just go for as many women as possible but don't get oneitis (pronounce one-eye-tiss). In many situations I have been in a class of 18 women in some kind of dance or yoga or whatever, I say nothing in the first class and see who the "popular" ones are (ie ones who have hot friends) but not necessarily hot themself. In just befriending 2-3 average looking girls who I have no intent to bang I get to have introductions to 6-8 other girls at least usually 2 are hot. Also make an effort to be vocal in the class with the instructor. By the 3rd week in often women I don't know are approaching me, as in ones you'd actually WANT to have sex with not buffaloes or zoo animals. Hows that sound. for ya.
4. Any other approach like regular split gender classes, or clubs that are dominated by men so they let in women free while lines of horny men wait around the corner is a waste of time. Why are you going to be approaching women when you can have women approach you with little effort and have your pick of hot women fighting for you.

Anonymous said...

4. Just go for as many women as possible but don't get oneitis (pronounce one-eye-tiss). In many situations I have been in a class of 18 women in some kind of dance or yoga or whatever, I say nothing in the first class and see who the "popular" ones are (ie ones who have hot friends) but not necessarily hot themself. In just befriending 2-3 average looking girls who I have no intent to bang I get to have introductions to 6-8 other girls at least usually 2 are hot. Also make an effort to be vocal in the class with the instructor. By the 3rd week in often women I don't know are approaching me, as in ones you'd actually WANT to have sex with not buffaloes or zoo animals. Hows that sound. for ya.
4. Any other approach like regular split gender classes, or clubs that are dominated by men so they let in women free while lines of horny men wait around the corner is a waste of time. Why are you going to be approaching women when you can have women approach you with little effort and have your pick of hot women fighting for you.
5. This does not take away from the blog poster who is 100% right on every point. My point is women are clearly out of whack in Toronto, so just tip the scales in your favour. You are not dealing with men with vaginas, you are dealing with irrational human beings who are slightly above the mental functioning rate of a child. The real reason why women are so rare in politics is because when you subtract the 1/3rd with mental issues, you just have a bunch of tards who are incapable of serious political discourse. The whole issues men face here are political in nature.
6. I agree with the Blogger that passing shit test don't matter, shit test are only used when she is trying to find reasons not to get with you. But a real alpha would not know or care that he was being tested (watch jersey shore episode where Ronnie says he isn't good in test and that his girlfriend is stupid for trying to test him- and she still is running back to him after he fucks like a billion girls in her face on tv) A real alpha male would have so many woman that he would not particularly care if one was trying to test him or if he failed that test because he'd just get pussy elsewhere. This is why even if you pass a shit test you still lose. No girl who i ever fucked or wanted to fuck me shit test me unless it was after and that was only because they were trying to see if I cared about them, which I did not, and I DID not care that I fial the shit test because I had a gravy train of pussy anyways.
7. Don't waaste your time on girls looking for relationships, just find the sluts the ones who have sexual world views like hippies or men, I fuck who I want whatever.

Anonymous said...

^A REAL ALPHA MAN does not compromise, does not "fake" homosexuality, does not take dance/yoga classes (unless he truly enjoys it) JUST to meet women.

This is a woman's city, literally, and true heterosexual alpha males are the ones who are side benched most of the time as they refuse to put up with current/popular ideas and norms about how a "real man" should behave or be chivalrous.

If you look through a microscope, such "norms" and acceptable behaviors of men were enforced by women in city, believe it or not.

For example, how many times have you overheard two women somewhere talking about what they like/dislike in men or your buddy telling you a story about what his ex girlfriend liked and disliked, and you've adjusted your behavior accordingly?

Any man deviating from the "normal" behavior is looked upon as weird and a loser, while in fact he's a true alpha in the midst of masses of sexual-market-feminism-propaganda-brainwashed betas.

What you just described is a "mainstream" method that pretty much any guy in this city would talk about, to somewhat get around the issue of having trouble meeting women in Toronto clubs/bars, but ultimately you are TRYING to PLEASE these women by showing them you like "yoga" or "dancing" or even worse, you "LIKE" their "average friend" to get to the hot one.

Too much effort, wasted time, and membership fees that Toronto women are absolutely not worth of!

I might be called a pessimist or misogynist (won't argue with you on that!) but i definitely know who i am, what my beliefs are, proud of my awareness of the sickness in this city, never compromising, never backing down and most importantly know my place on the side benches, until i relocate to another continent by the end of this summer.

"where are all the good men?" Toronto women ask.....well, we're expats!

Anonymous said...

brother, please, move away from Toronto, that is the ONLY choice, leave those bitches alone, with the husband they deserve: NONE !.

pinetree said...

Toronto is truly the misandry capital of the world.

Anonymous said...

Toronto women are ugly inside.

Re: game... a little documentary evidence for your Friday reading. Apparently, it takes a city:

Anonymous said...

last night i was hanging out at this nightclub, and there were ONLY girls dancing on the dancefloor, i tried to approach them, and i got turned down by ALL OF THEM, me and my friend just stood back and realized there were approx 30 hot young girls dancing, and about 30 young men watching them dance, and in the end, no one danced together. Everyone formed little circles and stayed in their little groups, but not one of them came together.

I felt like i was in a twilight zone, a place where all the antisocial paranoid boring lame people of the world lived.


Anonymous said...

"This town needs an enema."

Anonymous said...

@June 7, 2012 10:20 AM,

I was suggesting the best a man could do for those who are stuck here. I don't disagree with much of what you said. It is a woman's city, any alpha is slowly negged to death. My point was tip the scale in your favour, don't waste your time in clubs of toronto. Clubs are normally women's field in a normal city, in Toronto, its a place where sex is near impossible, at least you can actually fuck women if you go to yoga. Wouldn't you rather learn yoga and fuck a hot chick than go to a club and go home with nothing.

The fact that so many different men agree, from so many different walsk of life that Toronto is shit is very gratifying in a strange way, before I thought I was mental or just not very good at it, but its not me, its these women in THIS city, the passive aggresive assholes. For any man outside of Toronto reading this, let me put in a way you'll understand. Toronto is like the male equivalent of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. That is a man will have as much fun in Toronto, as the average women will in Jeddah.

Anonymous said...

^ i don't get the "Jeddah" analogy, so excuse me on that one, but yes i do agree that true alphas in this city are at a disadvantage, regardless of their skills, or approaches.

They will keep taking punches and kicks (put downs/negs) till either they give up, and become white knights, conforming to what majority of males in T.O are doing, OR he can endure it, thicken his skin, smarten up and LEAVE.

Therefore, personally, and i'm sure there are few other like myself with this mentality, in which we simply refuse to up with Toronto female BS.

Fuck yoga, fuck clubs, if a woman is gonna meet me half way, in EVERYTHING, conversation, being open, and takes care of her body and mind, but i'd have yet find one who behaves this way.

Also, as a previous member of BS "pua" community for 3 years, i gotta tell ya, pick up is just as useless in Toronto as having a male model body, in all honesty.

It's funny, and not that i'm bragging ONLINE (what's the point?), personally i've been into body building and health for since i was a teenager, as a result of joining "PUA" community, and i get tons of looks not only from women but also from MEN who in their mind think and once few of them told me that "I must be getting laid like crazy", while in fact this is way too far from the truth.

Being good looking or having a great body with six pack and shit is honestly useless in Toronto! but it's my only way, short from starting random fights on the street, to release built up stress and sometimes anger that comes from dealing with Toronto bitches everyday.

So in essence, being good looking in Toronto will 95% of the times work AGAINST YOU.

But i digress....

Anonymous said...

I'd like to add that Toronto women are RACIST. They might not show it to your face, but they're only looking for one skin colour: white.

Anonymous said...


I agree with the racist comment. Toronto is the most shallow racist consumerist city in the world.

You must be 1) rich 2) white, 3) submissive. If you have these 3 features, all the women of Toronto will be all over you. If you're missing ANY of those 3, you need to kill yourself, cos not even God has the power to produce the miracle of a Toronto woman looking at a man with love.

But then again, these women are also the recipients of their own hatred by aging alone in a house full of cats, frustrated, filled with hatred for not having found anyone to enslave during their youths.

I'm thinking of opening a pet shop that sells cats and call it "The Lonely Misandrist". In Toronto that's a lock !

Anonymous said...

the lonely misandrist pet shop for women only hahahahahahaha good one

Anonymous said...

>>Being good looking or having a great body with six pack and shit is honestly useless>>

Men either forget or don't know - "Good looking women want more than good looking men" - Warren Farrell

Anonymous said...

">>Being good looking or having a great body with six pack and shit is honestly useless>>

Men either forget or don't know - "Good looking women want more than good looking men" - Warren Farrell"

I'm glad you didn't actually say that women look for "personality and character" because i would've vomited on my screen....

Women (especially in Toronto) are superficial as fuck. Their main concern is finding a guy who is very good looking PRIMARILY. Why? well MAINLY because they want to impress their "girlfriends", and out of many secondary reasons, these women are extremely influenced by what media tells them what is "handsome" and what is not, specifically movies and magazine.

On the other hand, if you're average or even below average looking, but make 100K+ a year and drive a high end car, you've basically struck gold with Toronto and can have your pick!

THAT'S reality, not Warren Farrell media brainwashing bullshit.

A final note on "racism" by women in Toronto, i'm not quite sure about that. However i do notice consistently that asian guys are for some reason at a huge disadvantage at bars and clubs.

Anonymous said...

"Now I ain't saying she a gold digger, but she ain't messin' with no broke..." Oh wait, she IS a gold digger. Never mind, then.

Marcel said...

sorry guys but i'm from europe and over there we have a lot of social problems but this is not one of them. The vast majority of women do not care about money when they decide whether to be with a man or not. A woman like that is considered a prostitute. You live in a city where it's ok for women to behave like prostitutes, that is, men have to work hard and give her riches or else she will dump you. That is the definition of a whore, she is not a lifetime companion. It is not a relationship of love and mutual support. Sorry for you guys, but you should travel a little and see just how bad you have it here.

Anonymous said...

the truest (and funniest) of those rules is # 3. The richer you are, the more interest the girl will show in you during the date. Isn't this just a modern and sophisticated form of prostitution ?

pinetree said...

There is a new media picture at the corner of John st and King st - north east corner --above the building --of a female about to clobber a man with a bat.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to use what you said sir next time Toronto women give me attitude.

Anonymous said...

I saw that sign! Fuckin disgusting! Well the only white women I've had sex with are from small town Ontario or my city of Mississauga, never one directly from Toronto. I love my Canadian girls except from Toronto.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha fuckin brilliant! And Toronto women are so thick in the head that even when they turn 80 they still think they have a chance with a handsome rich dude until the the police find them dead of old age alone with their cats eating at their eyeballs.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely true! No black, brown or Asian dudes for them. I'm a brown guy and they look at us in disgust! I try smiling at Toronto girls but they give me this "Eww don't look at me you fuckin Paki!" look.

Anonymous said...

Toronto women know exactly how miserable Toronto men are and they like it that way. Make no mistake – they are consciously collaborating to keep the price of pussy sky high.

Anonymous said...

>>Women (especially in Toronto) are superficial as fuck. Their main concern is finding a guy who is very good looking<<

No, their main concern is finding a wallet and a success object. If you want women who actually like men then you need to look out of northern America and northern Europe.

Hernanday said...

Jeddah is the capital of Saudi Arabia, and it is a real shitty place for a woman to live. Ie. woman cannot leave her house without a man, but the men are free to go bang all the lebanese hookers they want. Men can have 5 wives, and a woman caught cheating gets beheaded

Toronto is the opposite, men have no chance of getting easy pussy unless its fat or ugly. It is the exact opposite of a muslim radical society aimed at destroying men instead of shitting on women.

Reading your comments make me laugh. The idea of a Toronto woman meeting you half way is so ridiculous, I donèt know whether to laugh because it such a ridiculous expectation here, as the girls rarely meet you half way, in fact they often engage in actively trying to not meet you half way and dump all the work on you.

The only kind of girls who do what you describe (take care of themselves) are either foreign or ugly, every hot girl I ever met here doesnèt exercise, they just eat a celery diet.

It doesnèt matter how you look in Toronto, the only look that matters is your wallet size.

Hernanday said...

On the issue of racism I do agree that Asian (East Asian aka Chinese and South Asian aka Indian) are at a huge disadvantage. Whereas like a Vietnamese might not be as disadvantage but still disadvantaged.

But I don't see black guys or latino guys struggling with women, just an observation.

I never really knew how money grubbing women were until I graduated from University. I was always the ladies man of the group, when we all graduated from university about 10 years ago, I spent 1 year travelling. When I came back, naturally I had no job, but still a bit of money. I slowly noticed that I was like the pussy repellant of the entire group once a woman was around. That is once the subject came up, I'd notice even ones who were hitting on me sending subtle clues were very distance from me.

Anonymous said...

Jeddah seems like an extreme opposite of our society's feminist driven, girl-power mentality. But if women are hot there and they would allow atheists there (me), i think it would be heaven :D

I've actually had an encounter recently with two guys on vacation here in Toronto from Saudi Arabia at a bar downtown, and man let me tell you, these dudes although short, skinny and not very good looking, but they oozed confidence and not giving a shit attitude when it came to girls. I guess being knee deep in pussy in Saudi Arabia can have that effect on ones behavior....go figure!

They were also big spenders, they bought me and my buddys a round of shots just cause we had a good conversation with them ($7 a shot).

Anyways, they also did mention a thing or two about how weird Toronto women are, but they blamed themselves for their shortcomings.

I had to set them straight, in which in this case, it truly is the women's fault not yours...

In the end, i've always dreamt of an arranged protest by men with the objective of sending a clear message to Toronto women and women everywhere that we will not put up with their bull shit, we will NOT APPROACH ANYMORE, WE WILL NOT PAY FOR DINNERS, WE WILL NOT COMPLIMENT YOU, WE WILL NOT BACK DOWN.....etc, get my drift?

If they can have a "slut-walk" why can we men have an "anti-princess-walk" or a more clever name than that! haha

I'm sure Toronto Police Officers will support and protect such protest!

P.S: I fuckin hate the slut-walk and whoever arranged it, and i believe Constable Michael Sanguinetti is a HERO! i hope he remains safe and protected from these bitches.

pinetree said...

Men are also the problem though -- the supply of pussy begging men is what keeps the demand of vagina high. Until that changes, women will always be in the rule and do as they please. Perhaps a male strike against women campaign called Men Standing up to Women -- can be started. Where a small leaflet is handed out to men going to clubs in the downtown area - say a man strike that will encourage all men to stop going to clubs for one month period.

Anonymous said...

^handing out a leaflet to men telling to to stop going to clubs for a month will result in the general thinking that "if guys are going through with this, clubs will be FILLED with lots of girls and not many men, so it will increase my chance".....

Won't work.

I'd say something as simple sticking posters up on walls, and bus stops for example should do some damage.

Especially with a NONE politically correct message.

pinetree said...

Guys (and girls) -- there is a new media billboard of a woman with a bat about to clobber a man at the north west corner of Peter st and King st. Please send an email to: chris.barrow[at sign] -- and make a complaint. The add is advertizing The Live Score sports network.

Anonymous said...

let's get a new article going, shall we ?

Anonymous said...

This town is ripe for legalized prostitution. The entitlement bitches here have priced themselves out of the market, leaving room for business competition.

Ask yourself – what does a man gain from the current regime? Hundreds to thousands of dollars spent and years of his life living under the threat of divorce, false domestic abuse allegations and character assassination. Ask yourself why women initiate most divorces – because they have the most to gain.

Why marry when it can only be compared to putting a shotgun to your head? Girls complain about all the jerks in this city – those are the men who have figured out Toronto's math. Toronto's cunts have crafted a zero-sum game – Game/PUA guys have decided they will be the winners and women will be the losers, not the other way around.

And yes, that picture of a woman swinging a bat at a man is feminist wish fulfillment. Feminism is hate speech.

Anonymous said...

If prostitution would ever become legal in Toronto, oh man, i can't even begin to comprehend the ripple effect it will have on male/female dynamics.

Right off the top of my head, i'd say that guys will work harder at their jobs, make money, and bang a different HOT girl every night of the week. Not even checking out girls on the street anymore, fatties will either have to start getting extremely fit or get a bunch of cats and dogs. Girls at nightclubs will probably approach guys every now and then...etc

Prostitution will NEVER be legalized in Toronto. Feminism is very influencing in Toronto to let that happen. They know what the outcome will be.

pinetree said...

Brothels are now legal in Ontario. Men from all over are coming to TO now just for the hookers.

Anonymous said...

legal prostitution in Toronto is my dream, just because I wanna see all these cunts experiencing what they put men thru

Anonymous said...

i am feeling horribly depressed, but i will not let these bitches win, i will move abroad before i give up

Anonymous said...

to the author of the blog: please update this blog more frequently, i like it.

Anonymous said...

To the depressed person – leave Toronto and travel, preferably to a non-Western country. You'll quickly find that their women don't have a hate-on for men like they do here in the West.

Skip Japan, though. Japanese women are supposedly some of the least happy in the world, while their men are famously becoming "grass-eaters." Must be the profound cognitive dissonance between their traditional culture and the new, Western-style feminism. That's obviously driving a huge wedge into their personal relationships.

The sooner a decent prostitution trade can be conducted here, the better. It may sound positively Victorian, but gentlemen's establishments are badly needed in this feminist hellhole. Thanks to feminism, TO bitches have a completely unrealistic perception of their own attractiveness.

The rest of us aren't willing to wait for reality to kick in – an old, bitter, desperate bitch is still a bitch. Cue Eric Cartman...

From Mad Men, Season 1
Don Draper: "What do women want?"
Roger: "Who cares?"

pinetree said...

Postering in an incredible effective technique that bring a lot of awarenees and change. To get men right's poster -- google vancouver mra -- go to their site -and download good pdf posters and start posting in the downtown area. Presently putting up posters is occurring in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Hamilton, Ont -- and is giving some impressive results.

Anonymous said...

To the depressed dude, how about you be active about doing something about this problem instead of being depressed?

Am i the only one here actually in the final stages of moving away completely from this feminist plagued city?

I've noticed something about this city recently. Men who are content with living in Toronto are the extreme betas of the world.

They are completely blinded by this fake sugar coating that Torontonians are proud of a.k.a "multiculturalism" and the illusion of any man easily hooking up with any woman due to the vast variety of ethnicities and backgrounds.

Or my personal favorite "statistic" about Toronto having more women that men that majority of men and women in Toronto like to throw in your face....well it is true, however if you get on any bus or train, you'll notice that 80% of these women are in their 50s or 60s, old and wrinkly.

I guess Toronto beta fellas like saggy, wrinkly broads.

I have noticed that men in this city compete with each other extremely. Of course no one will admit this, but have you noticed how the number of guys hitting gyms has increased? their purchases of expensive clothes, shoes, cars, etc also increased? regardless of how much debt they will be in....

There's too much competition over women in Toronto, even though the women are 6s and below, fat, tattoed and with attitude.

I could swear there are guys in their late 20s whose lives only revolve around going to the gym, having that physique in which women supposedly drool over, while they are still living with their parents and eating food their moms make. I know a couple of such men personally.

In fact, Toronto men who enjoy living here are so weak and beta that a guy like myself can go hit on their "friend" who is a somewhat decent looking girl and whom all these betas are trying to hook up with by "befriending" her first, and none of them does anything to stop me.....haven't been in one fight, heck my face is just as smooth an clear as a fuckin girl!

What bothers me the most, and based on my observations of course is that guys in Toronto, regardless of their background focus primarily on white girls. I'm a white guys myself, and would rather stick my dick in a beehive than hook up with a white girl. Such men, aside from being beta, don't realize that white girls not only think highly of themselves but also know they are sought after by every guy in Toronto and therefore making things worse.

Their attitudes stink, and most of them are fat, tattoed from shoulder to shoulder and to add an insult to an injury they think they are on the same level as a man in every aspect, such as strength, intelligence, etc. Um what about gender differences imposed by nature itself???

Anyways, that's my 2 cents/semi-rant for now :D

pinetree said...

The war against women is secondary. The primary war is against other unaware manjina men which TO is full off -- and they keep the demand for pussy high which TO skanks are happy to raise the price of. Men do operate differently than women - they are more indvidual and isolationists in their approach. So a postering campaign may prove quite helpful in bringing awareness in TO manjina men. Get posterings guys -- time for action -- I also need to give this advice to myself. It is scary no doubt but it needs to be done.

Anonymous said...


Fuck it all, it's either escape this shit hole, or adapt to the beta mentality.

There's no other solution, fighting back is futile. You'll be told that you must be getting laid, or misogynist, or [insert feminist shaming language].

In fact if i would put up a poster, it would be about promoting living abroad for men. South east asia, Eastern Europe, etc.

pinetree said...

'fighting back is futile'

Men think like this and Feminists know it well and take full advantage of it. Very few men will be able to move abroad -- which is not as rosy as it seems -- it too has its own problems.

THere needs to be an effective men's movement -- which has already started -- check out A Voice For Men on google -- and contribute what you can. The majority of men are stuck here - right now postering is a key and effective stratedgy -- Posters can be found on AVFM on pdf format. Just plaster away -- and don't give up hope. Change is already starting to take place.

pinetree said...

You guys need to listen to A Voice for Men Radio -- google it up. Latest news is in Vancouver - Men Right's poster were being put up and feminists started taking them down -- which lead to a confrontation which involved police. Things are heating up there. So posters are very effective. Same will happen in TO. So Men Rights posters need to be put up here to make change -- or else remain stuck in this man hating culture.

pinetree said...

Special show on this evening from A VOice For Men radio -- about how Postering is taking off in different cities world wide. It is going to happen in TO sooner or later. Tune in --Mon Aug 13 -9:00pm

pinetree said...

Check out the uproar posters are causing in Australia. Poserting works!