Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Psychology Of The Hottest Girls

Key understanding: Makeup and attitude go together.

Have a good look at what you consider to be the hottest girls. Chances are they are wearing lots of makeup, and sexy clothes. Hot girls are pretty girls with lots of makeup, period. It's an artificial (enhanced) attractiveness, which usually means an artificial sense of self-worth. No woman is going to spend lots of time, effort and money looking good and not have an inflated sense of entitlement in how she is treated. The only reason she does it IS to get better treatment (usually by men). Of course, spending some time looking good is normal, but when it's overdone you get a narcissist.

A lot of the techniques (game) that some guys use to get the "hottest girls" is geared towards dealing with these women's narcissism and manipulating their insecurities (such as The Mystery Method). And it's funny; these women are often regarded as having "superior genes" because they look better than most other women (who don't spend as much time and effort on makeup and clothes). So the implication is that the techniques work because they are based on evolutionary psychology; meaning it's the natural order of things, as opposed to: These techniques work because they break down a woman's sense of self worth, which she worked so hard to build up by way of cosmetics. The evolutionary psychology argument is flawed, and is largely a result of men thinking with their smaller head.

Women like these aren't even that great in bed, usually. The reason is that they never cultivated their sexual skills. All their efforts went into the front end; making the "product" look good, as opposed to actually being good. Furthermore, these women are usually mentally vacuous, since they never cultivated their intelligence either. Everything they've gotten (from men usually) is because of their looks. And with critical feedback missing, the result is a trophy girlfriend and starfish fuck.

Learning to get women like these is a descent into mind-numbing hell, with little reward.

It's natural for men to feel attraction towards these women since attraction is biologically based, and it isn't a choice. But action IS a choice. So don't put these women on pedestals knowing that they aren't all they're cracked up to be. You're chasing an illusion if you do. It's better to spend time on the pretty girl who doesn't put as much effort into looking good, and who might have a better attitude (as well as being better in bed).

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