Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One Way To Deal With A Flake

If a woman flakes on you for no good reason there is one thing you can do to remedy the situation.

Tell her you just want to be friends.

But before telling her this, mention that you started seeing some people, and would rather not complicate things by pursuing anything with her.

Why do this? Because it can turn things to your favor.

Assuming you have a shred of interest left in a girl after she flakes you off, this strategy can get her to fuck you.

But the downside is that she most likely fucks you because she is insecure, not because she genuinely wants to. So by telling her you just want to be friends it's like kryptonite on her brain.

There were two instances in the past that I used this, with women I met from the internet. They flaked on the first meeting so I decided to wait a few weeks before contacting them again. Then I dropped the H-bomb. I emailed them and said that I'd still like to meet them, but as friends, since I started seeing some people and would rather not complicate things by pursuing anything with anyone else. I then closed off the email by asking them if they were cool with it. And they said they were (but they were most likely reeling).

When I met them they were practically all over me, sexually propositioning me and flirting. Soon after they invited me back to their place, and we had sex. And I did almost no work.

In a way, this situation is kind of hilarious. Where the fuck is the "chemistry" in all of this? Don't women need to feel a special something before sex happens? Apparently not when their self-esteem is on the line.

But I learned an important lesson from this. When a chick wants to fuck you she makes it easy. These events marked the beginning of my quest to remove all the excess effort from meeting women, now that the bar had been set.

However, this "friends method" is not really a get-laid method per se. It would be too awkward, since the girl has to flake on you AND be insecure enough AND be attracted enough.

As well, I tend not to respect a girl if she fucks me because I made her feel inadequate. But on the other hand, if she flaked on me then chances are good the respect level is low anyway.

There were other times that I tried this H-bomb approach on other women, under somewhat different circumstances, but it didn't work. So from my limited experience on this I can reasonably say that it works on the sexiest women who have a high opinion of them selves. These are the women that are most likely not used to guys rejecting them. So they will have little or no immunity to rejection when it happens.

The nice thing about this strategy is that they can't suspect that you schemed the whole thing, since how could you have known they would flake? There was no real manipulation, just a re-shuffling of priorities where she is demoted to a lower position. Something she would probably want to recover from.

The idea is that you leave it totally up to her to take things to the next level, and if she doesn't you are free to walk or stay as "friends", assuming it's worth your time. But there's no obligation to stick around if she doesn't rise to the occasion where you are concerned.

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