Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Toronto Women Are Not Feminine

Toronto women are feminine only in the biological sense. Their behaviour and mannerisms are wholly unfeminine. Furthermore, they seem incapable of flirting. To them, the idea of giving an attractive stranger signals of interest is a totally alien concept to them. They just stare straight ahead with looks ranging from complete indifference to outright hostility at being looked at. It's a shame though given how physically attractive some of these women are. Their attitude does not do justice to their appearance.

The fact is that men are turned on more by women who act feminine. And the fact that so many women stupidly think that men should be attracted to "strong, independent" women (who also act more like men) is clear proof of society-wide brainwashing.

But to be fair, let's examine this one more closely. I personally have no problem with someone being strong and independent, including a woman, but the problem is the way in which it is acted out. Many women think that being strong and independent means acting more like a man, and less like a woman. Not surprising, this makes women less attractive to men. Such women become basically like men walking around in female bodies. That doesn't quite "get it up" the way it should, if you get my drift.

But try telling women that. They immediately respond in a knee-jerk fashion. They say stuff like:

"Only a real man can handle a strong woman".

My response:

"I don't mind a strong woman, but remember, I want to fuck women, not men. And technically a man is stronger (and more independent) than the average woman, but that doesn't mean I would rather fuck him".

So there needs to be consideration on what strength means for a man and what strength means for a woman. It's called masculine strength and feminine strength. The details of which can only be sorted out by the individual, according to their gender, not by some crazy feminist theories. By the way, if you want a good idea on how a woman can be strong and feminine have a look at this website: It's run by a woman.

You can write a book on the cold bitchy looks many women have when walking around, especially the younger more attractive women. But this bitchy look is perhaps not too surprising given who their role models are. Just look at the magazines on any store shelf. Many times the women on the front cover aren't smiling either.

Nature will weed out the genes of two kinds of people, people who are very unattractive and can't meet anyone, and people who are too picky and standoffish and feel that no one is good enough for them. So if a woman wants to be a selective uptight stone-faced bitch then she should know that she also risks genetic extinction. There are two main reasons for this. The first reason is that much less men will approach her, and the second reason is that the men who do approach her are much less likely to be a "match".


RomeoDied said...

Dude you're blog honestly has changed my behavior towards women DRAMATICALLY and amazingly.

I got off the train once, heading to busses area, i was looking down as i was walking trying to get my cellphone outta my pocket. When i looked up, this super cute girl was looking at me the whole time as she was walking in the opposite direction. So when i looked up and noticed her looking at me, she turned her head the other direction so quick i think her neck snapped LOL.

John said...

It's sad at how many times women in the city sabotage themselves like that. That girl was a perfect example of someone briefly breaking their conditioning and then quickly snapping themselves back into line.

Anonymous said...

Well, if the entire female gender is being repeatedly told that "all men are bad and potential abuses" and that "only marry up", then it should be no surprise that they have such a hard time meeting "mr right" who of course does not exist. I am good-looking, sane, educated, independently wealthy and and surprised when I get a date in this city, its sadly very difficult, and it certainly seems the a-holes are kept pretty busy in this social nightmare as I know as fact that many women love those tyes (very telling stuff) considering the paradox in what they preach.

Tom said...

I've seen this so many times and have talked with my friends (Guys) about this and all seem to come to the same opinion. It's misguided cultural brainwashing and seldom works unless if the man becomes more of a woman. I find that women here are simply fierce, they like to fight and fight openly, taking great pride in their battle victories.
My solution: Immigrant only. There are many cute and charming immigrant women here. As long as it's under 10 years, living here more than that the brainwashing kicks in.

Anonymous said...

I agree.....I just moved here from California and I feel like I have arrived in an ASEXUAL is so sad