Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Women In Male Dominated Professions

Women that work around men all day and who try to compete with them in the workplace are at risk of becoming masculinized. It's the nature of the environment. In their desperate effort to win at the "game" some of these women lose touch with their femininity and become domineering ice queens. As a result, their relationships with men are compromised. They won't respond well to flirting and tend to respond negatively to forwardness in males. If you put your arm around these ladies they may react with hostility, telling you that they didn't give you permission to do that, or something of that ilk.

These women are caught up in the doublethink of wanting a strong man who always asks for permission first.

These women want the upper hand in relationships and will fight for it tooth and nail. Their mindset is such that a strong confident man will chip away at their self-image.

These women have difficulty reconciling their desire to dominate with their (biological) desire for the man to wear the "pants" in the relationship. The result is a very confused woman who doesn't know what she wants, doesn't know how to get it, and is always unsatisfied.


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