Friday, August 20, 2010

So What If I Just Want Sex

I've always been puzzled why it's such a bad thing to just want sex. What the hell is wrong with sex? So many people act like it's a bad thing to want sex as a stand-alone item. To me this is a strong indicator of a society that has not fully accepted sexuality as a normal and natural thing. This society is so fucked up in the way it views sex. It sees sex as inherently dirty but as long as you wrap it in a pretty bow, it's okay.

I find it funny how so many women get immediately "offended" if a guy communicates to them early on that he wants sex. Their jaw drops, and they become very indignant. It's like you just took a shit in front of them. It's so incredibly amazing to watch their horrified reaction as you breach this "delicate" topic a little too soon for their comfort. But what constitutes "too soon" is very subjective. Some women may get offended if you suggest a "sleep over" even after several dates have passed. Oh, the dirty pig! He only wants one thing!

Unfortunately, once a woman gets the idea in her head that she is on moral high ground for having a puritan view of sex, you will never, ever convince her otherwise. And the reason that you can't is this: She views any attempt to change her mind as an attack on her personal sense of righteousness. She sees it as someone trying to get her to eat the forbidden apple. And if you're a guy trying to convince her, she sees it as you sneakily trying to get into her pants. In other words, he would win, and she would lose.

Strangely enough, it is more socially acceptable to be a gold digger than a slut. But really, the act of gold digging is much more dishonest than the act of sleeping around, don't you think?

Furthermore, it is also more socially acceptable to just want money. Sure, you might get a few frowns from people if you say this. But it is nowhere near the level of horrified disgust you will risk if you say out loud that you just want to get laid.

Predictably, this means that many people will wrap their sexual desires in lies and bullshit, because that is still one of the most common ways to pass society's tests.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever read Roger Alan Currie? He has pretty good stuff

Anonymous said...

Would you say that spending $200 for an hour with a prostitute is better than spending $50 or more on club entry, drinks, etc. for the OPPORTUNITY to get at women in nighttime venues?

John said...

I think the economics of prostitution is better for the average guy. In clubs you're paying for the remote chance that something will happen, which added up will far exceed what a prostitute will cost for the same level of action. The economics doesn't change much if you get a girlfriend either (in most cases) since that's still a drain on your time and money -- if you want to keep her around that is, which again is true in most cases.

Anonymous said...

Frankly I'm at the point where I feel like it's a waste to go out unless you want to dance and/or drink in a social setting. I'm not interested in chatting up girls for sex or gaming them. I don't want to be their friend, I don't care about getting to know them as people. I just want sex from time to time. I figure why not just hire an escort and save all the bullshit.

bella said...

some people thin "sex" is a sacred deed ... only those for special guys to see

let me ask you ...
when you have a daughter would you want her to be used and taken advantage of by men

when you marry a woman do you want her to be with 100 different guys

the point im making here
do you not think hot girls have a million guys that just want to get with them...
hellllo lol
where not whores
we like respectful men who can cortrol there weiners

and its not about accepting sexualities lol
its about respecting ones self

it seems to me the writer of this site only thinks and respects his wiener

no pun intended

ps.. if you have to get a girl drunk to sleep with her
thats lame

if you dont like the company of other woman and just want sex ... you may be gay

loook into it ....

in just saying!!!

John said...

^^^ You are making a few assumptions, such as:

"when you have a daughter would you want her to be used and taken advantage of by men"

"when you marry a woman do you want her to be with 100 different guys"

"if you have to get a girl drunk to sleep with her thats lame lol"

These are not necessarily part and parcel with just wanting sex. People can be at a stage where they just want something physical. Also you indirectly imply that having no strings sex constitutes taking advantage of women, which implies that women should receive something for having sex with a man (otherwise they're being ripped off). In other words, women should never give sex for free, which means men should pay for it.

The real problem which women have with no strings sex is that they don't like the idea of women giving something for free which they think should be paid for (in some way).

The shaming language you use is a common weapon women use against each other to suppress each others sexuality.

I'm not saying people should have no strings sex. I'm saying people should be able to have no strings sex if they want to.

Also, it's the wrong perspective to say that I just think with my weiner (more shaming language). Instead it's better to view my perspective as one that allows me the most freedom to do other things besides sex, without being tied down to time-consuming relationships just to get the sex I want.