Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Men Wanting Hot Women Is Different From Women Wanting Dates

It's easy to believe that women are justified in wanting men who take them out and spend money on them because men want women who are attractive. So you could say it's a fair trade-off.

But this is not the case.

Men want attractive women for the simple reason that it turns us on more. Simply put, attractive women are more sexually appetizing to us.

However, taking a woman out on a traditional date is generally not sexually appetizing to her. Therefore, this does not increase a man's chances of sleeping with her. This has been proven to be true, and continues to be proven every day.

Women are not justified in demanding dinners or expensive dates because these things do not turn them on sexually or make them want to be with a man more.

But men are justified in wanting attractive women because it turns us on sexually and makes us want to be with them more.

So there is a functional difference between the two. The end result of what men want is sex. The end result of what women want is, well... basically nothing. So there is no end result. The experience (and her fun) ends at the end of the night, and she moves on.

You pick her up. Take her to an expensive place. Pay for an expensive dinner or whatever. And then you go home (usually empty-handed). That's pretty much the extent of it. Of course, there's always the chance that she might put out but that's hardly a sure thing. You have to do this sort of thing a lot to get any results. But it's a very poor strategy for mating and garnering a woman's company.

Look at it this way. Let's say a woman gets in shape, wears sexy clothes, and attracts men as a result. It's pretty much guaranteed that men will be more inclined to have sex with her. It is also pretty much guaranteed that men will be more inclined to ask her out on dates. So no matter what, she gets what she wants; either a free dinner, a night out, entertainment, or even sex if she wants it. All for the price of looking good.

Men aren't so fortunate. There is much more uncertainty that they will get what they want (sex) by taking a woman out on a traditional date, for the reasons just mentioned.

This is why there is a big difference between men wanting hot women and women wanting to be taken out on dates. One is much more guaranteed to get what they want after fulfilling their end of the bargain, while the other risks big losses and disappointment after fulfilling their end of the bargain.


Anonymous said...

Of course women don't want dates more than men want hot women. They want confidence, safety, and financial security, as we know.

Jessica MacDonald said...

LOL another great example of why Toronto men suck. Thanks.