Sunday, December 11, 2011

Women's Boring Fake Internet Profiles Receive Boring Fake Responses From Men

Women using the internet to meet men always complain about the lack of good responses from men. Well, in addition to the women being too picky there's another good reason why the responses seem "inadequate". It's the lack of substance in the women's profiles which give the men nothing to work with. You get all these women writing boring, cookie-cutter internet profiles, which in turn invites boring cookie-cutter responses from men.

For example, let's say the essence of a certain woman's profile states that she likes camping, dogs, and shopping. How is a guy supposed to respond to that? Does he say "Hi, I like camping and dogs too"? He could, but that would get him rejected for being too boring and not putting much thought into the response.

Here's another example. Let's say a woman writes that she likes to listen to music, likes to try new things, and is health conscious. That still gives you little to work with. The best you can really do is respond back saying basically the same thing, which of course gets rejected for the same reason as above.

The hard truth is that there's simply no way to write a unique and original response to a woman's profile if the profile itself is not unique and original. And believe me, most women's profiles are very generic and boring, especially if the women are attractive. So it is very ironic when responses get dismissed by women for having the same lack of imagination as their profile.

In addition to the short boring response, the only other possible response is the try-hard response, in which men try hard to come up with a good response. But because they have nothing to work with it usually results in them over-reaching, which in turn results in their response sounding fake and try hard. And the result is once again that they are dismissed by the women, but this time for being fake and try hard.

Not surprising, when women complain about men who write short unimaginative responses, the men say it's because when they write long thoughtful responses they get ignored. Looking more closely, what's really happening is that men (when responding to boring one-dimensional female profiles), can only exercise one of two options: either write the short unimaginative response, or the long fake response. And given that both have an equal probability of failing, they naturally choose the option that will result in better time management.

My advice to the women who complain about the constant lack of good responses from men: Stop being so picky and seriously consider adding substance to your profile.

Some ways to add substance to your profile are:

• Mention a really exciting experience you've had
• Mention something quirky about yourself
• Talk about the shows you liked as a kid
• Talk about a trip you went on
• Talk about the kind of man you are attracted to and what you are looking for (without regurgitating what the magazines say)

If your profile is bland and generic sounding and you don't take steps to rectify it then you have no right to complain. As the saying goes, garbage in = garbage out.