Friday, August 6, 2010

Dimitri The Lover

I'm sure by now a lot of people in Toronto have heard of Dimitri The Lover (real name, James Sears). He calls himself Canada's greatest seducer. I've listened to and read some of his stuff and it's a lot different from the usual PUA crap. His style is similar to that of Paul Janka; basically just approach tons of women and by the law of averages you will get laid. And that's certainly true, but what makes him stand out is his outrageously controversial points of view. He frequently talks about releasing women's inner slut and how so many sexually repressed Toronto women secretly crave cock (which I agree with). He also talks about how uptight most Toronto women are (which I totally agree with). I think he's a breathe of fresh air, although it's unfortunate that his main message is getting lost somewhat in the outrageousness of what he says. People seem most drawn to Dimitri, not because they acknowledge that there's a problem with society where the male-female dynamic is concerned, but because of the outrageous lines he uses on women and against feminists. But I guess that's what it takes to get noticed these days.

Although I don't necessarily agree with Dimitri's style, I just think there needs to be a strong resistance to the bullshit that has permeated the Toronto (and North American) dating scene. Dimitri is simply a product of this fucked up society, the way criminals are a product of society (whether people like to admit it or not). Not that Dimitri is a criminal. He is not. But he does push things as far as he can while still not doing anything illegal.

I personally think Dimitri is willing to endure constant rejection by bitchy Toronto women, not because he only wants to get laid, but because (to him) that's a way of protesting society's bullshit. In other words, him approaching and hitting on lots and lots of women is a form of activism for him. In my mind there's no other reason to want to put up with so much rejection and uptight, bitchy Toronto women for proportionally little sex in return. So basically he just goes around hammering on women's bitch shields. And no doubt he's mapped out the hot spots in the city where it is relatively easier to meet women. But let's face it, this guy is a doctor who lost his license for hitting on his female patients. Do you think he's just going to stop doing that sort of thing? Hell no, he's going to re-channel that energy, and he's going to do so in a way that makes it count. He's going to make it a mission in life to go against the very thing that was responsible for him losing his license in the first place, which is this fucked up society. And as a perk, he will occasionally get laid with a cock-craving slut.

I would probably do the same thing, assuming I was interested in dedicating so much time and energy chasing after the elusive tail of inferior quality women. But I have other things I want to do with my life. Still, the activist approach does have its appeal. But I prefer, not the Dimitri approach, but a low-effort, minimal energy investment method, which involves as little bullshit as possible. In this manner, I'm boycotting the bullshit rather than flying against it. I want chicks that are fun and easy, which immediately disqualifies 95% of the physically desirable women out there. And I'm sticking to my guns. There's actually websites out there, such as which encourage North American men to look elsewhere. Why work so hard to get inferior quality women when you can consistently get hot, sexy women from less feminized parts of the world? I certainly fall into that camp. But for men like Dimitri, I say keep up the good fight. Like the Joker said, this town needs an enema.


Alexander said...

Hi, I am extremely impressed by all articles I have been reading here. On the note of Dimitry the lover I would like to add that he was the reason for me to get into a one of the most vicious and hateful feuds in my life. I was living in a student residence with a couple of other students, when to one of them, not surprisingly a Caucasian female doing a degree in English literature, I mentioned that I would agree with SOME of the points Dimitry the Lover makes (such as the one that in a relationship the man must like the woman, BUT the woman must ALSO like the man). I can hardly describe the amount of bile that was poured on me on this day and how this statement threw the girl into a state of such shock, that she NEVER spoke to me again and used to cry when she used to see me (also because I told her a couple of other things- like that you won't get any slimmer if you eat loads of chips, she was pretty good looking though).

Anyway, I respect Dimitry the Lover as I, the liberal lesbo-feminists, agree with you that this is a form of protest and an attitude created as a result of the aggressive feminist culture existing in this country.

John said...

Hey Alexander, thanks for the compliment!

I think Dimitri is a product of a dysfunctional culture, just as much as he is self-made. I think at times he is just too extreme but when you see first hand how many Toronto females act you realize he is probably extreme enough.