Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Can’t Stand Clubs Anymore

This is probably long overdue, but the club environment has become too toxic for me. I cannot go into a club anymore and not leave without a feeling of disgust afterwards. This was never that much of a problem for me in the past, but now it’s like an allergic reaction, which I can’t shake. So what’s the cause you might be asking?

It’s the women!

Quite literally, the women ruin the fucking clubs! It’s their fucking behaviour. The way they act. The way they act around the men. Their nose-in-the-air attitude. Their outright dismissiveness towards any man who wants to get to know them. I just cannot stomach it anymore.

I guess my problem is that I don’t suffer from the ignorance = bliss mindset. I know what the deal is, and it’s been a long time since I saw all this crap behaviour as being something normal. And once you make the realization there’s no going back.

Quite simply, I find it unacceptable to be at a place where attractive women hang out and I am not allowed to talk to them. But of course I can talk to them if I really want to! But the problem is that in their minds I am (by default) a loser or unworthy until proven otherwise. So it’s an uphill battle. Even if you got the looks, that only buys you about 1 minute of “audition time”, and then the walls go right back up. At most you get to hang out with them as “buddies”, if you play your cards perfectly. And I say this even though I’ve had a few one-night stands back in the day. But those were in some ways anomalies only, and with women who were somewhat less attractive than me. So I don’t think I’m wrong in saying that it seems to have gotten even harder since then. Since even the women with less than stellar looks carry this attitude nowadays that they deserve someone so much more than what they are themselves. It’s a total fucking bubble.

I certainly can’t be in a place where even the fat chicks look down on me. And I certainly can’t be in a place where even if a girl does want me, she is promptly whisked away by her police-state girlfriends.

I also can’t stand being in a place where I see guys reaching out trying to strike up a conversation with the women and getting blown off.

These women; they get dressed up, look pretty, and when a guy wants to get close to them, they reject him. That’s pretty fucked up! So why do women get dressed up at all you might be wondering? Well, the reason is this: It’s because, in a club setting, women can get away with bringing attention to themselves, but at the same time not take responsibility for it. You see, the attention whore relies heavily on club dynamics, which puts a fence around her with a sign that says, "Look but don't touch”. And this is only made possible by having police-state girlfriends come along which enforce the hands-off policy.

Not too different from strip clubs, really. You pay but no play.

Well, sorry. But this situation just sucks major donkey dick. So no thanks! The truth is that I do want to touch, and in some cases fuck! And if I can’t do that, despite having the bait dangled in front of me, then I am a FOOL for sticking around. Only a FOOL would go to a candy store over and over again and not be allowed to taste anything sweet.

I see the various looks from women. It’s nothing but socially engineered hate and disdain towards men. It’s probably not that different from how a woman looks at a man after a semester of taking Women’s Studies. In a club, these negative views are perhaps amplified, given that there are so many men in one place. The concentrated “creep factor” unavoidably means that the shields simply must go up.

It's 100% pure defense mode. And they almost never take initiative themselves. But oddly enough, out of the handful of times I have ever been approached by women at a club, it was usually to tell me to smile more (on those occasions where I just could not hide the sucky time I was having). But all the countless other times I was smiling and giving out a positive vibe, no woman had ever come up to me (with very, very few exceptions). Apparently, I'm much easier to approach when I frown than when I smile. This seems to suggest that it's much easier for women to approach a man with the intent of pointing out his flaws than with the intent of complimenting him, or even (gasp) getting to know him. Ironic to say the least.

Another big irony is how so many women will dismiss a guy in a bar/club environment JUST BECAUSE he is part of that environment. Well to these women (bitches) I say this: If by association the guys in a certain environment are bad, and you are ALSO in that environment, what does that make you? I mean, aren’t you also part of that environment and as a result ALSO a piece of shit? Oh the hypocrisy.

I should mention that my own personal decision to avoid clubs is not just my reaction to the women in that environment. It is my reaction to how they BEHAVE in that environment. That is the difference. I am basing my views on direct and highly reproducible experience. The women however are basing their views on opinion, rumor, and socially downloaded anti-male propaganda. The difference between them and me is that I work in the lab and make my conclusions from that, while they just read the tabloids.

All you have to do is open your fucking eyes! You don’t need a PhD to figure this shit out. It’s all around you, and I guess that’s the problem. It’s too out in the open, and people often have a hard time seeing what’s directly in front of their noses.

It seems to me that a sort of boiling point is being reached with regards to Western females. Already I have noticed a definite decline in the amount of men actively approaching women in clubs over the years. I pretty much never see aggressive approaches anymore. The most I see is tentative approaches. The boldest approaches I saw recently were the ones I personally took part in a few months ago. I was winging with two guys at the club. We were hardcore, but despite being some of the most charismatic, outgoing guys there we were met with wall after wall. At most we got polite conversations (in traditional Canadian style). But that was it.

There’s still a kind of sliver of hope among many club-going men that they will connect with someone. But that too is on its way out. Unfortunately, this will help enforce the stereotype that men are too intimidated to approach. Funny how that works.

The typical woman’s mindset that men are up against is basically this:

You’re not good enough for me and I don’t need you.

This toxic mindset can only be dealt a deathblow by starvation. In other words, stop feeding the monster and the monster will starve. It will do no good to simply protest if many men are still:

• Giving attention to women who don’t give anything in return.

• Getting into “mutually beneficial relationships” with gold diggers.

• Trying to get into “mutually beneficial relationships” with gold diggers who only take the money and run.

• Supporting establishments that thrive on the simultaneous patronage and belittlement of men (e.g. strip bars and ladies nights).

• Marrying women knowing they’ll get ass-raped in case of divorce.

The list goes on.

So, you starve the monster and everything tied to the monster will also die out, such as the PUA industry, which serves to legitimize the monster.

It’s inevitable that it will happen. Esther Vilar was wrong. This is definitely a bad dream we can wake up from.