Thursday, September 8, 2011

"So What Do You Do?"

This is how Toronto women start off their relationships, by asking men what they do for a living. It's a quick way for them to size us up financially, socially, and economically. And unlike what some say, it's usually not a "get to know you question". It usually goes well beyond simple curiosity. They want to evaluate your social status, pure and simple.

Now, I will admit that it is understandable that as two people get to know each other they find out things about each other, like what each does for work. But that should come up naturally.

But when a woman asks the question in the first few minutes then you should suspect that she is evaluating your status. And this has nothing to do with your sexual attractiveness, as some would say. If a woman wants to fuck you she will not care what you do for a living. I know this from personal experience. This becomes very obvious on Lavalife, when I'm chatting with some chick and a few minutes into the conversation she asks me "what do you do?" At that point I know immediately that her interest in me is mostly not sexual, and therefore we have nothing further to discuss. Because even if I tell her my profession, all it does is trigger her hypergamy instinct which gets me absolutely nowhere.

So like I said, when a woman just wants to hook up she doesn't care what you do for a living. Sure, it might come up later, but it's not in the front of her thoughts. This is how I screen, and it's especially easy to do this on the internet. If she asks what I do a little too early she is OUT. But if I write a profile that basically says I don't want anything serious (i.e. looking for sex) then the women who respond never ask me that question. It's quite fascinating really.

So there you have it. An insider tip on how to find the women who want you for sex is to avoid those women who ask early on "what do you do?"


Anonymous said...

That's right. "What you do" is only relevant when the woman is curious about a relationship, or truly is just interested in "what you do" for conversational purpose.

Anonymous said...

Yes been there done that. And had this weorked out a long time ago. When i've asked why they want to know I never get a good answer. I tell them we are meeting for a coffee/drink and it shouldn't matter. After all, I don't care what they do. Abroad in countries outside of Northern Europe/USA I've never been asked that question by ANY woman once.

There are SIX things a woman wants to know - height, social status, age, financial status, looks, intelligence. Guess which are most important to her? It's these she can cleverly check by the what do you do question - even overr the phone.

Personality is only IN ADDITION.

I;ve been called cynical by many of these women, but the trick is to watch not what they say they want, but what they actually respond to.

Anonymous said...

I am purposely vague. I say stuff like, "I work in an office", or "I work in the family business", or I work in a "seasonal industry."


I work in the investment industry. I also have a ranch with the family, which coincides with so-called seasonal employment. Ha ha ha.

Or I'll ask what they do. I have a demanding, challenging and a rewarding career. Can they keep up?

Anonymous said...

Also, downtown women will part their flaps for you if you're in a band.

Anonymous said...

The problem with a site like Lava is that there are about less than 50 attractive women with displayed profiles in and around the Greater Toronto Area. The overwhelming majority of females on that site are not attractive (even by online dating standards). I believe it is easier to have some success there because you get the online chatting feature that is better built compared to other sites. However, I find the women are older, less attractive and especially the GTA women have an inflated idea about their looks/status in general.

Hence, the only way to attract them would be to have a very hot picture AND run some game. Having read this blog I know that pua is not a popular topic here, and rightly so. It will simply accelerate the overinflated egos of these women and blow up in the end.

So, if you want to remain sexual than say something like come to my place on the first sentence of the chat feature. example: "my place tomorrow morning: coffee or tea?" or "my house friday: red or white". But make sure you sound funny, genuine and not very cocky. Because in actuality you are not lying. You actually want to sleep with them.

Send this line to 10 women. Try attractive/semi-attractive/mediocre(if that's your thing). A lot of these women have their friends there and compare notes. You might get something back, like "to how many girls have you sent"

to which you might reply with "5 or 10. A guy's gotta eat/drink/whatever the original opening was" (you don't need to apologize since you are not gaming or caught gaming, you are being honest in a funny way about your actual needs.)

And continue with: "But you are the first(or second or whatever) who replied so you win a free pat on the head"...etc

I like the fact, that you should focus on women who can take a joke, do not ask relationshipy Q's right away. Those women are more interesting anyways and make for fun dates. I still think that your time is better spent meeting women outside of Toronto. but for time being, if you must, these openings can help you.

Anonymous said...

re: above online dating advice

All true. You will be scraping the bottom of the barrel by trying to date Toronto women online. I see far more attractive women on the street or in random public places - Toronto women are innately conservative - most will not admit to dating online.

What you will find online are the fatties, the uglies, and the crazies. The most attractive Toronto women don't have to look for dates - their evenings are already fully booked if they so choose.

That's one of the reasons attractive women move here - to increase the $$$ value of their potential mate pool. Why angle for minnows in a tiny pond when you can go big-game fishing?

"Attractive" women online are usually scammers. Actual winners usually leave online dating within a few weeks, as they are overwhelmed with messages and become unable to distinguish good men from bad.

Don't spend a lot of effort on your messages - DO read their profiles and look for something unique - since most Toronto women have generic profiles, this will be difficult.

Joe said...

Part of the problem is there's also alot of guys who shamelessly throw themselves at these women, and are quite pathetic whilst doing so. This helps feed their colossal egos especially if they get the added satisfaction of the turning him down, also a major ego boost for them.

Anonymous said...

That is correct. Most women online are the bottom of the barrel. However, when the barrel is empty everywhere else, especially for most single guys that do not belong to a clique, what is a guy to do?!

Having said that, one last option is to convert some of these "online" women into friends that you can actually go out with and extend your circle. Personally, I do not reccommend this. But I know of many who have gone that way to increase access of hotter women.

As the previous poster mentioned, the quality is already low online, and there seems to be a correlation of hot to crazy online, more so than using any other medium of communication/encounter/meeting.

Use online, if you are really starved of interaction with the opposite sex. Some have suggested in the past to use it as a means of practicing. I disagree with that as well. First of all, showing up on an online date does not prepare you for real life pick up/interaction/communication/growth with a girl. Secondly, most of these women (if not all) have been on so many dates, or have gotten hit on so many times online, that they have lost all sense of what's real and what's not. What's emotional and what's the norm. What's love and what's hate. There seems to be no logical sense to their choices. The randomness of distribution of their thoughts/emotions and the stimulating "itchiness" they experience is simply that: random. To them, nothing matters. And I mean NOTHING! Regardless of what you might put forth, there might be a different guy waiting on a window online that "promesis" to be much better!

In a way, the women are really sick. Extremely emotionally damaging. In my experience, if you get lucky on hitting a woman that has not picture up, and is waiting to be approved and is doing online dating for the first time, within 2-3 days, you might get lucky. She will stop using it as she isn't that addicted....yet.

Other than that, if your intentions are very hot girls, be very suspicious of profiles like that in the GTA that show models.

The same does not apply everywhere. Get on an online dating site, and send a good crafted message to women in your area and all over the world and compare notes.

The results should be: Response level increases by 30%, looks level increases by 50%.

That means, even if you are an online guy, chances that you will have quality lovemaking sessions/experiences/growth/dirty sex (whatever you are into) with a hot woman are at least one third higher than with her half as hot counterpart in the city.

Cheer mates.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes they also ask the question simply to get something to talk about.

Anonymous said...

Toronto women don't worth my time anymore. I dont even bother with an eye contact anymore. I'd rather spend my time increasing my wealth and travel to Eastern Europe to enjoy the company of gorgeous young feminine women.

Anonymous said...

Toronto is a loser town both full of loser women AND men too! It is the Centre of Wannabe's and insecure assholes, yes women there are assholes all looking for ego boosts wherever they can get them with; narcissistic alike all trying to prove something...the list goes on! Men and Women too, coming from other real world class cities such as yourselves a favour and do not come to Toronto. You will be VERY disappointed!