Saturday, August 29, 2009

Women Are 50-100 Times More Likely To Be Approached Than A Man

Out of curiosity I used the Google Keyword tool, and typed in different keywords to see how many people were looking up how to approach men, or women. Google Keywords is very useful because it gives you the search volume for keywords you specify, which is useful for internet marketers, and guys like me who just want basic info.

I typed in common keywords people might type in Google, such as: "approaching men", "approaching women", "how to pick up men", "how to pick up women", "how to approach men", "how to approach women", etc. And to get as much accuracy as possible I set the match type to 'Exact'.

What I found was that there are many more searches on how to approach, or pick up women, then there are searches on how to approach, or pick up men. Looking at the numbers, I found the difference to be around a factor of 50-100. So, for example, if 100 people are looking up how to approach/pick-up men, there are 5000-10000 people looking up how to approach/pick-up women. Now, the Google Keywords tool obviously can't specify the gender of those people performing the searches, but it's safe to assume that men are doing the looking up where women are concerned, and women are doing the looking up where men are concerned.

The difference between 100 and 5000-10000 is huge, and it confirms what most of us already know, that men are generally putting much, much more effort into chasing after women, than vice-versa.

Without too much of a stretch you can argue that (on average) women are around 50-100 times more likely to be approached by a man, than the other way around. This level of skew is unheard of, even in the animal kingdom, and especially where primates are concerned (our closest relatives in the animal kingdom). So there's no way this is natural, not one bit.

In fact, it's pretty much a result of negative socialization, chivalry gone bad, etc. And it confirms how much of a time waster chasing women is, just because of the level of skew you're up against. The numbers themselves suggest deliberate subterfuge on the part of the women. So it's like two competing teams, where one is completely on the offensive and the other is completely on the defensive. So by chasing women I'm essentially playing offense, and she is doing everything she can to block my shots. Fuck that!

I see only one way to fix this insanity. And that is to refuse to play offense any longer. Refuse to play ball with any woman who doesn't show clear signs that she wants to get with you. And if there's any resistance on her part, you walk off the field.


Anonymous said...

The mysogynistic phase that you spoke of - I think I'm at that point now. I'm just very resentful right now and I feel like I'm right back to where I started before I found the seduction community, and that was 3 years ago. I'm thinking of visiting other countries in Europe and South America, because this shit here in the States is almost intolerable. Meeting and dating women is not supposed to be this difficult. Most of the seduction material out there is just absolute rubbish when push comes to shove. You cannot pursue American women because the good-looking ones are so hounded by horny guys that you almost have to ignore her to get her interest.

I hear and read about American men going abroad and having much more success with women than they EVER had here in the States. What do you think about foreign travel?

Vittorio said...

I would love to travel abroad and see what foreign women are like. I resisted doing that before because I didn't want to use that as an excuse to not improve myself. But now that I've undergone as much self-improvement as I can, I know that no further improvement can take place unless I meet different kinds of women. And that can only happen in different (foreign countries).

So if you're at that point where you feel you've done all you can here at home, by all means, go visit some foreign countries. No doubt, you'll come back wiser, happier, and with some good perspective.

Alexander said...

In order to further explore the degree to which POF and, as a matter of fact, all similar websites, sucks I conducted the following social experiment: I registered a girl's profile with a few semi-attractive pictures and the dumbest description humanly imaginable. The name of the fictional girl is _HotBabe90_. Please DO check her out. In the course of a week about 70 guys messaged me, usually addressing different aspects of the girl's exciting interests (such as, hanging out with friends, being down to earth, etc.). One of the things that caught my attention was that none of the hopefuls took notice of the fact that all of the photos were OBVIOUSLY not made in Canada (just look at those towels, the tiles, etc. and tell me if you have every seen anything like that in North America). On the other hand, I, having spent quite a lot of hours writing the most though-provoking and original self-description I was capable of and choosing some pictures that were, on one hand not too douchy, but not too soft-looking either, have never gotten a message from a girl for the 2-3 years that I have kept this profile and most probably never will. The conclusion? I just don't have time for this. My profile is evidently not good enough for modern women, so I am going back to reading about generator sizing and harmonic current, which are (and here I am being completely serious) much more interesting. For the next few years my plans is simple, if you want something exciting, well, open the last few pages of Now Magazine and here you go.