Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Some Seduction Community Fallacies

The seduction community likes to tout that women are the same everywhere, which means that you should be equally successful or unsuccessful anywhere. I totally disagree with this. Women are not the same everywhere, just like cultures are not the same everywhere. Turn on the news and see just how different some parts of the world are. Even in one city there can be great differences between different areas. So, cultures are not the same, and therefore women are not the same. The only thing that is the same is what generates attraction, which is rooted in human psychology. But how people act on attraction, what rules (if any) they follow, will depend on the culture. So it is simply not true that a woman who is attracted to you will always fuck you. Just like there are some women who won't fuck you only because they are not attracted.

Why is it so hard to believe that not all women who are attracted will fuck you? People resist their urges all the time. And some even do it as a matter of religion (e.g. priests, nuns). And the degree to which they do is very related to the culture in which they reside, and their personal beliefs.

Why is the seduction community so resistant to this idea? Is it because they don't want guys to rest on their laurels? So the second you start saying something is outside your control you revert back to AFC, and the seduction community is all about empowering men. Just like when a girl doesn't respond well, it's always the guy's fault, because thinking this way empowers guys. But it's overkill. It's like using a nuke to kill a bunny. And it's just flat out wrong. The truth is not always black and white. That's the nature of personal growth, recognizing those shades of gray when they exist.

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