Monday, May 21, 2012

Male Bashing Signs

I was walking in downtown Toronto when I came across some pro-female and male bashing signs in a store. Figuring it was too good an opportunity to pass up, I decided to take some pictures of them with my cell phone camera. The pictures are shown below. Click on the pictures if you want a larger view.

As you can see from the content on the signs, there is a strong pro-female and male bashing component, but no equivalent pro-male and female bashing signs. The signs basically imply that women are great and men suck. I don't want to say what store these are from since I don't want to single out anyone. But these type of signs are something that is very common and should be brought to light as such.

Now, you can make the argument that the male bashing signs are all for the sake of humor and should not be taken seriously. Okay fine, but why not make fun of women in the same manner too? You can't because this society will not allow it. The feminist machine will come down hard on such a thing if it happened.

The kind of humor contained in the male-bashing signs crosses the line into just plain mean-spiritedness. The humor excuse is not valid because even bullies use humor. They amuse themselves at the expense of their victims.

A store like the one that has these signs adheres to the principle of supply and demand. If such signs did not sell then they would not be made available since it would be taking up store space that can be used for items that do sell. This means that in this society there's a market for such things, which as many already know, is a symptom of the larger problem that is known as cultural misandry and female entitlement.

If you're a woman reading this and you think that there's nothing wrong with these signs, but have a problem with the reverse situation, then consider the possibility that you are a bigot and hypocrite.