Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Is Sex A Favor From Women?

My response to a woman's post on Toronto Craigslist will answer this question. The title of her post is "1 womans tips to get laid". My response is in bold.

Do NOT dart your pointy tongue in and out of my mouth like your trying to skewer something in there

Ok, that's fair

Do NOT slobber all over me. A luscious kiss is good. Feeling like your being kissed by a Saint Bernard is not

Fair enough

Do NOT open your mouth wide enough to eat my chin. I dont have a flip top head like a cartoon character

Fair enough

Do NOT grind your chin into mine. I get that you want me. I want you too I also want some skin remaining on my chin at the end of the date

Fair enough

DO check your breath

Fair enough

DO kiss gently at first

It depends on the circumstances. The heat of the moment does not always entail being "gentle"

Do NOT suggest any of the following if we still have our clothes on. Sex, oral sex, anal sex, taking a shower together or anything that would assume we're both completely naked

I disagree. There has to be some way of knowing where you stand. Much better to introduce the possibility of sex ASAP than to take the "safe" route and hope things just magically happen. It's called screening.

Do NOT use your teeth on my clit

Fair enough (ouch)

DO know how to take off my bra. Fumbling around until I have to do it for you makes me feel like im back in high school. Its not hot

Fair enough

Do NOT push my head towards your crotch as if to initiate your BJ. Its very "counterproductive" and my 'counterpunch' will leave you with sore balls

Yeah, I can see how that would be annoying. But if you allow the guy to take charge by taking off your bra, he may not know that pushing your head down to his crotch is unacceptable. I'm just saying

Do NOT assume that because I gave you head that I will give you head

WTF! That makes no sense!

Remember ..Sex is a favor from us to you
If you can follow these rules, I hope to run into you some day

This is false thinking. But let's just assume for the sake of argument that sex is a favor from one person to the other. And let's reasonably assume that the favor is pleasure.

If men are the ones receiving this favor, then why do women enjoy sex more than men? Women have longer, more intense, more pleasurable, and MULTIPLE orgasms, while men are usually done in a few minutes, and furthermore we need some time to "recharge" before the next session. In short, we don't get as much out of sex as women do.

So it seems to me that based on the pleasure principle alone, women are getting more out of the deal than men. In other words, men are doing women the favor, for the most part.

So not only is it false thinking to assume that sex=favor, but even if it were the correct way of looking at it, it is actually men "bestowing" the bulk of the favor upon women.

However, I personally feel an alternate point of view is best: Sex is something to be shared and enjoyed mutually.

I dont think women considering sex as a favour to men as "false "thinking

It is a favour really
While we may enjoy sex equally or even more as you pointed out
We dont care about recieving it nearly as much
You dont see us chasing men for sex ,or decietfully playing them to get it all the time
How much sexual porn do we download??/

Its a favour

The only reason that men act needy and chase after sex much more than women, is because women happen to be on the "winning" side of a system that has become unfairly rigged against men. The reasons for this are numerous, but basically the "pendulum" of social balance has gone too far in one direction in favor of women. This is common in a society that is too politically correct, such as Toronto.

As a result of this over-swung pendulum, women like you mistakenly believe your pussy has great value. But you know what, every chick has one and more is being born every minute. Eventually, men will wake up to that fact, and myths like "scarcity", sex=favor, and all other BS will be dispelled.

It's like the thieves in the finance world getting richer due to the bogus value of the market bubble. But eventually it collapses because there was nothing there to begin with.

Your inflated market value will crash eventually, and you'll come down to our level.

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Alex said...

Hi John,

I hope that you reply to this message cause I would be very curious to see your answer.

I have read a lot of your posts and the comments.

A theme in all these posts is the inflated sense of worth that women attach to themselves - which I totally agree with.

There is also a general consensus from user comments and yourself that this inflated sense of worth will eventually evaporate:

"Your inflated market value will crash eventually, and you'll come down to our level."

However, I want to point to you that THIS IS NOT HAPPENING, not by a mile.

How can I put this bluntly? The vicious cycle in Toronto and increasing in more and more parts of the world, has created an environment where sex-starved men will gladly line up for ugly, overweight unattractive women even if she is 50!

Recently, I saw a craigslist post from Toronto from a 48 recently divorced women. She had written a second post saying how delighted she was with all the responses and appologizing for not being able to get back to everyone.

Do you get my drift? You can do an experiment. Put the most hideous ugliest woman you find anywhere from 18 - 60 and post an "casual encounters" ad. You will get 100 responses.

The bubble will only burst if men stop feeding this vicious cycle and it is simply not happening.