Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So Where Are The Best Women?

Good question.

But the question shouldn't be "where", but "who".

Who are the best women?

What do they do?

What are their interests?

Well, I have a theory, and so far it's holding up pretty well.

The best women are the ones who have a serious passion and are courageous enough and intelligent enough to pursue it, no matter what.

In other words, entrepreneurial (self-employed) women. These women are willing to forgo the promise of a steady paycheck and follow their dreams. It takes guts to do that. That's certainly what I'm doing. I don't want to work for The Man. And any woman who feels the same is more likely to be a better match for me than a woman who ONLY cares about security in life. This is the worst kind of woman, who demands that rules be followed and that everything must line up just right. This is the kind of woman who is a slave to her baser survival instincts and is unable to just enjoy something for what it is. Nope, in her mind, it's always "how does this fit into my master plan of achieving xyz?"

These women are the first to use sex as a bargaining chip and are the last to enjoy sex by itself. These women will push and manipulate you in all manners of speaking, just to keep their "nest egg" safe.

These women will take jobs (assuming they work at all) that are most secure and have the most benefits. Nothing wrong with that right? And there isn't, except that often times these women hate their jobs, and are only putting up with them for the perks.

For example, government jobs. Some of the laziest, most pretentious, most uptight, rules-based women (and men) work in government offices, doing practically nothing all day. But the only reason they are there is because of the security the job provides.

Another example is teachers. Now, some women become teachers because they genuinely like kids. But I would say most of them are there just for the perks and the three months of paid vacation per year.

I never hooked up with a teacher. But I have hooked up with a few entrepreneurs. And the reason for that is because I'm a no-strings sex kind of guy, and teachers generally don't like that arrangement because it doesn't fit in with their business like attitude on life. If something doesn't add to the bottom line, and promise some return on investment, they don't bother. Kind of hard to enjoy a sunset with that attitude.

So if I want to fuck, one thing is for sure, I won't go to PTA meetings. Instead, I'll hang out where entrepreneurs hang out. There I will see women who are more open minded, more courageous, and definitely more fun to be around.

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