Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Indie Girl

I'm surprised my comment was posted given its "non-vanilla" sounding nature. I left a comment on one of Indie Girl's posts in which she describes one of her dating experiences. Her name is Sarah Rowland. She is 37 years old and is crossing the country in search of "Mr. Right". Here is the link: http://indiegirl.lavalife.com/2009/06/15/hot-to-trot

In your words, maybe lack of "immediate connection" is actually a lack of something else. I chuckle every time I hear women say there was a lack of chemistry or whatever. So many times it points to a shortcoming in the women, such as having too high expectations, glass always empty (and the guy has to fill it up), or something which is totally nonsensical such as having the mind and heart, but not the body and soul. lol wow.

And then there's that "magical" connection you experienced once with Soca warrior and won't settle until you experience it again. You know what that sounds like? A drug. Gotta get that high back. And even if the exact conditions somehow repeat themselves with someone else, it won't feel the same anyway because the novelty feeling is no longer there. So on to the next prospect...

Honestly, with all the time women spend in front of a mirror many are surprisingly lacking in introspection.

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