Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Proof Is In The Prostitutes

Prostitutes prove that women can be just as casual about sex as men. They're completely cornered in this regard, there's no way they can deny it. In fact women can be even more casual about it, capable of having sex many times a day. And it will not be nearly as physically draining for them, for obvious biological reasons.

So many times you hear women say that a strictly sexual relationship is harmful for women because they get emotionally attached more easily. Well then, I guess prostitutes are very emotionally attached to all their clients. And yet, they do their job so well. Some do it for years, having a long list of regulars, and you never hear about them whining about feeling "used", or complaining that the men don't want to "commit" lol. Some of these women make hundreds of dollars an hour, and contrary to popular belief, a lot of them are very happy with their work. They are after all, making money doing what they love.

So knowing this, why is it hard to believe that women are fully capable of getting into "friends with benefits" relationships? This is exactly the same as what a prostitute does, minus the getting-paid part, while having sex with far fewer men.

So you figure, if there are lots of women prostituting themselves for cash (given the risks involved), there should be at least that many women willing to have no-strings sex for free (with much less risk). And the fact that there are so many women opposed to this type of arrangement is largely because they are opposed to giving it away for free. So in one way, shape or form, they will demand payment for it, either through dating and dinners, or a "relationship" which is code for lots and lots of attention. However, these things can be passed off as "romantic" and "chivalrous", but cold hard cash cannot. But there's really no difference, other than perception (i.e. one is wrapped in a pretty bow and the other is not).

But remember, women enjoy sex too, and on top of that they are getting the extra goodies. So you are essentially paying her twice. And she is only paying you once. And if those extra goodies come at great cost to you then there is a cancellation effect, and you are essentially getting nothing. This is something to ponder for all of you business types who are big on ROI (return on investment).

I remember when I was living in Toronto, I had lots of difficulty finding women who would have no-strings sex, but I couldn't figure out why at the time. So I started experimenting. And I found that, although I could easily tease apart the women who wanted a relationship from those who didn't, and the ones who were prudes from the ones who weren't, I could not easily separate the women in general from the payment paradigm. So many of them implicitly demanded some sort of payment for sex, like dinners, dates etc. That is the main pain in the ass with women in the city of Toronto, and it is one of the main reasons I left.

Another common belief is that with sex, it's just gotta happen, so you can't plan for sex. However... prostitutes plan for sex ALL THE TIME. Do they have some special gift? Are they rare women? Hell no. I could go out right now and find a woman and pay her for sex much more easily than I could get free casual sex. The reason I choose not to comes down to the reason I gave above. I would be paying her twice. And that just does not sit right with me.

But it makes you think though, all the resistance women put up when it comes to having sex, is often just a charade to get shit out of you. I mean, once a woman reaches a certain level of maturity (like 30+), there's no good reason why she should ever hold out on you. So it's either shit or get off the pot. It makes me think of how all this effort that goes into making a woman feel "just right", can be circumvented by just placing a $100 bill next to her, and then watch the resistance evaporate. How can any man in his right mind work hard to get sex while knowing this?

This should give you a hint that the women who already have money and are financially secure, are more likely to have no-strings sex. In addition, this tendency is most evident in women that are happily self-employed, as that provides the greatest financial security of all. My own experience with these women certainly verifies this claim.

So in many cases, the difficulty you're experiencing with a particular woman can be explained by answering two simple questions: Is she a have or have-not woman? And, why wouldn't a prostitute make things this difficult for you?

So you see, I love prostitutes for the single reason that they have exposed so many of the lies. The jig is up girls, and you have no one but your sisters to thank, the ones who went directly for the cash instead.

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Anonymous said...

I don't be;lieve friends with benefits relationships actually happen. If you see a film with the title, which there is, it means it isn't happening. If it was, it wouldn't be so talked about. Water water everywhere, yet not a drop to drink, said the sailor adrift at sea.