Sunday, August 16, 2009

Women Are Very Prone To Prejudice

Something I've become increasingly aware of is that women will put their blinders on when evaluating situations. They'll often adopt a stance where they'll make broad sweeping generalizations.

Female pride is an amazing thing. In some ways it's worse than male ego, since a man is at least able to come to grips with the facts and adopt a scientific approach to get to the bottom of things (although it can take a very long time for some). But with women, the problem is a general LACK of this fact-collecting ability, since their powers of abstracting information from things that are not directly in front of them is surprisingly weak. Weeks ago I ran into this woman at the bar whom I met years before. We got on nicely. She tried to pick me up but I declined, since she was not quite as attractive as before. But anyways, one of the first things she did was dismiss virtually all the guys in the bar, calling them "too stiff" or something like that. And she had just walked in five minutes before. Now, granted she had been in that place before but there's no way she could make that conclusion based on just looking around. And this woman at least does talk to guys. Many others will take this prejudice all the way and literally block all attempts to meet men somewhere just because of where that "somewhere" is. It's total loser behaviour.

So anyway, this woman I had met years before at another club, which in my opinion is much better to meet people than the place we were at that night. And it's because of the herd mentality of the women. The other bar is more fun so the women are more fun. But rather than make that connection she instead dismissed all the guys in the bar, which would have included me as well had I not met her before at the other bar. So using this woman's argument, if I'm at club "X" I'm a dud, but if I'm at club "Y" I'm cool. But I'm the same fucking person lol.

Just goes to show you how stupid some (a lot) of women are when it comes to making informed decisions about things that require a modicum of research and finding things out for yourself first hand. This is the main reason why most women can't hack it as managers. They usually don't have the mental faculty to evaluate those things which are remote and not directly in front of their noses. So to compensate they will involve prejudice in their decision-making. Women are generally best at evaluating those things that are right in front of them, like being able to tell if you're having a bad day based on your facial expression. Those things they are good at. Women's intuition, as much as it is touted is surprisingly nearsighted. But try making women see the errors of their ways and you got a serious fight on your hands. It's like a dog that won't let go of a steak.

You see the same thing in online dating. Women get a few bad responses and they immediately assume the whole online dating situation sucks. Or they go in skeptical and they never meet anyone because they are skeptical. Could it be that some of the guys online are the same guys they could meet through friends, or in any situation they are naturally comfortable with? Scores of women NEVER meet anyone online despite getting HUNDREDS of messages. These men can't ALL be duds, so the problem is with the women. Most of the time they assume shit which just isn't true, and it's because of their weak ability to see far ahead - that, and their almost ritualistic way of falsely categorizing things based on ONE or TWO things, like judging men by ONLY their shoes or hairstyle. Sure it's simple, but it does leave one challenged in the truth department.

The moral is, never let a woman categorize you because chances are she'll assume things about you that just aren't true, and she'll do it based on knowing very little about you. But if she does, then condescend her and talk down to her. It is absolutely not true that women have a superior sense of awareness and can make accurate judgment calls based on shreds of data. You'll sometimes see this in dating books that say women are very astute with superior powers of observation when it comes to making snap decisions about someone. Don't buy into that. It's garbage written by smug women with a false sense of intelligence, and manginas who want to score points.

Sometimes the only way to get through to people is to smack them over the head with the truth. And with women the only way they will ever learn is by men raising the price they have put on themselves where women are concerned. So, anything a woman does to increase the difficulty level in meeting her is one more reason not to talk to her. Why do you think many fat girls are so easy to talk to? The reason is because guys won't bother with them unless they make it EASY to get to know them. Now, just extend this to the attractive girls and you're set.

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