Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Moral Pedestal Lie

This is my response (in bold) to a woman's post on Toronto Craigslist:

For most healthy women, sex is not a favour. We want it just as much as men do. For most of us with a healthy libido, daily would do quite nicely (except for 'that time of the month'... icky!). While men have generally been taught over the years to sow their wild oats as often as they can and with as many women as possible before settling down, women have been taught that frequent sex equals slut material. Therefore (and I have been guilty of this too), we tend to hold out until the relationship is established.

So here you admit that you hold out until a "relationship" is established, because that is what women have been taught to do.

And then you say:

No, I will never sleep with someone on a first date or a second and possibly a third, but if you get past the first date, that means there's hope for us both.

which sounds like your own decision based on your own insights. But in reality you're just following social protocol. If women were taught that it's okay to have sex right away then you would be okay with it, right?

All I'm saying is that women like you give the impression that "holding out" is an individual choice (moral pedestal) rather than just admit that you have cowed under the social pressure (which is what is actually happening).

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Anonymous said...

What I could never grasp is why females, on average, are so dishonest with themselves?