Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Men Wanting Hot Women Is Different From Women Wanting Dates

It's easy to believe that women are justified in wanting men who take them out and spend money on them because men want women who are attractive. So you could say it's a fair trade-off.

But this is not the case.

Men want attractive women for the simple reason that it turns us on more. Simply put, attractive women are more sexually appetizing to us.

However, taking a woman out on a traditional date is generally not sexually appetizing to her. Therefore, this does not increase a man's chances of sleeping with her. This has been proven to be true, and continues to be proven every day.

Women are not justified in demanding dinners or expensive dates because these things do not turn them on sexually or make them want to be with a man more.

But men are justified in wanting attractive women because it turns us on sexually and makes us want to be with them more.

So there is a functional difference between the two. The end result of what men want is sex. The end result of what women want is, well... basically nothing. So there is no end result. The experience (and her fun) ends at the end of the night, and she moves on.

You pick her up. Take her to an expensive place. Pay for an expensive dinner or whatever. And then you go home (usually empty-handed). That's pretty much the extent of it. Of course, there's always the chance that she might put out but that's hardly a sure thing. You have to do this sort of thing a lot to get any results. But it's a very poor strategy for mating and garnering a woman's company.

Look at it this way. Let's say a woman gets in shape, wears sexy clothes, and attracts men as a result. It's pretty much guaranteed that men will be more inclined to have sex with her. It is also pretty much guaranteed that men will be more inclined to ask her out on dates. So no matter what, she gets what she wants; either a free dinner, a night out, entertainment, or even sex if she wants it. All for the price of looking good.

Men aren't so fortunate. There is much more uncertainty that they will get what they want (sex) by taking a woman out on a traditional date, for the reasons just mentioned.

This is why there is a big difference between men wanting hot women and women wanting to be taken out on dates. One is much more guaranteed to get what they want after fulfilling their end of the bargain, while the other risks big losses and disappointment after fulfilling their end of the bargain.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

With Women The Self Comes Through

The quality of a woman goes down the harder you have to work to get her. The reason for this is pretty straightforward. A woman's sexuality and views towards sex influence her in large part on who she is as a person. Unlike a man who can compartmentalize different areas of his life, including sex, and keep them fairly independent of one another, a woman's sexual views cannot be kept separate from how she behaves towards men, especially those men who are romantic prospects. If she's holding back at the beginning, chances are real good she will hold back when you fuck her. It's laughable to assume that it will be worth the effort. It's only backwards rationalization that would cause men to think they must have gotten a good deal just because they paid a lot for it.

A cold woman who is hard to engage and has a bitchy demeanor in general, has a high chance of being frigid in bed, whereas a friendly woman who opens up right away has a high chance of being much better in bed (and a better lover to boot). So why bother talking to a woman who puts up walls and plays games. Even if you break through, the quality won't justify all the effort it took.

Some men look at hot, bitchy, hard-to-get women and assume they rock in bed. In fact the opposite is true. And this is because a woman's sexuality tends to diffuse through her whole personality. She can't help it. The way a woman's body is more closely linked than a man's to sex (both in overall appearance and receptiveness to touch), so will her degree of sexual open-ness strongly correlate to how she acts towards men in all stages of interaction. It is the way women are.

Women are unable to relate to men in ways that strongly contradict their sexuality. But a man can be a total sexual prude and still be an easy-going guy in person. However, with women, the self comes through much more forcefully. It's practically impossible for them to play "hard to get" and be a great lover, since the two are so contradictory. They can only play hard to get at the expense of their sexuality. So there's no final "reward" for putting in the work to get these types of women, since that implies compartmentalization, which women are not capable of.

Uptight women can certainly have sex, but the conditions under which it happens tends to be of the dysfunctional sort; in other words, very lame sex. It's more like going through the motions rather than sheer enjoyment of it.

Spending a lot of time and $$ trying to get a hot bitchy woman in bed is like investing in a clunker dressed up to look like a Ferrari. You'll get behind the wheel but it'll be shit driving, parts falling off, etc.

On the other hand, if a woman is fun and outgoing from the get-go, with no games, there is a good chance she will be great in bed. For women, a strong measure of mental health is how healthy her views are towards sex.

The only down side of this (for some men) is that chances are good that a girl such as this has fucked a lot of guys. But that shouldn't be a complaint, since it means a lot of other guys have had fun with her too. It's just the nature of the beast, and there's nothing wrong with that. But in contrast, the uptight hard-to-get girl will only leave behind a string of unsatisfied men who paid dearly to get into her pants.

I remember years ago reading something Tyler Durden from the seduction community said. He said that 95% of hot girls are getting fucked by someone. I remember thinking at the time how much sense that made, since sex is so easy for them to get. But now I realize that it can only be true if 95% of hot girls are open-minded and don't play games. And clearly that's false.