Thursday, September 17, 2009

Performance-Wise Men Are Better Than Women

It's hilarious to hear the justifications for why women do some of the things they do, such as why they hold grudges much longer than men — it's often said it's because women have a better memory than men. Wrong, they are just pettier and less forgiving (in general). Another commonly held view is, since the female brain has more communication between the left and right hemispheres, women are better at multi-tasking. Wrong again, it just means that women have a harder time distinguishing between logic and feeling, due to the extra "chit-chat" going on in their heads.

In the performance sense, and on average, men are better than women. Now, some women are better than some men at some things, but as a whole men are better than women at everything. There is not one single thing that women are better than men at, either through physical or mental prowess. At best, there are a few things they are just as good at. But there is nothing they are better at.

What is the reason for this? I think it's because of natural selection. Women, on average, have always mated with men who are physically bigger and stronger than them. In addition, women, on average, have always mated with men who have more resources and more social status than them. These two things often correlate with higher intelligence. Hence, the fact that the average man is better than the average woman, in the performance sense, directly ties into women's hypergamous instincts. Men, by way of women's mating choices over thousands of years, have quite simply been selected to be better. And men, not being as picky as women, have not had this kind of influence on women, so as to balance out the disparity.

By the way, just because I'm male doesn't mean I should be thought of as a member of the "winning team" and hence be looked upon more favorably. Conversely, it also doesn't mean that my views should be dismissed either, just because they might appear to be coming from a braggart who, through his own arguments, is part of the "winning team".

The fact that men as a whole perform better than women as a whole does not mean that individual men should be given more advantages than individual women. In fact, they are not, far from it actually.

What I am talking about is statistical averages, not how individuals should be treated based on their gender.

And since individual men obviously cannot tap into the collective "power" of the entire male group then they must rely on their own individual talents to achieve anything. So, men as a whole being better does not help individual men do better. Ultimately it comes down to what we do as individuals that gets us anywhere.

Remember, for every man that is great at something there are countless women out there who are better than him at other things.

So equal opportunity between the sexes should indeed be allowed. Give men and women equal opportunity to succeed. But the mistake we make is twisting and lowering the standards so that more women can compete with more men. To draw an analogy, consider that the fastest sprinters are almost always black. So you can say that white sprinters aren't as fast as black sprinters. That's certainly true at the highest levels (at least as far as historical evidence goes). But I would not want someone to say that I'm not allowed to train for sprinting because I'm white, since my chances of reaching the highest levels of competition are remote. I would want the same opportunity to show what I can do regardless of my skin color.

The same goes for women. Give them the same opportunity, but do not expect that they will be able to compete with men, in general. Exceptions will exist of course, but there's no way there will ever be true equality between men and women, only true equal opportunity. It is stupid to skew the system to create the illusion of parity between men and women.

Feminism threatens to become more and more tyrannical and unfair to men because of the natural inequality that exists between men and women. Feminists, in their quest to achieve parity between men and women, can only do so by putting men at a disadvantage. That is the only way their agenda can ever be satisfied. Only a culture-wide bias in favor of women can create the "equality" feminists crave for. It's tantamount to giving women a "head start" so that they reach the finish line at the same time, or sooner than men. So whatever the cost, feminist ideology dictates that women must prevail, and this inevitably sows the seeds of unfairness men currently face in western society.

The other problem with feminism is that it does not seek to better civilization. It's main goal is to out-do men. This is female pettiness at work, putting all of ones efforts into one-upping the other person. Because feminism is influenced by selfish female thinking it will never rise to a loftier goal than simply doing better than men. So any true social progress will always be limited at the hands of feminists. One consequence of this is that you will have lots of women taking high profile positions, such as CEO, engineer, etc, but not out of true passion for the field, but instead to compete with men. So in a manner of speaking, this is all simulated empowerment, by mimicking what men do in an effort to show they are better than them. This is merely pettiness at a higher level.

It is true that when men rule, they may destroy things in the process, but along that path there is always positive progress, albeit slow at times. So it's self-regulating. The reason for this is because men have the cohesiveness and integrity (usually) to create civilizations and foster technological growth. But this is not nearly as true with women. Women (in general) lack the cohesion men have when forming social bonds. They lack the teamwork skill and the ability to manage situations for the greater good. They are too busy trying to one-up each other. And furthermore, compared to men they overwhelmingly lack genius, the necessary trait to invent things, which is how technological progress comes about.

Some will say that what I'm saying is biased and untrue, and that men and women are just different, so my view is only a male view. I might accept that if women got along well with each other, understood each other and worked well together (just like men), and it's just that men can't relate to the way women view the world. However, this is not the case, women do not get along with each other as well as men. They have a weak concept of "word-is-bond". They lie and backstab each other. They do not trust each other, especially upon first acquaintance. This is unlike men who can form solid friendships immediately after the first handshake, which by the way is usually more warm and sincere than when two women greet each other for the first time. So, it's not only that women are different, they are also somewhat deficient, since even in the company of one another they are problematic.

Feminism is dangerous because it does not acknowledge this fact about women. And because women are the way they are, it is easier for them to abuse the system to their advantage. There is less restraint with feminism because it is rooted in the more corrupt female psyche. There is less accountability in feminism because women are less accountable in general. So you have to be careful granting power to someone who has a weaker sense of justice and a weaker ability to see the consequences of their actions. Power should be granted to the most responsible beings and this will for the most part, be men. Because we are dealing with absolutes here, not preferences, it is simply a fact of nature that it will usually be men.

Women are society's helpers with the occasional leader, but they can never compete with men in equal numbers. Trying to force equality can only mean putting men at a disadvantage, and that will only generate a backlash, the way it is happening now with MRA (Men's Rights Activism).

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Anonymous said...

I think you're also forgetting that men usually will be beaten senseless by another man if they are nto forthcoming, that's engrained in society. Fear of Reprisal.