Saturday, January 21, 2012

Awesome Video Revealing Anti-Male Attitudes

This is a great video made by a woman explaining with numerous examples how men are denigrated and belittled in western culture, all in the name of feminism (taken to radical extremes). Now, although most women are not radical feminists, most women have been affected by radical feminism. As a result, most modern western women, by default, carry around at least some anti-male attitudes, and this video does a great job of revealing just how infused our culture is with anti-male bigotry.

She has a YouTube channel which contains more videos on the subject:

She also has a blog:


Anonymous said...

Very disturbing. I see the very same male-hating attitudes being nurtured vigorously through media and academic brainwashing all over Eastern Europe.

Anonymous said...

feminists can only exist in privileged societies, try putting any of these bitches in a poor country and you'll see them running to men for protection in no time

Craig said...

TO men unite ? I'd say TO men move away !!!

JM said...

This is a great blog which VERY accurately explains how the Toronto dynamic works. I moved away from Toronto because of it.

Unfortunately, John is not correct in his conclusions ( apart from the old "resentment-based" me CHEERING every clever twist.

Where to start? Try "Facing Codependency" by Pia Melody. Read it 8 times. A resentful brain absorbs truth slowly. Still. It's a desexualized perspective and fits the myth of "couple intimacy" as an ideal in the background, as long as you have boundaries and self esteem. Not true. A man isn't a man in an overpriced drywall box in Etobicoke locked in with a woman. It is what it is.

So John needs even more of head transplant. Keep going. Decide the red pill blue pill choice once and for all and enter reality.

Finally, read up on HYPOFRONTALITY which explains male compulsion sexually. Neediness and isolation extreme. The women are BANG ON to not want men to approach them. Evolution is doing it's job. Unfortunately women still have to play the game anyway. Thus the Toronto dynamics driven by men. Men need to heal and focus on community and VALUE and seeing women as OBJECTS sexually without shame. As sacred human beings too. All of it. Imagine being guilty for having a leg. That's where men are at now. is an awesome site explaining sex and the male brain. Spend a week on it. I think it goes way beyond porn. Hypofrontality is a key in western society.

Check out the awesome BBC documentary "The Century of the Self" which shows how women got suckered into the workforce and bought the ponzi scheme corporate game. No wonder they don't trust men.

Finally, it wouldn't be a bad idea to close or even erase the blog unless it reaches a MAGNET focus. Helping men to deal with and process their little boy resentment in community, handle hypofrontality and codependency, increase empathy, create tribe and honor and FORGET women unless it's coming from bright, burning value-giving desire where there is NO SHAME in fucking the woman as a sexual object. AND seeing her as a human being. BOTH. This is a man!

As it stands, the blog is a whining ( totally understandable...I left Toronto years ago) little boy failure which will go nowhere.

The man gets his state from INSIDE...the woman generally is far more focused on the OUTSIDE ( relationship is survival). You are being a woman. Not a magnet. What kind of world would a woman find if she got close to you...exclusive.

A world of resentment. And that is not Toronto's fault. I learned this the hard way. Step up.

John said...

^^^ Your comment reeks of a certain kind of apologetic tone for the way Toronto/western women behave. And then you cite numerous references and expect me to read them (which you figure will result in me agreeing with your point of view, of course). But isn't it better on your part to actually argue against my points individually, based on what you read? If you believe my conclusions are so wrong then state why you think that is so using specific arguments, and don't just try to refute me using vague new-age sounding terminology.

You mention that evolution is just doing its part where women are concerned. That just as easily applies to men who resist the urge to just accept the status quo.

Finally, your point:

"Finally, it wouldn't be a bad idea to close or even erase the blog unless it reaches a MAGNET focus."

Even though I don't agree with you I still want you to be able to express your opinion, which you have done in your comment. But your statement suggests that you are not willing to do the same. That lowers your credibility quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

JM's comment is another one to add to the pool of comments by Manginas or White Knights who constantly make excuses for the opposite sex's behavior.

JM ITS IS Toronto's women (majority) at fault here. I think John's posts are agreed upon by hundreds of Toronto men if you notice the comments on his posts.

In my opinion, male/female dynamics must be quite delightful where you reside to the point of actually making you let go of your "OLD" Toronto resentment or more like forget what its like to be in a dating pool filled with snobby, self-absorbed, princess complex, insecure women.

If that's the case (which i highly suspect it is), you're lucky and your defensive attitude is well in place.

Fernando said...

My message is for JM. You obviously have no idea at all of what you're saying. Were you born in Toronto ? It sounds like it. I was not even born in Canada, and I can tell you there is something profoundly wrong with this city. I, unlike you, have traveled the whole god damn world, and I can tell you female behavior in this city is extremely unusual and unnatural, i will go as far as to say they are mentally sick. Feminism did its best number in this poor town, and all these women will have nothing to show for it, other than growing old alone or growing a tumor due to their never ending hatred towards humanity.

The funniest thing you said was "evolution is doing its job" LOL. There are almost 7 billion people in the world and Canada's population is 34 million, and Toronto's is what, 3 million ? Do you know what the percentage of 3 million to 7 billion is ? it's not even 1 percent.

We're talking about a village, a dot, a tiny mental asylum in this world. I say this to you, and the guy that made this blog, and anybody else that reads this. Toronto women are MENTALLY SICK. This is not normal, they benefit from living in a bubble, surrounded by Canadian men that dont know any better (like you) which allows them to continue their trend of hatred and self-entitlement.

I'm sorry for any man that has to live here. I thank goodness I have the option to leave, which I will do in a couple months. Living in Toronto is wasting your time, especially after having lived in other parts of the world where people actually make eye contact with you, smile at you, and your importance as a human being is higher than your income.

Unfortunately for you, you left Toronto, but you took the stupidity with you.

J said...

Is it just me that feels JM could be a woman or the most BETA of the BETA males?

Alex said...

awesome blog ! i just wanted to add that ever since i moved to toronto, women have treated me like i am INFERIOR, that is the word i wanted to add to the discussion. in this town, women behave like they are superior, better, higher, more important than men, and they think you should treasure the tiny amount of attention that you get from them.

the culture here is "being antisocial is cool and makes you look important and strong"

90% of people living here are obsessed with climbing social status so we're pretty much screwed if you wanna make friends and live a normal life

coming here has certainly been a philosophical lesson on life, after i leave, i think i'll be able to appreciate the world a lot more

Anonymous said...

Toronto women! Where do I begin. Well first of all Toronto women can't have a civilised conversation with another man without trying to belittle them. They always have to say something to try and bring a man down and when you try to defend yourself they love it because they want you to argue with them to have an excuse not to be attracted to you in any way. So they walk away

"Whew he almost made me smile and made me attracted to him, I can never let my guard down and never have sex with a guy that doesn't make 10000000000000000000$ a month or be in the higher ups of the film, music, fashion industry ok now I got to go home get all dressed u look beautiful and head to the club so that I can dance with a group of girls pretending that we are lesbians but not really"

The other thing is No matter what you do Toronto women always feel you doing something to hit on them or pick them up.

Toronto woman.

"He is dressed up nice at the club, bar or social gathering to try and attract me"

"He is working out out to look good for me"

"He is making his friends laugh to look good in front of me"

"He is being funny to pick me up"

"He asked me where the washrooms are to try and pick me up"

This is why I date European, Asian, South American students living here. Their culture dictates having a civilised conversation with a man even if nothing is going to happen between you two. And in most cases if you use common sense and not be a creep these students will go out on dates with you and sometimes have sex with you. But for Toronto women if you use common sense, charming, funny and not a creep they still wont give you a chance not in the slightest bit! Men deserve sex this is in our blood and part of our biology . Never ever feel that you don't deserve to have sex with a woman!

Toronto women don't feel this way they want to restrict you from getting what is your biological right! And that is to have sex with a woman!

Anonymous said...

^ replying the comment above, i was out this past long weekend at a nightclub on king west and i met a woman randomly while having a cigarette.

She started talking to me ONCE i opened the door leading to the patio, asking if i was freezing as i wasn't wearing a jacket when i went out for a smoke.

I was somewhat taken by surprise, yet i welcomed her gesture of trying to initiate a conversation over a smoke and we ended up having an amazing conversation.

OF COURSE she was not a TORONTO woman, she was probably in her 2nd or 3rd year here in Toronto. She was Israeli and unfortunately was 10 years OLDER than myself (i am in my early 20s).

HOWEVER, throughout this conversation, i asked her what she thought about Toronto women, and word for word, what she said was "they are unapproachable and closed off to themselves!"

No lie, i was staring at her for half a minute when she said that, then smiled at her.

There you have it, even other non-Torontoian women can see Toronto women's BS.

Anonymous said...


Toronto women are extreme narcissists. They opportunistically vacillate between feminism and gold-digging, expecting men to take all the risks and pay all the cost for their unworthy attention.

Men, don't feel bad. Not all women are like this – you'll probably have to move away to find someone decent, though.

It's not wrong to want relations with the opposite sex. Feminists are trying to ghettoize and exterminate manhood like the Nazis did the Jews.

In my experience, this city attracts the worst kind of women. You can read a definitive alternate history (i.e., the truth) about men's rights here:

Anonymous said...

i hope everyone reads this, every single word of it is true, please read: i met a woman a few days ago from asia (sorry i forgot the country) and she told me she was horrified at the way women treat men in Canada, she explained how shocked she was to see men constantly being shamed for everything, and the hatred against men so openly expressed in newspapers, tv commercials, and at work. She told me she would never ever raise a child in this country. I thanked her so much for reassuring me. I told her the women here made me feel like a monster, like a rapist, like a misogynist pig. She also pointed out something I never thought about, she said here children dont interact with adult males (outside family), only adult females. So from an early age children are taught to fear and hate men. She said her dad back home approaches children and plays with them on the street and no one sees a problem with it, but here her dad would be automatically considered a pedophile. Overall she was very nice, and made me regain faith in the female kind, but she also opened my eyes, that i really should move away from here, i will never fit in here, this place has gone to hell, with all its wealth and pretentious cunts.

Anonymous said...

Don't bother trying to talk to women in public places – Toronto women consider it "street harassment." This video just went viral:

Anonymous said...

this is not only in Toronto and the USA... the whole entire western world is going to hell as privileged women no longer want kids... the reason ? MONEY. Check out this link of the world's top 10 dying countries due to lack of reproduction:

Anonymous said...

It's become impolitic to look at women, too. Ian Brown's latest Globe & Mail column has stirred up a hornet's nest:

Essentially, the feminists want a matriarchal city-state where men can neither speak nor look at them without permission.

John said...

That article was well written and I totally agree with it.

The counterarguments tend to say that men are acting all entitled to think that way and that women's bodies are not for male viewing pleasure and should not be objectified, even if done so politely and un-intrusively. But we are all entitled to look at things that are aesthetically pleasing to us. And a pretty woman is aesthetically pleasing to men, and it just so happens that, to men, a woman's aesthetic value is largely wrapped up in her sexual appeal, so you can't separate the two. Admiring a woman's beauty is inseparable from her sex appeal. If some women can't handle that then maybe they need a dose of perspective - read about women in some parts of the world who get acid thrown in their faces for daring to go to school, and then tell me if you feel that looking at women is such a bad thing. It's neither bad in a relative or absolute sense. People look/stare all the time at things they like on a visual level. Just don't be a cat-calling idiot when you do it.

If men weren't interested in sex they would not look at women nearly as much. Fact of life. Just the other day I had a woman driving by staring at me. But since she was in a moving vehicle there was nothing I could do to capitalize on it, which to me is very telling. The offensive part for me was not that she stared at me, but that she did it obviously knowing that I could do nothing to follow up on it (and this is not the first time this has happened to me). To me that's one of the true sickness in this society, that women will only show interest in men in public places (by looking/staring at them) when there is no chance for the man to do anything about it, either because he didn't notice it (she did it behind his back), or because the circumstances don't allow the man to do anything about it (she is in a moving vehicle, for example). This is a perfect example of female self-sabotage in this culture, wanting something, but preventing things from actually happening due to indoctrinated fear of the "process".

Stuff like this just makes me not want to look at women anymore, not because I want to appease some man-hating types, but because I'm looking at women who either want nothing to do with me or if they do they will never, ever take any action to assist in that happening. Therefore, under these circumstances me staring at women could feasibly be considered an undeserved privilege (for them), given how the vast majority of them behave towards men in public places, even the most relaxing, like Chapters, or a pet store.

Anonymous said...

^Amazingly written/said. Every morning, on my way to the gym, i have to take the bus, and while waiting at the bus stop, i get 10s of these looks from women in cars. In fact i started noticing things like most women drive SUVs, anyone noticed that before? not that its relative to my point.

You're absolutely correct about them not wanting or afraid of going through the "process".

I don't usually let opportunities pass, and whenever i am able to, i would approach one of these women who burns a hole in the back of my head from constant staring. What do i get for confidently going up to her and striking a conversation? a deer-caught-in-headlights look from her, no smile, closed body language, not able to keep up a conversation, and her gaze shifting left/right every now and then. WTF?

Anonymous said...

John, how come you stopped posting articles about Toronto?

You posts were always an inspiration to me and found them to be useful and easy to relate to.

Hope some Toronto broad didn't latch her hooks onto you, and took away that hour of your day to blog :P

John said...

I have nothing new to write about right now. I only write when I'm inspired to write something, and I've just run out of topics for the time being.

Don't worry, I don't think even a Toronto broad with the biggest meanest hooks could prevent me from writing :P