Monday, August 9, 2010

Teen Sex Is Generally Good

What is it with this insane preoccupation so many people have with teenagers having sex? What's wrong with teenagers having sex? I personally believe it's perfectly normal and acceptable for teenagers to engage in consensual sexual activity, especially with each other. It's called experimenting and having fun, and as long as teens strive to do it in a responsible manner (birth control, condoms, etc.) then there is no harm; at least no more potential for harm than there is with adults having sex.

The anxiety that many adults in this society have with "our kids" having sex basically comes down to unresolved feelings of guilt and shame they themselves have with sex. So when "our kids" do it, many adults see it as an extension of themselves engaging in something they are not that comfortable with. It's a desire to protect them from the "dirt" even though they themselves don't mind digging in it once in a while (especially when they get horny). So in some ways it's a form of possessiveness, but also hypocrisy.

I read somewhere that a survey was done which revealed that most parents believe their teenagers are not having sex, while also believing that most other kids are. How the fuck does that work?

This irrational and hostile view towards teens having sex is strongly rooted in this culture, where sex is too often associated with negative context, such as abuse, rape, unwanted pregnancy, disease, and the umbrella term: "immorality". But it is not that often that sex is depicted in the media in a positive context, such as having fun, closeness & sharing, intimacy, and mind-blowing orgasms.

These retarded views become even more obvious when you consider the conflicted ways in which many parents try to talk their teenagers out of having sex.

To their daughters they say: Guys will only want one thing from you.

To their sons they say: Girls will get themselves pregnant and get their claws into you.

Invoking fear is the last refuge of someone who can't give you a good reason why you should or should not do something. Needless to say this fucks up a lot of young adults unnecessarily.

From my experience, I was a very late bloomer, so I regret not having sex much sooner. But strangely enough, I learned to drive much sooner than I ever got laid, but I hardly think having sex requires more responsibility than driving. But that's how fear and propaganda works, never mind the statistics which show that there are much worse things out there than having sex. But this society is fucked up when it comes to male/female dynamics and sexuality. It is not a truth-seeking society in those cases where political and religious dogma holds court.

Society should get a grip. Parents should get a grip. But not on the kids, instead on themselves.

Now, some idiots will think that I'm saying that kids should have wild sex, abandon their studies, and become outlaw junior sex league members. I know that some will automatically think that because that's how idiots like to think, in black and white terms. But what I'm actually saying is that sex is a normal part of life that young adults, teenagers in particular, should be exposed to. But not in a holier-than-thou, shaming type of way. Instead, in a way that educates and presents the facts.

Still not convinced?

Consider the fact that the U.S. has the highest teen birth rate and one of the highest rates of STIs among teens in the industrialized world (despite its many efforts to teach abstinence-only sex education). And in contrast, many European countries teach sex education in an open manner and therefore have some of the lowest incidents of teen pregnancy and STIs.

In other words, when it comes to sex and sexuality, we still have a lot to learn.

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