Friday, June 5, 2009

Some Women Have Sex To Gain Social Status

Attraction isn't the only reason women will have sex with someone. Some women will have sex with a man if it will give their social status a boost. So in this sense we have a form of prostitution, where sex is exchanged for social status instead of money.

If you don't agree with this, ask yourself why groupies would want to hook up with rock stars. It's unlikely these are the only men they find attractive. Chances are these women encounter attractive men all day long, so why would they go out of their way to have sex with someone just on the basis of attractiveness. The answer is, they wouldn't. They do it to gain social status. They want to be able to say (most likely to their friends) that they were with someone famous. And of course it helps if that famous person is attractive too; it makes it easier.

By the way, this sort of behaviour is sometimes observed in primates as well. The females will mate most frequently with the highest-ranking male. But as soon as another male takes his place the females will flock to him instead. It's not that the (former) top-male suddenly became less attractive. It's that another male took his place, and now he becomes the go-to guy for social goodies.

Therefore, high-status men aren't necessarily the most attractive. It is their social rank that "attracts" those females willing to prostitute themselves in exchange for social status, even if it's only fifteen minutes of fame -- the time it takes for a quickie.

The social circuitry of females naturally seeks out higher-ranking males to gain social privileges, in exchange for sex, since that's a currency males usually accept. It's based on a self-preservation instinct, since women are the weaker sex. But if taken too far it's a sign of emotional immaturity and validation-seeking behaviour, which can be easy to manipulate if one desires. Simply structure a scenario where she feels desirable and then jerk that away from her, and watch her work to get back in your good graces (such as in the bedroom). I personally wouldn't do this, but some guys do.

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