Saturday, August 7, 2010

Boycott Ladies' Night

Ladies' Night is a time-honoured bullshit, which has never done anything good for men. It is just a way for women to get something for free while pretending that they are entitled to it based on the propaganda that "men have it so much better than women, so Ladies' Night is the least we can get as compensation". It's just another form of chivalry gone wrong. It might work in a patriarchal society but not in a society where women are, in general, treated better than men. It just adds to the princessy, snobbish attitudes already infecting so many women today.

Now, some dudes will immediately say that Ladies' Night is a good thing because men go where the women are, so making it easier for women to get into a bar, or club means that more men will go there; the point being that it will be easier to meet women as a result. Well, to me that is nonsense given how standoffish and uptight women usually act in bars and clubs. So Ladies' Night is just a way for these women to get in at lower cost. Do you seriously think having women not paying for something is going to make them easier to pick up? Just ask any guy who has ever bought women dinner and then went home empty handed at the end of the night. Ask him if a woman not paying for something helps his chances with her.

But so many men think with their smaller heads where women are concerned, so it is highly doubtful that they will embrace this idea of boycotting. Because as soon as some guys stop going to Ladies' Night, other guys will immediately think "awesome, more women for me", which will of course keep the number of guys going at a steady high number. But you know what, with uptight bitches, it doesn't matter if you are one of only a few guys there, they will still ignore your ass. Try it and see.

To tackle the root problem we need to, as a whole, stop pandering to women in those instances that favor them above men. Ladies' Night is just one of those instances. But it's among the low-hanging fruit on the path to eliminating (or at least reducing) the uptight bitch phenomenon in this society.

Ask yourself, what will women do when men stop going to Ladies' Nights? Well, first of all, many of them will call us "gay" or "cheap". A perfectly normal knee-jerk reaction to a dethroning process. But as long as guys stick to their guns, women will eventually start getting introspective, and maybe just maybe, they will start respecting us a little bit more.

However, I honestly don't think we (as men) are even close to reaching this point at present, even though in legal terms Ladies' Night is discriminatory and therefore unconstitutional. But in more practical terms it's a concept that lets women (and not men) get something for free, while exploiting men's overperception bias that they will get something in return, where in reality they don't.


Anonymous said...

If you pay to get into a bar or club and women get in free, you're essentially paying to be in the company of women. I figure that if I'm going to pay to be in a woman's company, she has to be helping me reach an orgasm, if you get my drift.

Jamie said...

Ladies Night is an obvious scam, so any man who goes to one expecting to get laid deserves to be ignored. If men want to boycott ladies night, more power to them. A bar full of women drinking for free without any obnoxious PUAs bothering them doesn't sound that bad. Sadly, it will be short-lived.

I've never been to Toronto, but this blog makes it sound like a really hostile dating environment. Here in most parts of the US, we only behave rudely with the most obnoxious and creepy men. Everyone else gets at least an acknowledgment.