Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lying To Delusional Women Is Sometimes Okay

I've always strived to be as honest as I can with women. But I also came to realize that there are instances where lying to women is acceptable.

You see, women lie to themselves all the time, and many of those lies are delusional. For example, some common lies women like to tell themselves are:

• I can hold off indefinitely until I find Mr. Perfect and I'll always have my pick of the litter even when I'm 50.

• If a man isn't attracted to me he must be gay.

• My boyfriend should never fuck other women. I should be enough for him.

• I'm beautiful even if I'm fat.

Such lies help many women get through life and maintain their fantasy world. And in fact, the fantasy is what many women are faking for. Never mind reality. But when women can't cope with reality you pretty much have to lie to them sometimes, at least to the extent that you don't want the truth to ruin things between you. And make no mistake; telling the truth to women can sometimes get you punished. Consider the following example. A guy is making out with a girl and they are getting hot and heavy. She asks, out of the blue, if he is seeing anyone else. He tells her the truth, and says that he is. She then grows distant and says something about the mood being ruined. The next day she breaks up with him.

Now let's see here. First of all, she was an idiot for asking such a question at that point in time. A question which permitted only one possible answer that would allow things to progress the way she wanted. And he was naive for telling her the truth, which of course spoiled the mood for her. What he should have done (assuming he wanted to fuck her) was tell her that he was not seeing anyone else. He doesn't even need to sound that convincing. He just needs to utter the words "I am not seeing anyone else", and that will be enough for her to keep going.

Now, I don't mean that men should lie anytime it's convenient. I'm saying that, as a general rule, it's good to keep lying to a minimum. But there are times that a woman simply cannot handle the truth (even though she might say she wants to hear it). In these situations it is acceptable to lie. And the way I see it, many women lose the right to hear the truth simply by being stupid and delusional.

The downside is that the more you have to lie to someone (for the reasons stated), the more you lose respect for them. But that is not really a problem for me since I don't respect most women. Let's just say their stupidity, uptightness, and fantasy-prone behaviour makes lying to them pretty easy from a moral standpoint.

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Anonymous said...

Under these circumstances lieing to women is always acceptable dude, even a duty.