Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Laundry List Of Requirements

Why do some women have a "laundry list" of requirements when it comes to meeting a man?

It has to do with too much exposure to daytime TV and romanticized ideals. It's based on the delusional belief that you truly can have it all. And the result is a list that just keeps on growing.

Women are always touting the importance of not settling and having everything they want. But are they coming from a rational position? To answer this, consider some perspective. Why don't these women have the same stringent requirements for their friends? No one has ever heard of a woman having a laundry list of requirements when it comes to making new friends. So why is it necessary for the men in her life (who fill the role of romantic partner) to satisfy these requirements?

It's selective projection.

Some women go through life collecting "unmet needs" and adding them to the mix of requirements they expect from "the one". That's why they call it "the one" because supposedly HE can provide it all. It's a form of projection of what one cannot find themselves, or inside themselves, onto another party (the man). And he becomes the Supercenter for everything she needs. It's a tall order.

These women have bought into the fairy tale notion of the perfect man, who should be able to give them everything they want, such as emotions, sparks, lust, chemistry, and other superlatives, in addition to satisfying xyz requirements in how he looks and acts.

It's as if they have projected everything they have ever wanted onto this so-called perfect man. So they spend their lives looking, and looking... for something that doesn't exist.

Again, it's projection, and is a result of the politically correct universe created by feminists that discourages criticism of women, and tries to shift responsibility to the man whenever possible. And it just so happens that this mindset aligns well with the fairly tale notion of "the prince" which women tend to embrace anyway. And if this goes unchecked, you can get a woman with lots of cats, maybe one for each unmet need.

The politically correct message to women is essentially "It's okay to have all these hangups and unrealistic expectations dear, because one day the right guy will come along and take care of you".

A better message would be "Honey, you need to fix yourself first, and shorten that goddam list!"

These women will be hard-pressed to accept they are wasting their time and life in this fruitless pursuit. It can be seen as blasphemous to some telling them this. But there's nothing like the truth and no one should have to hide from it. Even children have to discover eventually that Santa Claus doesn't exist.

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