Monday, October 12, 2009

How Does Feminism Affect You?

Feminism has mostly affected my life in the dating sphere. It has made it difficult for me to meet women by creating the presumption of guilt and inadequacy in women's minds where men are concerned.

Feminism has also contributed to fear and insecurity in the minds of women, by enslaving them to popular opinion and public approval rather than teaching them how to think for themselves.

It has encouraged passivity among females, who on the surface appear to be passive, but in reality are very active in doing nothing. So much energy is spent by women in doing nothing, or rather structuring things so that the man does all the work (and takes all the risk), while avoiding responsibility themselves (e.g. fear of rejection). The slew of these "doing nothing" tactics are: avoidance, subterfuge, resistance, etc. These are all defensive strategies, which women have been taught to do to thwart men's chances of getting close, and the justifiable male response (anger and masculinity) is discouraged.

The trap for men is, wanting to do more when women make it difficult for them to get close. The natural impulse of men is to do more in the face of obstacles. But what most men fail to realize is that the women are playing an active role in making things difficult for you. So by ratcheting up your efforts you are only causing her to ratchet up her own efforts to resist you. Contrary to belief, women who resist are not screening for "alpha" men, because persistence does not work. The cardinal rule is, if a woman wants to get with you she makes it easy for you. Period. And if by chance a woman likes to play "hard to get" then you should immediately respond with your own version of hard to get, which is moving on. Some will say that a real man would persist. Well, all I can say to that is that some "real" men would persist, but as a THINKING man I know that's a waste of time, and my time is better spent on REAL women who know what they want and aren't afraid to demonstrate it.

Feminism has done a lot of damage, by emphasizing the negatives of masculinity without looking at the positives. And this is especially true with regards to sexuality, where the sex act is demonized due to its penetrative nature. Radical feminists frame sex as a violation of women's bodies. But unfortunately for them, women enjoy sex too. So this creates a problem: The difficulty men usually encounter with regards to getting sex is not because many women hate sex, but because many women are taught to hate (or fear) men, or at least masculinity. And furthermore, men love sex. So there's that connection. It's bad to give the "enemy" what they like, even if you like it too. It must suck fraternizing with the enemy so often.

Acceptance Of Female Recklessness

In some ways, feminism has screwed over men not by what it does, but by what it fails to do. Feminism fails to correct reckless female behaviour, which in many ways is innate. If women are not taught a code of proper conduct the result is a lot of screwed up and self-destructive behaviour on the part of women. This is a common consequence of ideological bias, where one group can operate with impunity for reasons of political correctness, which skews the concept of "fairness" in order to further a political agenda.

It is obvious to anyone who has observed women for any length of time, and thought deeply about them, that they are inclined to be at the mercy of their emotions and baser instincts. And because there is nothing to control this (since it would be politically incorrect to do so), women are becoming increasingly reckless.

It is unfortunate that one of the most important checks and balances to combat this (masculinity) is not allowed or is severely restricted under the regime of radical feminism.

So anything masculine is demonized, and anything that can bring the two sexes together in a healthy way is demonized simply because half of that equation involves men (and masculinity). So in a way, feminists are screwing women out of happiness also.

The other problem is that, because feminist propaganda increasingly fuels women's sense of entitlement, you are getting more and more women holding out for higher and higher quality men (who statistically speaking, are in a smaller and smaller minority). Again, there are no checks and balances to reverse this trend. The result is that many women are screwing themselves over in their pathological and "socially downloaded" desire to find "Mr. Right".

If you are always looking for the right one, you get to enjoy no one. And that is becoming more and more obvious to me as time goes on. I see so many women who shut themselves out of GOLDEN opportunities because something didn't quite match up with one or more items on the "checklist". It's a sign of extreme vanity and near-sightedness when you can't even enjoy a brief encounter with someone because they didn't measure up in some small way. As men, we know that it's not a big deal to lower our standards somewhat to score a one-night stand. It's not a big deal to us because we know the time dimension is so short anyway, so it's hardly worth fretting over. BUT women (most anyway), cannot compromise even one iota when it comes to something short-term and casual. For them it's gotta be "perfect" all the time, even if it only lasts a few hours (which they would otherwise have spent sleeping or whatever). This can only be a result of extreme vanity and social myopia - the inability to see far.

I feel that the time will come when I completely blacklist women in these parts and outsource my libido instead, using vacations, and trips to other cities (i.e. friendlier demographics), using the "traveler status" to my advantage. And the rest of the time, when I'm home, I completely focus on personal projects. I think this is where I'm heading, since after almost 8 years in the game, the difficulty is still intolerably high, especially since I'm not the kind of person to wear blinders. If I was, then I would find reasons to "tough it out", like many guys do.

Let's put it this way, I am slowly getting tired of throwing pearls before swine (so to speak). And although I enjoy social interactions (for my own benefit), it is also dawning on me that giving people value who do not appreciate that value, is pretty stupid. When I talk to a woman and putting my best foot forward I am giving her value, and too often these women do not appreciate the value I am giving them. In other words, they act like swine that have been given pearls. It is something they do not appreciate, and furthermore it is too good for them anyway.

So stop giving pearls to swine. Put a price on your time and your value. I talked about this before. One way is to only talk to women who have a sexy confident energy that invites dialogue. Don't talk to women who won't even look at you or acknowledge you as a MAN. This is how we start taking back the power. Learning techniques to fuck the swine is not taking back the power. It only lowers your intellect and creates self-loathing.


Dennis said...

What is the solution to this madness? In my eyes, it's to become a high quality man or be celibate. In this dating climate, there's not much middle ground. Women generally won't pay you any mind unless you represent success, wealth, and security, or the illusion of it (which doesn't last, obviously). Only then, as a man, will you have your pick of the litter. Of course you've got the guys are naturally good with women and still have their pick, but for the rest of us, becoming a high quality man is the only viable option.

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty angry and resentful at most women because many of them walk around in a catatonic state.

I appreciate your efforts to explain what's going on out here in the dating scene. It can get hopelessly frustrating at times because women do little or nothing to take control of their own dating lives. Do most men even have value in their eyes? Why is it that men are willing to break their necks to achieve money and power? Mainly it's due to access to women.

John said...

The problem with becoming a high quality successful man is that you become golddigger material. And it might seem like a privileged position, but only in the "provider" sense. I could put all this effort into becoming high-status and powerful, but then who will it attract? Women who want to use me to catapult their way up in life in terms of status and (financial) independence. I do not want to be one of the select few men if all it means is that I represent "options" for women who want to get ahead in life. The sex can become very expensive in that case; just ask anyone rich who had to give away a substantial part of their fortune to a woman after divorce.

Now, maybe you can use the image of what you represent into hustling pussy out of women, and then kicking them to the curb before they expect the payout. But that's still a lot of work to create that image (if you don’t have it already), and all a woman has to do is refuse to put out before you "put out". But then you're right back to the prostitute scenario.

The other option is to be an approach machine and make pick-up a part time/full time job. And I just find that to be way too much effort, especially since you have to keep it going since it can "dry up" pretty fast when you decide to take a break from it all (I know because I used to do it). Like I said in my other post, women tend not to stick around very long if all you are giving them is sex. So you got to constantly get new women.

So no matter how you cut it, there's a lot of work to keeping either one woman in your life or a steady rotation of them. I've personally never encountered a guy who had a lot of women in his life (naturally) that didn't involve a high degree of effort. And you have to remember; you always hear the successes, not all the failures between the successes.

My problem is that I want quality women in my life but I don't want to have to work hard for them, at least not in the sense where you always have to keep them stimulated, paid, and appeased. I want it to be like genuine friendships I have with guys, that take some effort, but not a lot because it's real and there's no facade. I see no reason why women should be so much more demanding and high maintenance than a genuine friendship with one of your buddies. And it's a cop out to accept that anyway since all it does is infantilize women with all their petty wants and needs. No way, if we stop this it's got to be one man at a time who switches over, until we achieve strength through numbers. The dating climate won't shift unless we shift it. Fuck this adaptation shit. That's the only solution as I see it. The first step to doing this is informing men, either through reading about what other men do, or by word of mouth.