Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wing Women

There's a website called Wingwomen which allows men to sign up for the Wing Woman service. This service pairs up men with one or more women when they go out on the town. This is done in order to boost men's attractiveness in the eyes of other women, thereby making it easier for the men to hook up.

I know from experience that being seen with other women makes other women take more notice of me, so in that sense this service is sound. However, this is merely a band-aid solution. It might help open a few doors, but the fundamental problems will remain unfixed. What I'm saying is that (most) women have psychological problems that run deeper than the initial "hello". Sure, you might get a woman a bit more into you by raising your social proof, but that doesn't mean she won't flake on you after. And if she doesn't flake that doesn't mean she will fuck you. And if she does fuck you that doesn't mean it will be any good.

The problems with the women in this culture run much deeper than men simply not being attractive enough, or not having enough social proof. This becomes obvious the more time you spend with a woman, even if you managed to attract her. You can think of it as a rabbit hole. The deeper you go, the more likely you are to discover things that you don't like very much.

The fact that there is such a service as Wingwomen speaks volumes about the sad state of affairs in the North American dating culture, and it is just one more way of trying to cope with women's shitty behaviour, rather than try to fix it.

And what do you think will happen when women start to figure out that some guys are using the Wingwomen service? It will render the practice less useful. It will be like just another overused routine that some guys use on women in an attempt to attract them.


Anonymous said...

This is proof of the sad state of affairs in American dating. One of the girls who was "duped" said that is was pathetic that a guy would go to these lengths to possibly meet a woman. In a way she is correct, but it's only in response to the resistance that women put up with regard to meeting women in a cold-approach environment.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed if I'm talking to a female friend on public transport, women can't take their eyes off me. Usually I'm not even noticed.

Anonymous said...

There's a new online dating site called HERWAY.COM. Men are allowed to post profiles but aren't allowed to send messages to female members. Only women are allowed to send messages to the men that THEY like, hence the name HERWAY.COM. The dating scene is so fucked up that women have much higher perceived value than men, hence making men more thirsty, women more picky and bitchy, and the cycle repeats itself.

John said...

I heard of that site. I actually like the idea of forcing women to make the first move. This dynamic can only be enforced online though, which is the point of the site. If anything it gets women to at least start thinking about being more proactive, even if right now it's only symbolic.