Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Managing Your Neediness

Logic is the most powerful way to overcome feelings of neediness where women are concerned. But also know that the irrational voice in your head telling you to constantly chase after pussy will never go away. However, it can be managed effectively. This is done using the following basic truths:

#1 Understand that even if you get a girl, you'll just want another one right after. The desire to fuck will not go away by fucking.

#2 Desire in general is the irrational pursuit of something, thinking that once you get it, the desire will go away. This is never true.

So whenever you start feeling needy where women are concerned, think about 1 and 2 and just let the neediness pass through you, and eventually it will subside. This is a neediness management system based on logic. Not twisted logic, but actual logic.

If you think about this carefully it becomes obvious why chasing after pussy is pointless. It's like a dog chasing his own tail. Therefore, it makes sense to minimize your efforts where women are concerned, and you waste a lot less time.

If you follow this management strategy, you will be able to think much more clearly and rationally where women are concerned. And a lot of things you probably used to do, like take women to dinner, will no longer make sense. You'll streamline everything. Women will become like a bottle of wine you can enjoy but at the same time buy anywhere. So there's no need to go out of your way to get one.

Of course it's good to have had a few experiences with women so you have the "database" of reference experiences to truly understand where I'm coming from. But even if you're a virgin this still applies. You just may have to read the posts more closely to get a feel for what you have to do.

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