Sunday, June 7, 2009

Social Proof

This is a term sometimes used to describe how popular someone is, either with men, women, or both. The idea is that when you are seen interacting in a positive way with other people, it boosts your attractiveness. This is true. When you see someone socializing with others, it makes them more approachable. This is especially true in a bar and club environment where most people (women) have their guard up. If a woman sees a guy socializing with others and having a good time it makes him appear more fun and easy-going, and also "safer" (which is pretty important for women). So it will be easier to meet him.

In particular, if a man is seen interacting with different women this can get other women's attention. Women are catty this way. Understand that a woman may find you attractive without social proof, but only when she sees other women talking to you will she act on that attraction. In other words, she will be motivated to take action lest she lose you to someone else. So if you get a woman sitting on the fence and acting indecisive where you are concerned, start talking to other women. Chances are that will compel her to take action (one way or the other).

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