Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Learned Weakness

I was talking to a guy at the bar last weekend. He sees this attractive blonde and tells me jokingly, that he can't afford her. I laugh with him and tell him he should work within his means. But joking aside, this is a common mindset men have, feeling like women (especially attractive ones) are better than them. Even guys who spend lots of money to learn specialized pickup and seduction techniques, are coming from the same mindset, otherwise why assume you have to elevate yourself to reach their level. It's better to just assume women are at your level (or lower), for the simple reason that they are.

The other problem with learning pickup and seduction is that it's not reciprocal. Last time I checked women weren't learning ways to pick ME up, so why is it my job as a man to learn how to get her? Why should I learn to navigate through HER obstacle course? Isn't it her job to try and remove those obstacles, and vice-versa? Shouldn't we be working together?

Every time a woman acts a certain way, which makes things difficult for you, why should you find a way to overcome that? Why doesn't she simply be LESS difficult? Aren't you encouraging women to continue with their difficult behaviour by learning coping techniques? If someone is a slob and makes a mess, is it my job to learn how to clean it up quickly and efficiently just so I can improve the synergy between us? Why is it assumed that the man has to put up with shitty treatment else he be accused of being less of a man? This pathological thinking comes from the puritanical (protestant) work ethic, where it is assumed that nothing of value is obtained without suffering and hard work (no pain, no gain). It's the same reason people endure crappy jobs, because they think it makes them better people, as opposed to miserable automatons dedicated to a life of corporate slavery.

Snap out of it.

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