Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How To Deal With Sexually Demanding Women

Women like this basically see men as a life-support system for a dildo. A woman like this wants you to please her and would likely criticize your performance if she doesn't get off the way she wants. But in reality, during sex you should be mostly focused on pleasing yourself. That's the basis of the male sex drive, to orgasm and get satisfied. And it just so happens that women generally want this as well, for you to enjoy yourself (feminine women anyway). This is one reason women frequently want to know when you're cumming, so they can relish the experience more.

Now, it's okay for women to tell you what they like sexually (e.g. doggy style), but in a soft feminine way, not like a drill sergeant barking orders.

If a woman tells you that she expects her man to "perform", tell her that you fuck the way you fuck, and if she doesn't like it...

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