Friday, February 26, 2010

Men's To Do List

I put together a list of things men can do to fight back against modern day feminism, spoiled women, and the anti-male bias that exists in popular culture:

• Don't go to bars and clubs on ladies night. Boycott it. Ladies night is unconstitutional and discriminatory. It says that it's okay for women to get something for free, but not men. So by not going you are protesting this. Let "ladies night where women get in free" become "the night men go somewhere else". Help end this stupid practice. Also, the same applies if the establishments offer women reduced prices for drinks, or something similar to that. Boycott those nights too.

• Don't talk to women unless they make it easy for you to talk to them. No more "breaking into sets", or "getting past the hook point". See Dealing with Cold and Aloof Women.

• If you're on an internet dating site, don't message women at all. Let them send you the first message. There are two reasons for this: (1) Women already get too many messages from guys as it is; and (2) If you message a woman first there is a high chance she will stereotype you as a "loser just like all the other guys who message me", and you will be weeded out. To better understand this phenomenon see this post.

• Watch the movie Dimitri The Lover. As crude as it may be it's important to support a backlash against modern day feminism. Watching the movie is one way of taking a stand against prudish, uptight, bigoted, narrow-minded, puritanical, anglo-saxon protestant, man-hating women (cunts) and honorary women (manginas).

• Actively seek out foreign women from non-feminized countries for dating, especially those women who recently moved to the area.

• Don't waste any time on "fixer upper" women -- move on! It is especially important to do this if they are western women who have been living here a while. For these women: strike one and you're out!

• Ignore all the PUA crap. It's a band-aid solution at best, and in some ways helps promote female superiority. The pick-up (Venusian) arts is a coping strategy for rotten, spoiled female behaviour. Thus, it does nothing to change the status quo.

• Don't buy drinks for women at bars and clubs (whom you've just met). If they ask you too, or even hint at it, excuse yourself and walk away.

• Don't ask women whom you've just met out to dinner. Meet for drinks instead. if she hints at dinner, or even says something like, she enjoys good food, drop her like a stone and move on.

• Don't go to strip bars. You're only paying to be teased, and deep down most strippers think men are total losers for throwing money at them for virtually no physical contact in return.

• Don't pay for prostitutes, at least not in this part of the world. Instead, invest the money and travel to places such as Eastern Europe, Philippines, and South America (non-feminized countries). You can get prostitutes there much cheaper, or better yet, have sex with lots of nice, sexy, open-minded, local women for free.

• If you see an anti-male bias in a local newspaper, TV station, or magazine, contact the editors/broadcasters and complain about it. Just email them, it's the easiest way, and it gives you and them a record of what was said.

• Start saying no to women who don't fit the bill. Grow standards and start being more selective. If she ain't nice she ain't worth the price!

• Read books written by Christina Hoff Sommers, and Warren Farrell.

• If you wear a breast cancer awareness ribbon also wear a prostate cancer awareness ribbon.

• Stay away from women who say things like, "refuse to settle", "want intense chemistry", "looking for the one", "waiting for my prince", "friends first". These are like warning markers telling you to stay the fuck away.


Anonymous said...

• Actively seek out foreign women from non-feminized countries for dating, especially those women who recently moved to the area.

I think that the above bullet point perpetuates myth that women are somehow different in other countries. Women are the same everywhere/ Always keep in mind, that generally speaking, women from South America would perceive a man from North America as wealthy, which is true in relative sense.

Anonymous said...

^^^ it's not a myth because I've personally been to other countries and Canadian provinces that breed women who will go out with the specific purpose of having sex or a good time.