Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Real Reasons Women Get Dressed Up

This one got me thinking — maybe a better title for this post would be: The one reason women would never use to get dressed up, when going out on the town.

The reason is this: To attract and meet men.

Women in this culture never get dressed up to attract and meet men when going to any public place. I know it might seem like they do, but their actions clearly prove that they don't. The real reasons they get dressed up are: (1) To compete with their friends and other women (such as in bars and clubs), (2) To feel better about themselves, (3) To get male attention (without actually wanting to meet them).

Think about it. Women spend all this time on making themselves more attractive in public places for reasons that have nothing to do with mate selection, but everything to do with admiration, both from men and women.

Now, I will say there are times where women will get dressed up to please their boyfriends or dates. That's a totally different case. What I'm talking about is that there are very few women who will get dressed up for purposes of meeting a man in a cold approach environment (i.e. an environment where the men are strangers, such as stores, bars, clubs, or any other public place).

The public places where women get dressed up the most are bars and clubs. This is where female competition is the strongest due to the high number of people there. Women in this environment are vying to outdo each other in the attention department, both from men and women. But more from men since the attention is more evident and therefore directly measurable.

However, there is a dilemma for these women. They want to be admired by men but they don't actually want to meet them. This confuses men because our set of values is different. In our way of thinking, we don't just want to look at the fancy car, we want to get in and drive the damn thing! This conflict of purpose forces women to act bitchy and standoffish despite their appearance that says they want to hook up.

It is for this reason that it's very easy to figure out which of these women actually want to meet you. It's the women that actually smile at you and have an inviting body language. Now, some will say that the fact that women are dressed up means they want to meet men, and you just have to figure out how. PUAs typically fall into this camp. But this is false thinking. Women go after what they want, just like men. Otherwise stores would not exist, and we know how much women like to shop for what they want.

Once in a while I will see a woman at a daytime venue (such as store, mall, or whatever) who is all dressed up and looking hot. From experience I know that this woman is most certainly not dressed up to attract and meet men. I can see that from her body language. She is dressed up because she has to go somewhere that requires her to be dressed up. This could be a place of work (such as a Salon), or she has to meet someone for a date. But it will most certainly not be to meet you — the guy who is checking her out, while she pretends you don't exist.

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